How To Spend Less On Your Family Trip Around Australia?

Australia is a fantastic country to visit for families because it’s safe, has a wide variety of astounding landscapes, has an interesting culture, and has cities that bring a multitude of festivals and events. Nonetheless, Australia is not always the cheapest option. So, if you want to travel to Australia cheap, then it’s a good idea to do some planning and budgeting to understand the cost of a trip to Australia.

how much is a family trip to Australia

Plane Costs – How Much Is A Trip To Australia?

Start by planning your family trip to Australia with top flight comparisons sites is Skyscanner. Depending on where you are flying from, the season, and the time you’d like to fly, prices can vary heavily.

When considering if you can afford to go, we have a couple of suggestions to find the cheapest pricing:

  • Consider flexible dates: check various dates or a low fare calendar to see which dates are the cheapest
  • Fly at odd times: fly very early or late and on weekdays except for Mondays (that’s when busy travelers fly the most often)
  • Go in low season: fly outside the months of December – February (Australia’s high season)
  • Compare different airports: if you have a more flexible plan, compare pricing on different airports to see which one is the cheapest. Though Sydney has the most options, other airports such as Adelaide or Brisbane are worthy alternatives. 

We also recommend downloading the Skyscanner app so you can check prices throughout the day when on the go to lock down the cheapest deal.

how much money do you need to go to Australia

How Much Money Do You Need To Go To Australia When Traveling As A Family?

Though it depends on the family and style of travel, some frequent travelers suggest a budget of $1,000 per week for a family of four. To break this down to understand Australia spending money per day needed, divide it by 7.

When considering your budget, remember to include food, fuel (if necessary), transportation costs (rental car, train etc.), entertainment activities, accommodation, insurance (travel & medical), as well as a bit of breathing room for miscellaneous expenditures such as souvenirs.

trip around Australia itinerary

Trip Around Australia Itinerary

For families traveling around Australia, creating knowing how to plan a trip around Australia is essential to maintain your budget and reduce the number of mishaps. We suggest the following steps:

  1. Decide on the length of your trip.
  2. Propose a budget for your trip, daily or total.
  3. Make a list of the places you’d like to go to.
  4. Research the best transportation method to get there, the cost and the time it takes.
  5. Narrow down the list of places you can manage to go to within your timeframe and budget.
  6. Double-check and update your budget to see if that matches.
  7. Make any final additions or subtractions.
  8. Make advanced bookings.

family trip to Australia

Getting Around – Family Trip To Australia Recommendations

Driving In Australia And Staying At Fixed Accommodations

Many visitors going to Australia decide that driving in Australia is their preferred method so they can see the landscapes and countryside at their leisure. Car rental is a part of the norm for Australia travel. One tip to save is to plan your pick up and drop off at the same location so that you don’t incur an extra fee for separate locations.

However, if you’re planning a longer stay and travel Australia for a month for example, you may want to consider purchasing your own car to drive around Australia. Gumtree has some great deals for used cars suitable for families. This can be a viable option if you plan to be on the move for a longer period of time and like the flexibility of your own vehicle. Aussie road trips can really be a blast for families!

how to save fuel on a family trip to Australia

Fuel Savings Tips

Aside from insurance, the biggest cost to factor in when driving in Australia is the cost of fuel. Depending on where you fill up, costs can be around $2 per liter for diesel. If you want to save, we recommend:

  • Traveling with less weight
  • Try to walk instead of drive where possible
  • Limit air conditioner use
  • Drive at the same speed
  • Fill up on weekdays instead of weekends
  • Use supermarket gas stations that give coupons for fuel when you make other purchases
  • Plan the route to ensure the best roads are taken and the chances of getting lost are minimized (important especially with kids!).

road trip planner Australia

 Road Trip Planner Australia

Speaking of road trip essentials, check out Roadtripper.

Using a road trip planner helps give great Australian road trip ideas, as well as minimize unwanted detours and maximizes your budget when driving around Australia.

Plus, you get to see tons of awesome landscapes right from your car window. Some of the best drives in Australia are doable with your own car and can be the cheapest way to travel around Australia.

travel around Australia in a campervan

Travel Around Australia In A Campervan

A campervan is a great alternative to staying in hotels and help lessen your Australia road trip budget. They can be rented for as little as $1 per day with transfercar. Traveling Australia in a van provides you with a place to stay for all holidays around Australia, as well as provides a cooking area, giving you double savings.

Choosing to travel around Australia in a campervan is a great way to see awesome landscapes with your children, as all your luggage is stored nearby.

family trip to Australia and train

Travel By Train

If you don’t mind the option of not driving yourself, getting a rail pass is also a viable option. Rail passes are great if you plan to do long-distance travel and stay in Australia over an extended period of time.

One tip for Sydney is that on Family Funday Sunday, you get unlimited travel for all public transit methods for $2.50 per person.

camping during a family trip to Australia 

Accommodation – Australia On A Budget For Families

Camping And Caravan Parks

Camping in Australia is also easy if you decide to travel around Australia in a campervan. There are many national parks that you can stay in for free or a small cost.

Many campsites come with many basic amenities, such as electricity, toilets, and water. There are also caravan parks, which are a great option for families.

Two of the best ones are Big4 and Top Tourist Parks with prices starting from $35 depending on when and where you go. These locations make planning a trip around Australia by caravan a cinch. 

apartment stay during family trip to Australia

Apartment Rentals

Another safe and cheaper options for families are serviced accommodation or home rentals instead of luxury. This also allows to cook most of your own food and even get some work done to help ease the travel costs.

When planning your family trip to Australia, you can look for examples at major websites like and AirBnB, with prices varying depending on the season and location.

meals in Australia on a budget

Eating & Drinking – Meals in Australia On A Budget

Shopping malls & food courts: Great meals in Australia on a budget can be found in shopping malls and food courts. Consider these instead of going to full price restaurants where the savings can be quite hefty.

Takeaway deals: If you’ve got an accommodation where you can bring your own food to, try the Menu log app for finding money saving takeaway deals.

Picnics & eating in: You can also cook your own food and eat at home or in your campervan, as well as bring food for a beach in a park or at the beach

Refill water bottles at a public bubbler: Not only is it better for the environment, but one of the best ways to save is to bring and refill your own water bottle at public fountains or with tap water from home.

BYO (Bring your own) alcohol to restaurants: While in some places this may be a big taboo, in Australia is it allowed to bring your own alcohol to restaurants – provided you also buy some food there. There may be a small corkage fee of $1 or $2 but it’s still much less than buying your own drinks there.

what is cheap in Australia

Activities And Entertainment – What Is Cheap In Australia?

Free walking tours: free walking tours are a great way to see any city and learn some history along the way. 

Stroll through city parks: city parks in Australia are also free so it’s a great place to give the kids a safe place to play and also have a picnic. You can also kids roller skates and take advantage of paved paths. 

Hit the beach: As Australia is a big island, there is a lot of coastlines. Going to the beach is free and also a great place to have a fun meal and relax at no cost.

Coastal walks: The same as with the beach, if you’re looking for an outdoor activity that’s free but also wants some movement, try doing a coastal walk.

National parks: National parks offer many benefits including spectacular landscape views and free or low-cost camping or campervan parks.

Free or low-cost festivals and events: Australia has many low cost or even free festivals and events around the year. We recommend checking out their dates and including them in your travel planning to save money, but also have some fun.

save money during a family trip to Australia

General Money Management – Money Saving Tips Australia

Use ATMs instead of exchange counters: this can be considered a general traveler’s trip, not those just searching for savings on their holidays around Australia. Exchange counters often have extra fees associated when they exchange money so lock in the bank you’ve agreed on with your bank and it can save quite a lot.

Pay upfront (keep your exchange rate when booked): Paying upfront has multiple benefits. We recommend it, especially when traveling whit children to avoid any mishaps, but also to lock in your exchange rate for when you made the booking. As currency often heavily fluctuates, it could result in higher payments when done on-site.

Credit cards for international transactions with no fees: There are some great credit cards with no foreign transaction fees. One of these may be an option not only for your family trip around Australia but also for any future travel you do.

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