Fast wifi Hanoi – Where to work online in Hanoi?

fast wifi Hanoi where to work online in Hanoi?
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We spent more than 2 weeks in the capital city of Vietnam. Fast wifi Hanoi was quite easy to find. There are a lot of places where they have free Wifi, however is not always fast enough. We have visited more than 10 cafes and make speed test in each of them. Below we are presenting you the best places to work online in Hanoi.

The list is subjective and we mention the places WE liked the most. We ranked cafes from best to worst. So the number 1 is our favourite and number 14 is our least favourite.

The list includes only best cafes Hanoi situated in an Old Quarter Area.

1. Cafe Runam, 18 Nhà Thờ, Hàng Trống, fast wifi Hanoi

This place have everything that digital nomad needs:

  • fast wifi
  • quiet and cozy environment
  • comfortable seats
  • delicious food and drinks
  • possibility to pay by card
  • nice and professional staff

Cafe Runam is situated very close to St Joseph’s cathedral.

Cafe Runam speed test fast wifi Hanoi

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2. Joma22 Lý Quốc Sư, Hàng Trống, fast wifi Hanoi

Joma Bakery Cafe is a great place to work. It would be our favourite, if they would accept card payments. Sadly, you can only pay by cash in Joma.

This cafe has:

  • the best food
  • fast wifi
  • friendly staff
  • comfortable seats
  • variety of drinks to choose from

Joma is close to St Joseph cathedral as well.

Joma speed test fast wifi Hanoi

3. The KAfe Box191 Bà Triệu, Lê Đại Hành, Hai Bà Trưng

This cafe is situated just few steps from Joma. It is very small and cozy.The thing we liked the most is that they were the only ones that had heating.

We were in Hanoi during winter, so we were freezing all the time. The KAfe Box was the only place where there was warm enough to work.

The KAfe Box has:

  • fast WiFi
  • good and healthy food and drinks
  • friendly staff
  • quite comfortable seating (not the best)
  • SOMETIMES they accept card payments, sometimes not. We have no idea why.

The KAfe box speed test fast wifi Hanoi

4. Hanoi Soul CafeTầng 3,7, Đinh Tiên Hoàng, fast WiFi Hanoi

Best place to try traditional Vietnamese food and drinks while working!

Hanoi Soul Cafe is:

  • the best cafe in the building
  • place with the fastest WiFi in the building
  • place where you can try famous Vietnamese Eggnog coffee (egg coffee)
  • place where you can try famous Vietnamese Bun Cha
  • cafe that accepts card payments

The staff is amazing, always friendly and helpful. It’s a good place to work. One thing we didn’t like was the interior-Hanoi Soul Cafe is not very cozy.

It has a terrace though, so you can sit outside and enjoy the view on Hoan Kiem Lake. The cafe is situated on the 3rd floor, so it’s pretty nice photography spot.

Hanoi Soul Cafe speed test fast wifi Hanoi

5. Captain Beans Coffee102 Hang BuomFast Wifi Hanoi

This is a very decent place to work. Unfortunately, it’s pretty dark inside which will make you feel tired after few hours.

Captain Beans Coffee has:

  • good WiFi
  • excellent Banh Mi (famous Vietnamese sandwich)
  • quite comfortable seats
  • low prices
  • very nice staff

Captain beans coffee speed test fast wifi Hanoi

6. The Note Cafe64 Lương Văn Can, fast WiFi Hanoi

This could be our number one if they would have food in their offer and the toilet would be nicer.

The Note Cafe has:

  • amazing interior! walls are all covered with little notes
  • cheap prices
  • fast WiFi
  • friendly staff
  • very comfortable seatings

The Note cafe speed test fast wifi Hanoi

7. City view cafe7 Đinh Tiên Hoàng, fast WiFi Hanoi

It is situated 2 floors above the Hanoi Soul Cafe. It has an amazing view on Hanoi and Hoan Kiem Lake.

This is very nice place to work but there is nothing special about it. Just a normal restaurant.

City view cafe has:

  • the best view in Hanoi
  • tasty food in high prices
  • fast WiFi
  • the possibility to pay by card

City view cafe speed test fast wifi Hanoi

8. ChocoMatcha2a Ngo Bao Khanh, fast WiFi Hanoi

Nice, little, cozy cafe with very friendly owner.

Choco Matcha has:

  • fast WiFi
  • little too high prices for this quality
  • nice and friendly staff

Choco Matcha speed test

9. The Seed48 Hàng Bông, fast WiFi Hanoi

This place has one of the best interiors we saw in Hanoi. It’s beautiful inside! Unfortunately, the seats are not very comfortable. The staff wasn’t nice and the worst thing is that they have ‘visa’ and ‘master cards’ signs on door but they refuse card payments. The only do it because they don’t want to pay commission (we saw the card terminal). We really hate lies like that.

The Seed Bakery and Cafe has:

  • beautiful interiors
  • good WiFi
  • unfriendly and rude staff
  • uncomfortable seatings

The seed speed test fast wifi Hanoi

10. Peperonis, 2 Ngo Quyen Street, fast WiFi Hanoi


It is more like a restaurant than a cafe but we work there once and we really liked it!

Peperonis has:

  • superfast WiFi
  • delicious western food
  • friendly staff
  • comfortable seatings

Pepronis speed test

11. Urban station, 47 Phố Huế, fast WiFi Hanoi

Two waitresses were singing all the time. It was very cute at the beginning but started to be very annoying after few hours. How long can you listen to Justin Bieber?

Urban station is:

  • place with good WiFi
  • place with delicious coffee and drinks
  • dark place with little access to daylight
  • cafe with quite comfortable seatings

Urban station speedtest

Now it is time for the places we didn’t like

12. Loft stop cafe11b Bảo Khánh, fast wifi Hanoi

  • crazy high prices
  • tasteless food (we drank there the worst coffee in Hanoi)
  • Wifi is slow
  • owner is speaking French so loudly that you can’t even hear your thoughts

They think they are great cafe but in fact they are terrible. No wonder we were the only guests there.

loft stop cafe speedtest

13. Coffee club3B Le Thai To, fast Wifi Hanoi

This place would be a lovely cafe if… the WiFi would have been working.

Unfortunately, it was super slow. When we asked the waiter to help us, he said that there are many people in the cafe today, so the WiFi is slow. When we looked around we hadn’t seen anyone working online or even using his smartphone.

Coffee club has:

  • terrible WiFi
  • amazing view on Hanoi and Hoan Kiem lake
  • good drinks and food
  • comfortable seats

Coffee club Hanoi wifi speed test

14. Highlands coffee, 7 Chua Boc Street

We have been there once but the Internet was too slow to even make a speed test! Don’t be fouled by the nice name- Highlands coffee is the worst place to work online in Hanoi.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    now, that was a useful post! We are in Hanoi right now looking for a coffee to work at right now. We will head now over to Cafe Runam. We’ve seen it already walk passing by, and now you confirmed it. THANKS!


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