How to find your passion?

How to find your passion
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How To Find Your Passion?

I have always been a smart kid. I had absolutely no problems with anything. Even though I was kind of a nerd, I had many friends. I was great with languages, science, and even sports. Everything that I was doing was easy for me. I’ve always been the best student in a class, I’ve won many contents, I am even the finalist of very prestigious law contents for high school students that gave me access to any college I want (I automatically have 100% qualification points). Sounds great, right?

But trust me- it’s not. I wish I was bad at something, I wish something would be difficult for me. When you are great at everything that means that you can’t specialize in anything! And when it comes to choosing the university, you must know what you want to do later, after graduating. Should I go to medical studies and become a doctor? Or maybe it would be better to study languages so that I can easily get a job anywhere I want? Or maybe I should study economics because I’ve always loved business?

I was so, so confused when I finished high school. I envied all my friends who were great at something specific, like for example my best friend who was a mathematical genius and didn’t feel as strong in any other subject.

I had no idea what I want from my life. I couldn’t imagine how my future will look like. Except for the one thing- I knew I will be rich and travel the world but I didn’t know how I will achieve it.

Then I met Patryk. And I knew one more thing- that I want to be with him always, forever.

So this is what I had: dreams to travel the world, be wealthy, and spend every minute of my life with my man. We both loved personal development, and we were willing to overcome our insecurities, so we knew our goal to achieve must be ambitious.

At the very beginning, we didn’t know that we will become full-time travelers one day. It all happened naturally. It was easier with every step we took.

Why I am writing this? To show you that figuring out life is not easy for most people. Including me and Patryk.

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3 Simple Steps to Finding Your Passion

1. What You Don’t Want To Do?

Maybe I shouldn’t begin with negative things but it’s always easier to find something you don’t want to do. For me, it was being employed. I was terrified by the idea that I would have to wake up every morning and do what my boss says. I also knew that I don’t want to stay in one country forever.

What you don’t want to do? Is there something that you hate and would never ever do? Write it all down.

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2. Think About The Things That You Like.

There must be something you really, really like. For me, it was writing. I LOVE writing. Sitting alone in a room, in a coffee shop with a blank sheet of paper and a pen, or with my MacBook. I’ve been writing every day for a long time. Long before we even started this blog. I just couldn’t stop writing down my thoughts.

It is refreshing for me, it helps me to get rid of all the emotions I have. When I am writing, I forget about everything else. I fly to a different world, the world of my imaginations, words, and stories.

Do you have something that you love? Something that makes you relaxed and forget about everything else?

I know you have it. Everyone does. Just focus and think about it. Write down what comes to your mind.

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3. What Are Your Life Goals?

What do you want to achieve in your life? How do you see your future? I’ve always known that I want to be rich and travel the world. I also knew that I want to be a wife and a mother.

What are your life goals? What are the most important things that you want to achieve? Write them down.

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The Summary

Now, when you know all these things about yourself, you can start searching for your passion. Try to distance yourself from your life and look at everything you have written down from the perspective of the observer. What would you advice to the person who is struggling in finding the passion?

When it comes to me- blogging is my passion because it allows me to write everyday, travel the world and spend 24 hours a day with my husband. Life of the travel blogger is perfect for me.

What kind of life would be perfect for you? What kind of work can you do to realize your true potential? What will help you to find your passion and make money out of it?

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  1. The first step might be a negative one. But is bang on. If you know what you don’t want to do, it becomes easier to find the things you want to do.

    Parents often say: You can be everything you want to be.

    heck! everything it’s too much! but you might need to do a bit of everything and find the things you hate doing haha
    I said on the previous post and will say again, it’s great that you managed to find your passion and live your dreams!


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