From Poland to Bangkok
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From Poland to Bangkok

It’s 12:30 p.m. when we are starting to write this post. It’s really strange feeling because if we call someone from our homeland now, we would probably wake him up (in Poland it’s 6:30 a.m.). We are very happy because it’s the first time we are together so far away from home :). The way from Poland to Bangkok was very exciting for us as well!

Our trip was pretty hard. In the plane from Warsaw to Doha (Qatar) was very hot and so we were swelling. What’s more, in Doha we waited 10 hours for a flight to Bangkok. We wanted to save some money, but it was hard to endure.

We have learned – if you are going on a long journey with transfers, select the shortest waiting time for the next plane.

We left home a little too quickly and before the Journey, we greeted at the airport Polish Olympians returning from Sochi. Including our golden Zbigniew Bródka 🙂

Welcoming of Polish Champions

Below we are presenting tips from our trip.

1. Airlines

Qatar Airwais – we were used to Ryanair and Wizzair flights, so we were pleasantly surprised by the approach and means of staff. Pleasant was also free food and drinks – including wine and beer.

Qatar gives each passenger a a pillow, blanket and headphones for tablet, which is in front of us. The blanket is quite thin, but there is hot in the plane.

Headphones and blanket

On the tablet in front of us are games, movies and music – a lot of types to choose from. You can watch or play all the time. We like to sleep in the plane, but even though, we played some games. You can also watch your current location on the map of the World.
From Poland to Bangkok

What is important-there are wet wipes in the toilet, that are great help to freshen up during a long journey.

Plane from Warsaw to Doha:

The plane size did not differ much from Ryaner, there were two rows of three seats on both sides of the aisle. There is more legroom and a touch screen on the back of the seat in front of you.

At the beggining we got towelettes and candy. Later, we got a warm meal, and of course drinks were available all the time.

Plane from Doha to Bangkok:

The plane was much larger. There were three rows of seats in the three places and two transitions (it was much easier to move between flight attendants).

Karolina&Patryk in the plane

Additionally tablet passengers are much more ‘beanky’, we have game consoles,  more movies, music etc.

We were given a warm meal and snack- MiniPizza and cake.

Airport in Qatar:

Very big and low prices for cigarettes. For 10 packs of Marlboro you pay about $21.

2 Taxi from the airport to the Hotel in BKK

Taxis are very easy to find by the signs at the airport. You pay 50 baht at the beginning. For access to the hotel (about 19 miles) and an hour’s drive we paid about $10.

The trip was great, you can see some food stands on the street and residents involved in the daily work. Cars look great, they are all spotlessly clean because of the climate ( it is humid and warm and just the dry season is here so it is not raining and there is no mud).

When disembarking, we encountered an unpleasant surprise. The taxi driver stopped in some dark alley and began to speak to us in Thai. We did not speak this language, but we understood that he meant that he did not know where to go. He told us to call our phone to the hotel and talked … about 3 minutes – we will probably pay more for this conversation than for his taxi.

After the phonecall, he said he did not know where the hotel is but somewhere “there” and showed us some direction by hand (which turned out later to be wrong).
The luggage was so heavy but there was no choice … we had to go find a hotel alone (there was dark and full of Asians around who do not speak English).

Luckily we met an “angel” – an Australian who just came home from work. He was very helpful. We showed him the address on a paper and he check it in the GPS in his phone. He could not find the place, but he didn’t give up and called to the hotel with his Thai phone and walked us to the door. It was about 500m from where the taxi driver left us, but in a completely different direction than he showed … If we did not met our Angel , we would probably walk around the city or look for a stay in a first hotel we saw.

3. Hotel:

The hotels are in a lower standard than in Europe. Our room has shabby door and the bathroom is awful – concrete floor and a dirty bathtub. We conclude that Thai people do not pay attention to it and that is why it looks that way, because in general the room is quite nice. We have air conditioning and high-speed Internet, and this is most important for us.

Our room was fairly cheap ($ 20 per night), so maybe that’s why it looks like this …

Let’s see what will be next! We are going now for a stroll around Bangkok 🙂


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