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Fun Date Ideas For Married Couples

Fun Date Ideas For Married Couples

To put that spark back into your relationship, why not go on a date? And by date, we don’t mean a candle lit dinner with roses and champagne. Dates can be anything from rock climbing to geocaching, from spa days to bowling. Here are some great date night ideas for married couples and other date night ideas for newlyweds that will bring back that touch of romance.

The list includes going out only. If you are looking for things to do with your partner at home, check out this post.

Go To The Cafe To Read Your Favorite Books

You don’t need to talk with your partner to spend valuable time together. Going to the cafe to read your favorite books, listen to the music or simply watch the people passing by may be the perfect date. Especially during the weekend, after long days at work, you both can relax the way you want while still being together.

Go To The Place Where You First Met

Simply Love - Date ideas Outside
Simply Love

Sometimes it’s good to be a little bit sentimental. Take a walk down memory lane and go to the place where you first met. Tell your partner what you liked about him/her and how you felt during your first date.

Try Geocaching

If you and your partner aren’t risk-takers but still want to experience an adventure, you should try geocaching. Hunting for simple treasures hidden in your neighborhood will definitely bring you closer to each other.

Find out more about geocaching here.

Organize A Scavenger Hunt

“Our night of adventure has begun
It’s now time for some fun…”

When you were a kid, didn’t you just love hunting for eggs at Easter? Or treasure hunts? Why not consider scavenger hunts as romantic date night ideas for married couples?

Create a trail of clues for your marriage date night and leave them in places where your beloved will find them. Or to make sure that your they find it, the first clue can be a text message followed by hand written notes for the rest. Start with the climax or where you want your hunt to end – be it a romantic dinner or a a bed covered with roses – and plan your clues backwards till you reach the beginning. To build up the excitement and fun for married couples, you could spread the clues out over a number of days, starting a week earlier. Scavenger Hunt has some creative date ideas for married couples for a variety of scavenger hunts.

Go To A Concert

Go to a concert together - Date ideas going out
Go to a concert together

If you are looking for some great date night ideas that will add some positive energy to your relationship, invite your partner to a concert! Whether it’s a performance by a pop star or local band, it will surely infuse your relationship with a waves of energy.

Go For A Trip

Discovering new places, trying new things, seeing something together for the very first time is a perfect way to strengthen your relationship. Traveling as a couple is awesome, you will definitely feel closer to each other when you are surrounded by strangers. Because you are exposed to new obstacles, new environments and spend 24 hours of the day with each other, traveling as a couple also has a way of strengthening the bonds of your relationships.

Try Billiards or Darts

Being a good couple means having fun together!  Billiards is not only a sport but also a great activity to try with your partner. Other cheap date night ideas for married couples are playing pool or darts. Compete but don’t take the game too seriously. Laugh a lot and have fun!

Spend A Day At The Spa

Spend a day at the spa together - Date ideas going out
Spend a day at the spa together

You’re too macho to go to a spa. But did you know that 30 percent of spa visitors are men, and 70 percent of the spas in America offer services specifically geared to men? Doesn’t that make you think again? Spa days are great date night ideas for married couples and really fun things for married couples to do together. Enjoy your massages together or watch each other getting a massage and enjoy a private sauna or make a booking to spend time in a private tub later. It’s sure to turn the heat up!

Take Your Partner Shopping And Try New Outfits

Maybe you want to go big and get her that perfect dress that she wants. Whatever it is, surprising her with something she needs or wants, is a sweet, romantic thing to do for your partner, and one that she’ll definitely appreciate. Fun date nights for married couples could also be shopping together for matching hats or t-shirts; perhaps something simple that says “I love him” and “I love her” or just “together forever”.

Help Those In Need

Who says that date should be all about you? It’s a good idea to focus on others as well. Find the nearest charity and go there with your partner to help those in need. Add that to your date night ideas list and unique date night ideas for married couples that make a difference.

Watch The Sunrise Or Sunset Together

This is one of the simplest romantic evening ideas for married couples – watch the sunrise or sunset together. It can be on a mountaintop, in a park or at the seashore; making these outdoor date ideas simply fun date ideas.

Explore The Neighborhood Together

If you’re looking for days out for couples, find an interesting tourist attraction in your neighborhood that neither of you have been to. Go there and experience something new together.

Be A Tourist In Your Own City

Be a tourist in your own city - Date Ideas Outside
Be a tourist in your own city

Looking for cheap date ideas for married couples? Try to be a tourist in your own city and hit the historic points. Some touristic places do not charge an entrance fee. Find some interesting museums or statues. Fun things to do for date night would be going to local art galleries, exhibitions or other interesting spots together. Maybe you can even be a guide to your date?

Go To A Garage Sale Together

This is one of the fun date night ideas for married couples. Find out about nearby garage sales and go to one together and buy something old that will add color to your home. If you’re looking for more fun date nights for married couples, why not at the same garage sale create stories of what happened to the objects in their lives? Remember Black Beauty? Put a spin on it!

Go Paintballing

Even if you’ve never done it before, paintballing and laser tags are great date ideas for married couples. If you’re not afraid of some a little sting from the paintballs, you’ll enjoy it. Try to be on the same team as your partner so that you don’t end up angry with each other but rather build on camaraderie and your relationship.

Sing Karaoke

Find a bar or restaurant with an open mic night and challenge each other to get the most applause while singing karaoke. Pick the songs for each other so that the bar is even. It’s definitely one of the best Saturday night date ideas for couples.

Buy A Cheap Drone And Crash It

This is one of those married date ideas that a few will jump up with delight at. If you or your partner are into drones, why not hire a cheap one and fly it in a secluded spot till it crashes. Spying on your neighbors watching television? No, we didn’t tell you to do that!

Go For A Long Walk Or Go Kiking

Picnic in the hills - Date ideas going out
Picnic in the hills

What can be better than a date in perfect sunshine in the morning? Even if you are not a nature lover, and you’re looking for last minute date ideas, visiting a park or a forest for a hike or a long walk is perfect. Be sure to have enough time to stop, relax and experience being with each other. If the weather is good, take a blanket and have a picnic on the grass too.

Make A Time Capsule

If you’ve been together for some time, these romantic date ideas for married couples can’t get any better. Make a time capsule by filling a waterproof container with little bits and bobs that matter a lot to you. A photo, a note, a dried up rose, a promise for the future, it can all go in there. Bury the capsule in your back yard or in a public place that’s accessible to the both of you. Make a pact to open it together in 5 or 10 years from now.

Watch The Stars Or The City Lights

On a night that has decent weather, go someplace where you can see and appreciate the city lights against the skyline or the stars in the clear sky, maybe even just your terrace. It’s a simple way of relaxing after a long day and one of the best date night suggestions for married couples. Sitting with your partner silently can be a very rewarding date night for married couples experience.

Go hiking - Date Ideas Outside
Go hiking

Go Hiking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking or Skydiving

Whether you opt for something more adventurous like skydiving which is a little bit riskier, or something a little more safe like hiking; he/she will appreciate having a great time and an unforgettable memory of your adventure together. It’s more than just another restaurant dinner selfie, and definitely on the list of adventurous and risky hot date ideas for married couples.

Go Skinny Dipping

Hot date night ideas for married couples or late night date ideas cannot get any better than this. If you both are good swimmers, go skinny dipping to your favorite picnic spot once the moon is up. This is also one of the best dates for married couples, because there’ll be no one around, just the moon and you two.

These were just a few of the date night ideas for married couples that will rekindle that spark and help you get back in touch with each other. You don’t need fancy date ideas to light the flame. Just plan an evening out together, have some fun and it’ll be totally worth it!

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