Fun Family Break Ideas For Lovers Of All Things Fancy

Taking kids on vacation is always different from traveling as an adult. While you might be happy to spend your whole break sightseeing, children usually aren’t too concerned about seeing the sights; they want to have fun.

Thankfully, balancing out these needs is much easier than you might expect, and there are loads of ways to make your breaks more interesting for the sake of your children. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring a range of these ideas, giving you the chance to get started on your own break right away.

Hot Tub Breaks

Hot tubs have long been popular across the world, providing a relaxing environment to allow yourself to unwind. Both children and adults can enjoy a hot tub, making a hot tub break a good choice for many families, and there are loads of locations to choose from when you’re looking at options like this.

Scotland can be one of the best, offering amazing views, secluded locations, and loads of attractions that the kids and adults will all enjoy. These sorts of breaks will usually come with your own private lodge and hot tub, along with features like swimming pools and restaurants.

River Boat Breaks

There are a lot of rivers, canals, and other waterways in the world. People have long sought these places when they want to relax their mind, with the slow-flowing water found in them being perfect for letting your mind unwind.

You can rent out a private riverboat for your family, giving you a place to sleep and spend your days, while also enabling you to move up and down the waterways. You can see a lot on this type of break, and the kids will love the chance to spend time on the water; you just have to make sure that you use the boat safely. 


Options like glamping have seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years. Unlike regular camping, glamping involves enjoying all of the normal modern conveniences you would find in a hotel, only you will be spending the break in a tent.

This can be a great way to get in touch with nature without having to leave your comfort zone, and there are loads of places offering glamping for far less than the price of a normal holiday. As long as you choose a location with plenty to do, most kids will love this sort of adventure, and you need only start making plans to get the ball rolling on it.

As you can see, you have a lot of options when you’re looking for great breaks for yourself and the kids. Adults always have different needs from children, but this doesn’t mean that your breaks can’t satisfy everyone; you just need to do the research to find the right options for your flock.

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