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George Town Unesco World Heritage Site

George Town (locals just call it Penang) is famous all over the world for its street art.

But Penang’s old town is not only about beautiful paintings. It’s about rickshaw ride or cycling, watching beautiful temples, visiting China Town (Chew Jetty), tasting delicious food at Little India and visiting awesome museums.

Are you ready for an incredible journey to George Town?

Let’s begin!

Riding rikshaew in Penang

1. Street art.

In contrary to what you may assume from the photos, it’s not easy to find street art in George Town. You need to walk around for a while to see something nice.

These paintings look better on the pictures than in reality, but still- you have to see them when you are in Penang ;).

Karolina and Patryk with street art in George Town

 2. Sacred places.

There are many amazing temples and churches in George Town:

  • St. George’s Church- the oldest Anglican church in South-East Asia,
  • Church of the Assumption- first catholic church in Nothern Malaysia,
  • Kapitan Keling Mosque (the most famous mosque in Penang),
  • Han Jiang Ancestral Temple (the only  Teochew-style temple in Georgetown) and many more :).

St George Church in Penang

 3. Chew Jetty- China Town.

Very atmospheric spot.

Chew Jetty is a place where Chinese immigrants has been living for ages.

Why is it an awesome place for tourists? Because it’s all wooden which is very rare and unique.

You can feel like you were in China and forget that it is actually Malaysia. For us it was one of the best places we saw in Penang.
Chinatown in Penang

4. Little India.

Loud Indian music, delicious food and Bollywood-style clothes.

Just like in India! It’s pretty close to China Town, so you can ‘visit’ these two countries in one day!

Little India is must- visit place in Penang :).

Little India in Penang

Disclaimer: Penang’s Old Town is quite big, so the best is to hire a rickshaw or rent a bike to ride around.

For another aspect on Penang, go to Kathy’s blog: 50 shades of age.


  1. We spent some time in Kuala Lumpur this week and unfortunately visiting George Town was impossible with out tight schedule. However once we are back in Malaysia, we need to head there for sure!

    • Do it! George Town is amazing, better than KL. It has awesome street art and it’s pretty close to the beaches! Be sure to visit Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang National Park and Penenag Hill as well :).


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