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Amazing Germany Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Germany is such an interesting country with an incredible history stretching over centuries. There are plenty of things that Germany is famous for today but many people don’t look past the typical facts that are well known. If you happen to have a bit of German ancestry, then it will be really interesting for you to learn a little bit more about the country your ancestors called home.

But you don’t have to possess German blood to be intrigued by the prospect of learning some fun information about Germany. So read on to learn these good interesting facts about Germany that will make you feel a bit more in the know.

Current time in Germany:

You Won’t Be Punished For Breaking Out Of Jail In Germany

Facts on Germany: breaking out of jail
Interesting facts on Germany: Breaking out of jail is not against the law

This is definitely going to be one of the most off-the-wall fun facts about Germany on this list. You may not believe this at first but Germany doesn’t punish people for escaping from jail. Germany follows the philosophy of the human law that it is in a human’s basic nature to want to be free. So trying to escape confinement shouldn’t be a punishable offense. Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Mexico follow the same philosophy.

So do people get away completely free and clear after they escape jail in Germany? It depends.

You see, people can be punished for the acts they commit in order to escape from jail. Destruction of property and assaulting someone are punishable offenses, so the stuff that someone would have to do to escape from jail is what he or she will be brought back in for.

But if no destruction or harm was caused, the escapee cannot be given additional punishment as is done in other countries. If caught, they still have to go back to jail and serve the remainder of the term that they were initially in for. But no more than that unless they have committed additional crimes.

As a law, it might be hard for people to understand. But at the basic human level, it’s very easy to agree with this German law that understands man’s inherent need for freedom from confinement.

Germany Is Particular About Naming Babies

German's have laws about baby names
Germany Interesting Facts: German’s have laws about baby names

Learning fun facts about Germany will sometimes lead you to discover some slightly strange and interesting facts about the ways that modern Germany operates. The German government is a bit particular about how babies are named in their country.

It’s very important to them that a baby has a name that denotes its gender. This focus on names is not just a matter of legal compliance but speaks to the deeper cultural significance and beauty found in German baby names. While some may find these regulations controversial, they underscore the importance of identity and heritage in German society. Names are chosen with care, often reflecting strength and beauty, traits highly valued in German culture.

The law also prevents the use of non-names or the names of objects for babies. Offensive words as names, don’t even think about them!

The Standesamt in Germany is the office where you need to register your baby’s name, and they decide if your name is acceptable or not. You always have the right to appeal the rejection in a court of law, but do you really want to waste money fighting over a name? 

Germany Is The Most Populous Nation In The European Union… For Now

Facts of Germany: the population
Facts of Germany: Germany has the highest population in the European Union

No interesting facts about Germany list would be complete without noting that the country is very densely populated. This country has over 82 million citizens, which is an incredibly high number for the amount of land Germany has.

Berlin alone is a city with a population of 3.75 million people. This does mean that Germany can get a bit crowded in spots but there are still plenty of open spaces in the country if you look for them.

The population in Germany is actually in decline in modern times. At present, Germany has one of the lowest rates of birth around the globe, meaning that its numbers are not replenishing as fast as people are expiring.

German women are waiting to have children until later on in life and this is a big part of the cause of the population decline. With most German women waiting until they are close to 30 years old to become mothers, Germany may not be the most populous country in the European Union for too much longer.

People Live A Long Time In Germany

One of the top cool facts for Germany is also one good bit of news for Germany is that people tend to live for a long time there. At 81 years, it has one of the highest life expectancy ratings in all of Europe. Women live to be 83 years old on average and men live to an average age of 78 years old. A large chunk of the population is older in Germany, with well over a quarter of the German people being over the age of 60.

This also means that there are more options and services available for seniors in Germany and makes it a pretty popular place for people to retire. It’s possible for elderly people to live a great life in Germany, and it isn’t uncommon to see people from other parts of the European Union move to Germany in their golden years.

Beer Is A Pretty Big Deal in Germany

Two full pints of beer Fun fact about Germany: the beer culture
Fun fact about Germany: the beer culture

Fun facts for Germany need to include some information on beer. Beer is very popular in Germany and, statistically speaking, they consume the second most amount of beer in the entire European Union on a yearly basis. The only country that drinks more beer than Germany inside the EU is the Czech Republic. Despite being in second place, Germany is usually seen as the most well-known nation for beer in Europe.

Germany’s beer roots run very deep, and there are an insane amount of breweries in the country at well over 1,200. Thousands of different types of beer are brewed within its borders and beer culture is generally celebrated fervently in the country.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever decided to travel to Munich to attend the large Oktoberfest event but there is no official evidence that any underground beer drinking competitions actually take place there. Seeing someone drinking out of a glass boot isn’t completely out of the question, though.

Germany Is Committed To Renewable Energy Solutions

Germany Interesting Facts: The country is dedicated to renewable energy
Germany Interesting Facts: The country is dedicated to renewable energy

Although this may not be as fun as talking about beer, one of the top interesting facts about Germany is that they are committed to renewable energy solutions. Germany has moved to decommission any nuclear power plants completely by the early 2020s and they’re replacing them with renewable energy sources.

Many European nations are taking the threat of climate change much more seriously than the United States of America and they’re making plans to move away from fossil fuels as well.

At present, around a third of Germany is powered by renewable energy sources. This number is slated to continue to rise as more plants are switched over to different clean energy technologies.

Germany is likely to remain at the forefront of the renewable energy market and movement for quite some time and could be in a very advantageous position as fossil fuels continue to become more scarce.

You Can Thank World War II For Fanta

Germany interesting facts: Fanta
Germany Interesting Facts: Fanta was created in Germany in World War II

One of the cool facts for Germany is that if you like Fanta, then you should know that it was created in Germany in World War II.

Trade restrictions during this war made it impossible for Germany to import Coca-Cola syrup from the US. So the Coca Cola plant in Germany couldn’t make Coca Cola any more.

The factory manager Max Keith thought of ways to keep the company going and using leftover ingredients such as whey and apple fibers, he created a new soft drink that was originally yellow in color.

A competition was held to name the beverage and an employee christened it Fantasie, and soon it was shortened to Fanta. 

Fanta has become the second most popular soft drink for Coca-Cola outside of America.

A Significant Part Of Germany Is Still Forested

Germany interesting facts
Germany fun facts: The Black Forest is truly beautiful

The next fact about Germany is that even in modern times around one-third of the country is still forested. Considering that Germany is a very densely populated land, it’s pretty astounding to think that there is more space in Germany that could have been used to make cities but has instead been preserved as-is. In many ways, this shows that the German people have a commitment to maintaining the beauty of the home they have been left by their ancestors, their fatherland.

Germany’s Black Forest is somewhere you should visit if you love natural beauty. It’s a stunning sight to behold and will easily take your breath away. There are also many other great hiking spots in Germany to reconnect with nature.

Don’t Run Out Of Fuel On The Autobahn

Germany Interesting Facts: There is no speed limit on the Autobahn

This fact about Germany is surely interesting! The Autobahn (highway) or Bundesautobahn in Germany is world-famous for being able to drive your car without having to worry about any speed limits. Car enthusiasts across the globe flock to this site to experience the thrill of driving really fast.

That being said, there are some sections of the Autobahn where a speed limit of 130 km/hr or 81 mph is recommended. Going above this speed limit will not get you penalized and motorists have been known to reach almost 170 km/h.

Naturally, Germany is very proud of the Autobahn and there are several laws that have been created to keep the experience as fun as possible for everyone. One of these laws will see people being fined if they happen to run out of fuel on the Autobahn.

It’s illegal to come to a stop on the Autobahn; so running out of fuel will present a significant amount of danger to the other drivers around you. It’s also illegal to walk or run on the Autobahn. But anyone who tries to walk the Autobahn isn’t exercising good judgment, to say the least.

Germany Has A Long History With Books

books germany library
Germany fun facts: Germany produces a lot of literature

Another interesting fact about Germany is related to literature. Books and literature have played a very important part in German history. The first-ever mass-produced book was made in Germany. It was a version of the Latin Bible and it was published in the year 1455. Germany has a history of producing many great works of literature, too.

One of the most interesting facts about Germany is that currently, this country is one of the best countries for publishing books. Over 90,000 titles are published in Germany every year, and the country itself has many famed authors. Germany also hosts the International Frankfurt Book Fair, a great celebration of literature that showcases Germany’s commitment to furthering the arts through literature.

Germany Has Given The World Amazing Music

Germany has given the world great music
Interesting Germany Facts: Germany has given the world great music

Bach, Goethe and Beethoven were German. So were some of the greatest music composers; Strauss, Händel, Brahms, Schumann, Mendelssohn, and Wagner. 

Many philosophers, poets and great thinkers have also come from Germany. No wonder it’s called das land de dichter und denker or ‘the land of poets and thinkers’.

German Inventors and Scientists Have Contributed Much To Society

Did you know that Alfred Einstein was German? Yes, one of the top interesting Germany facts to learn is that Einstein, the scientist who wrote the Theory of Relativity was German. 

Germany also gave us the calculator, some parts of the television, the pocket watch, differential gears, LCD screens, jet engines, petrol engines, diesel engines, the erstwhile Walkman, and more. They also invented the clarinet and paraffin and a lot more.  

Germany’s National Bird Is The Black Eagle

Germany national emblem
Interesting Germany Facts: The black eagle is the national symbol of Germany

The black eagle is Germany’s national bird. A symbol of strength and victory, the single-headed eagle is part of Germany’s national emblem.   

Berlin Has More Bridges Than Venice

Berlin has more bridges than Venice
Interesting Germany Fact: Berlin has more bridges than Venice

This was top among the Germany interesting facts that surprised us! Berlin has more bridges than Venice. Venice has 391 bridges that cross its 150 canals, but Berlin has a whopping 960 bridges. In addition to lakes, the capital city has around 180 km of waterways.   

The Largest Collection Of Animals In A Zoo Is In Germany

Berlin's Zoologischer Garten has the largest collection of animals
Fun Facts About Germany: Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten has the largest collection of animals

Germany has more than 400 zoos, parks, and reserved. And the Zoologischer Garten in Berlin has the largest collection of animals in the world! How’s that for a fun fact about Germany?

Germany Produces The Most Cars In The World

Germany is the world's top producer of cars
Germany is the world’s top producer of cars

Selling over 6 million cars a year, Germany is the largest producer of cars. And with brands like Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, it’s really no wonder that they’re the top choice among car buyers!

Germany’s Small And Medium Sector Enterprises Contribute A Lot!

Germany has the perfect economic setting. Over 95% of German companies are mittelstand or SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). These SMEs employ over 14 million workers and contribute to over 52% of Germany’s economic output. 

Germany’s Capital Has Changed Over The Centuries

Over the centuries Germany has had different capital cities. Nuremberg, Weimar, Aachen, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Berlin, and Bonn have been capitals at different times in Germany’s history. But since 1990, the capital has been and still is Berlin.

The World’s Narrowest Street Is In Germany

Interesting Germany Fact: The narrowest street in the world is in Germany

The narrowest street in the world, the Spreuerhofstrasse is in Germany. Listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records, the street is 31 centimeters or 1 foot at its narrowest and 50 centimeters or 19.7 inches at its widest. Constructed in 1727, the street is located in the city of Reutlingen.

The Most Important Fact About Germany! The Grimm Brothers Were German!

All your favorite fairy tales were written by Germans
All your favorite fairy tales were written by the German brothers Grimm

Did you know this top fact about Germany? Most of the fairy tales you heard when you were young were written by the Grimm Brothers, Wilhelm, and Jacob in the 19th century. 

Ragamuffins? Snow White? Golden Goose! Hansel and Gretel! Remember your favorite fairy tales while growing up. They were all written in the early 19th century by The Brothers Grimm. 

More Interesting Germany Facts To Whet Your Appetite For All Things German

  • In Germany, over 800 million currywurst are eaten every year; and about 7 million of those are eaten in Berlin.
  • The Bible says Sundays are a day of rest. So all the stores and malls in Germany are closed on Sunday.
  • Germany does not charge college tuition fees, making education accessible to all, foreigners included.
  • There are over 400,000 sex workers in Germany, and prostitution is legal here. Sex workers pay tax here and disabled individuals get stipends to pay for sex.
  • There’s a barbie doll named after Chancellor Angela Merkel. 
  • Germany was the world’s first country to adopt Daylight Savings Time in 1916.
  • Germany is the fifth largest country in Europe, after Ukraine, France, Spain and Sweden.
  • Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris. 
  • Germany has spectacular Christmas markets that have been open since the 13th century. The most popular are in Cologne, Augsburg, Dortmund, Berlin, and Dresden. Don’t miss them!

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