Groundhog day
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Groundhog day. What to do when everything goes wrong?

This Thursday we had the weirdest day ever… Usually when we are travelling, everything is ok. We don’t have any problems, we just sightseeing, talk, take pictures and enjoy foreign country. But not this time! Few days ago everything just went wrong. It was both scary and ridiculous. We had a Groundhog Day.

Read about our absurd adventures in Scotland!


As usual, we woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, packed our clothes and left the room.

When we were about to take the elevator, I (Karolina) realized that I forgot to take my iPhone from the room. It was weird because we always double check the room before we check out.

We didn’t think that it was the beginning of our Groundhog Day.

Why Groundhog Day? Because we felt like Bill Muray in ‘Groundhog Day’ movie. He had the worst time ever and it and it was constantly repeated.

Just like ours unfortunate events on December 4th.


We checked-out at the reception and gave back UK/EU power adapters. We took them the day before and we just wanted to be fair and give them back. We knew these power adapters were for guests, so we could just take them. And we should have done this! You’ll find out later why.

After check-out we went to the  Glasgow Central Station to pick up the car that we booked on (don’t EVER work with this company, it’s dishonest).


According to our booking, we were supposed to pick up the car at 9 a.m. We thought that happycar office will be on the station.

When we arrived, nobody knew what happycar is. We were asking everywhere (including people at ‘Information’ desk).

We were getting more and more overstrung.


We were trying to call happycar company many times. It turns out none of their phone numbers exist…

Lady in the Information told us that the only car rental company in the neighborhood is Enterprise.

So we were wandering for about 45 mintues, trying to find Enterprise…


We were exhausted. We thought we could never find this damned company.  We were walking around the Central Station  with no results. We followed the instructions of lady from information desks. We asked dozens of people about Enterprise company and nobody knew where it is.

So we decided to find wi-fi hotspot and find Enterprise office adress on the Internet. It was a smart idea and after 15 minutes we found it (it was far away from Central Station).

Enterprise stuff was very suprised about our reservation from happycar. They kindly informed us that they don’t have never heard about this company.

They were nice enough to call nearest car companies (Heartz and Europcar) to ask whether they have our reservation.

Of course they didn’t…


We decided to rent a new car from Enterprise.


They told us that they can only rent a car to people above 25 years old. Patryk has 24 and he will reaches the age of 25 years in 4 months.

We just couldn’t believe how unlucky we are!


We went to McDonald’s to think what we can do. (Btw Mc Donald’s is a great place to relax and use fast Wi-Fi). Our whole trip to Scotland was ruined. We choosed hotels that can be easily reached by car. Not by public transport.

Unfortunatelly, we’ve already paid for all of them, so we couldn’t cancel our bookings.

After short deliberation, we decided to extand out stay in Inverness (near Loch Ness) and cancel the stay in Fort William.

We were really dissapointed because we got a postcard from Fort William. And it was our goal to visit all the places we got postcard from :(.


We bought megabus tickets to Inverness at 3 p.m.


Guy from Happycar company called! Only because I emailed him demanding the return of money.

He was trying to persuade me that I cancel booking by myself on September. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t explained him that he was wrong.

Finally, after 10 minutes, I conviced him to check this again. We said he will call us back.


He called again and apologized for being wrong. He was explaining that it was system problem and our reservation magically disappeared. He even told me he was calling us and wrote 2 emails. (We check it later- we didn’t get anything from him)

Anyways, he told us, the refund was done on November, 6th. He was wrong, we didn’t get anything.


We went to the bus station. There was no megabus to Inverness at 3 p.m., so we went to information desk to ask where to go.

It turned out, we need to go to Perth and change buses there.


We arrived to Perth and we get to nearest bus to Inverness.


Bus stopped in Dundee and the driver told us this is our final stop! WHAT?

We were shocked. We were supposed to go to Inverness. The driver told us that we must have taken the wrong bus.

It was just ridiculous because both me and Patryk saw the sign that this bus is going to Inverness. We couldn’t believe how unlucky are we.

Thanks God, the driver was nice enough to take us back to Perth for free.


We are back in Perth. It’s dark, cold and there are only few people on Bus Station. Waiting room is closed. We check the timetable- there is one last bus to Inverness in 21 minutes.


The bus is 4 minutes late. We are really worried and scared. We don’t know if the driver will take us to the bus. Our ticket expired, we were supposed to get earlier bus, not this one.


Finally, the bus arrived. The driver let us in without any problem.

We are so happy!


We are finally in Inverness!

It’s dark and cold. There are no buses or taxis. We go to the only shop which is still open. We buy a map and nice Indian man explains us where to go.


We catch a taxi.


We are in the hotel, checking in.

We realized that we don’t have EU/UK power adapter, so we asked receptionist to give us one.

Of course, she doesn’t have it. She told us we can buy it in the machine.


Guess what? The machine run out of power adapters. We are stucked with no computers and laptops (all of them are unloaded). And believe me- it’s nightmare for us! We work via Internet and we have to be online 24/7.


We are happy that we bought cider at Bus Station. We drink it, take a shower and fall asleep wishing day like this won’t happen again like in Groundhog Day movie…

 What we have learned from this story?

1. People are nice.

There were many people who tried to help us (the driver, Enterprise employees)

2. We can cope, no matter what happens.

That’s true. Throughout the day, we did not complain.

3. It’s good to be flexible

You never know what will happen during travel. You should be flexible and change your plans according to current situation.

4. It’s good to have extra money for unexpected expenses.

We couldn’t predict what will happen that day. Thanks God we always have more money ‘just in case’.

What are your conclusions? Have you ever had Groundhog Day just like us?


  1. Ouch… Was this Friday the 13th by any chance? Sure looks like it!
    I’m sorry that you had such a bad time, everything clearly went wrong that day. I think you coped just fine because of all your travel experience and hopefully now that you look back on it, this experience will make you chuckle and think about the misadventures that day.

    Did you manage to see something? Are you going to Scotland and tick those boxes off your bucket list?

    • It wasn’t Friday the 13th, just a ‘normal’ day. Yes, luckily we have visited all the places we wanted. So it wasn’t that bad after all :). And you are right, right now we think about this day with no emotions!


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