Hat Yai
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Hat Yai

After buying AirAsia Monthly Pass, we had to find a place in Thailand to spend a few days. We have seen almost everything in this country. One of the very last place we have left was Hat Yai. It has an airport and to be honest, we haven’t heard about this place before we booked a flight.

Hat Yai a city in Southern Thailand, close to Malaysian border. We were looking for informations and tips about this city in the Internet. But we couldn’t find anything!

We were even more intrigued and we were hoping we found hidden gem of Thailand.

Thai family in HatYai

The beginning of our stay there was very promising- we were 2 of 3 western people in the entire plane.

As soon as we left the airport, we understood why tourists do not visit Hat Yai. This city is just boring, uninteresting and ugly.

There is literally nothing to do in there except from shopping (it is one of the most popular shopping destination for Malaysian and Chinese people).

There is no sea or beach in Hat Yai. You can find there neither interesting monuments nor temples.

Cows in Thailand

It is just a normal city, where it is very difficult to find someone who speaks English. Ordering a food in a local restaurant was a big challenge! At the end we just agreed on whatever they bring us. And of course it was delicious (as everything in Thailand 😉 )

To sum up- we understand why Hat Yai is not visited by tourists very often. Do not go there unless you have nothing else to do. Or you are visiting Thailand only for shopping or finding hadyai hidden shop.

Central Festival Hat Yai

If you are looking for hidden gem of Thailand, go to Sukhothai. It is the first capital of Siam Kingdom, incredibly beautiful and still not very popular amongst western people.


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