Vietnamese woman in Ho Chi Minh
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Ho Chi Minh – Communist City

Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam. It’s situated in the south, close to the Mekong Delta. If you plan to visit Vietnam, remember that there is no visa on arrival in this country. You need to have it before you come. The fast and easiest way to get Vietnamese visa in to apply for it online.

Motorbikes in Saigon

Saigon is a city situated far away from Europe , but still we felt like we were in our homeland, Poland.

People are not as friendly as in Thailand or other countries in South East Asia. The food is not very tasty and the cars are driving on the right- just like in the most countries in Europe.

Don’t listen to what guides say. This city has no monuments. Famous Vietnamese Notre Dame Cathedral makes less impression than the average church in the European countryside. No ornaments, raw interior, grayness everywhere.

Located in the neighborhood, The Post Office building looks better. However, its biggest attraction is not the appearance but the temperature. Cold walls perfectly cool during hot days.

All Vietnamese that we met, repeatedly warned us to hide all gold chains from the neck, do not take our camera or anything valuable out. They said that thefts are common here.

Fortunately nothing has happened to us but we will always remember Saigon as a very unpleasant, boring and not very safe city.


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