Case Study: Mai Chau Ecolodge – Hotel in Northwest Vietnam

What are the benefits for a hotel of working with us?​

We were staying at Mai Chau Ecolodge in January 2016. A part of our agreement was recommending the hotel in our blog post from Mai Chau. Here it is:

Benefit 1: The result is growing over time

Since 2016 the post is having 50-200 monthly views. The traffic is growing over time (chart below). The main reason why is that Search Engines like Google need time to rank articles. We are working hard on SEO every day and the results are visible after some time. This is a main difference between working with bloggers and other content marketing companies. Your ROI increases in time. Some people compare it to running- it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Advertising on blogs is so much different than on social media, where posts are visible only for few hours.The post will always be visible on our blog, that’s why money put into this kind of advertising is an investment with lifetime profits.

Pageviews for in time

Benefit 2: Reservations

According to the report taken from our HotelsCombined panel, 34 bookings in Mai Chau Eco Lodge have been made through our affiliate link.There is also a direct link to the hotel in the body of the text. Sadly, the hotel does not include UTM codes in the URL, that’s why they are unable to measure the number of bookings made by our readers.Last but not least- many people go through the article and then google the property name. They are using different OTA sites, that’s why we are unable to track all of our recommendations. We know for sure people are using our tips but we can’t give the exact number for his case study.

Benefit 3: Readers interested in the destination

​Many of our readers show interest in visiting Mai Chau area. Some of them even say that they had never heard about that region and thanks to our recommendation they want to visit that place in the future. Please keep in mind that very low percentage of people leave a comment below reading article after reading it.

Wow! I’ve never heard of this area, but it looks like the part of Vietnam that I want to see. I only had time for Saigon when I went, so I need to go back


I hadn’t even heard of Mai Chau before but now I’ll definitely keep this in my mind for when I hit Vietnam finally. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks so much! On my way to Vietnam in a week. I’ll be there in January 2017. How much daylight is there in Mai Chau in January? How might I humbly end up dining with a family or maybe doing an overnight home stay? 48 year-old female traveling alone. Did you take malaria pills for this visit?


Thanks for the really useful blog. I’m considering visiting Mai Chau in November. Would you say it is still worth visiting just after the rice harvest, without the lush green or ripe yellow rice?


Benefit 4: Google visibility

Since publishing, article get high position in Google and it is getting traffic from phrases like:mai chau in december, mai chau january, mai chau travel, mai chau north vietnam, best time to visit mai chau, mai chau november, mai chau vietnam, mai chau travel, what to do in mai chau.

This article is helping tourists that plan their visit in Mai Chau. Mai Chau Ecolodge hotel is the only recomended place to stay in Mai Chau in our article. 

There are only 10 first page results in Google for each querry. Only few people are going further than the first page. Imagine working with all the blogs that are in the top results in Google for your keywords. The readers will get an impression that your hotel is the only one worth staying at in your region.

Benefit 5: Trust 

Have you ever been thinking about the reason why big companies hire stars and celebrities to promote their products? It is all about the trust. It’s always better to go to a place that has a face behind it.  People trust other people. They believe that if the famous person recommend something, then it needs to work well. It’s the same with bloggers and influencers. Our readers know that we are experienced voyagers and travel experts. They trust us and they know that our recommendations will never let them down.

*We worked with many brands in the travel Industry. Unfortunately, creating case studies like this take lots of time. We prefer working and delivering results rather than talking about them. If you are interested in seeing more case studies, just let us know, we can do more for you.

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