How did we meet?
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How did we meet?

Well… this is a question that we are often asked. Read the story about two young and lost souls and  the day that changed their lives. So how did we meet?

It was cold and rainy day in Cracow. Karolina wake up in the morning and didn’t know what to do.

She was thinking whether she should skip the classes and go to personal development training or just do as she planned before and go to college.

She put her favorite jeans, white jumper and decided to do something different. She felt that going to a training is a good choice.

She even convinced her best friend to go with her. They took a tram and after 15 minutes they arrived to their destination.

At the same time, another student- Patryk, woke up, dressed up, left his flat and took a tram to the very same training. He hoped to meet someone interesting and learn something usefull.

Training was great but all they remember today is one excercise: hug as many people as possible.

There was more than 40 people in the room but they remember only one special hug… Their hug!

It was magical, they both felt the electricity going through their bodies.

He found her on Facebook later that day and asked her out. She agreed and after few weeks they both were deeply in love

It is a simple story but we love it because it is OUR story. We will alway remember this rainy day in Krakow and how did we meet. We will always think about our first hug with a smile. And we will always love each other! 🙂

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