Eating fried scorpio
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How do scorpions taste like? What does scorpion taste like? A little about Thai food. Eating in Thailand is one of the most important thing in life. It’s a way to spend free time, a subject to talk about and an inspiration for pictures.

Traditional Thai dish- rice meat and egg

Street food.

Thai people love street food-and we loved it too :). Everywhere, whether we are in a big city or in the countryside, we can find a booth with food without any problems. This booth is mostly attached to the motor, in case of the movement in the spot was weak, the seller can always go a few feet away to get new customers.

During our month in Thailand, we ate on the street everyday.

We had never had stomach problems! Why? Because Thai people have a simple rule: they eat only fresh products. So every restaurant or kiosk with food buy certain number of products daily. It is open until everything is sold out. Sometimes it is 5 hours and sometimes 12. Most restaurant do not even have the refrigerator. Fresh products are kept in the ice. There is no such thing as frozen foods or storage of food for a few days. Shelf life is of the meal is maximum 24 hours. Oldest food is avirulent and none eats something like that. This is really AWESOME.

Eating on the street in Thailand

Because of this, we trusted Thai people in eating issues for 100%. Even if under our feet would chase the mouse and place where we eat would be a dingy, we are always sure that the food will be fresh and delicious.

Now about the taste-Thai food is unbelieveable! Aromatic, healthy, light and tasty at the same time. In Thailand, peopl eats a lot of rice, pasta, vegetables, meat and seafood. They often choose a hearty soups as a meal. Interestingly, Thai people rarely eat with chopsticks, they frequently use a fork and spoon, which also serves as a knife. There is no need to use a traditional, sharp knife, because everything is served in small pieces, which do not need to be halved.

eating meat balls in thailand

Thai people use a lot of spices, several times more than us, Europeans. Cuisine is dominated by lemon grass (which we unfortunately do not like), chilli sauce, fish sauce, salt, pepper, sugar (which is also the spice to dishes), ginger, coconut milk, lime and leaves from its tree (kaffir).

What do Thai people do when they don’t have access to fresh food? Here in Europe, in such situations, we reach for a sandwich. In Thailand, they buy Chinese soup and asks the seller of flooding it with boiling water. This is no faux pas, this behavior is very popular. Each soup comes with a folding fork, so that you can easily, quickly and cheaply eat something warm.

Pad thai

In Thailand you can find many strange dishes, the most interesting that we had is a fried scorpion.


How do scorpions taste like?

They are actually very delicious! They are very crunchy and taste similar to the potato chips. This is how do scorpions taste like!

Of course they are much healthier, have a lot of protein and nutrients. They are deep fried though. But it’s the only unhealthy thing about them. They are definately must-try if you are visit South East Asia!

how do scorpions taste like

More about Thai food…

Meals are very often eaten directly from a long toothpick, which we use for the skewers. Almost everything is served on this sticks, especially meat and fish. One such ‘lollipop’ (as we called it :)) cost 10-20 baht which is 50 cents. Awesome!

grilled chicken thailand

It is impossible to describe all the dishes that we tasted in Thailand. But we have a favorite! It is … coconut soup. Unearthly taste! Contrary to appearances, it is not sweet. It’s rather spicy. It has a beautiful white color. You can eat it most often with chicken or shrimp.

We loved this soup so much , it’s been a few times we made it in Poland. Recipe can easily be found online, and you can get all the ingredients in supermarkets. We recommend and strongly encourage you to explore the delicious Thai flavors :). And of course get to know by yourself how do scorpions taste like!


  1. This post makes me miss Thailand!

    I love Thai food, but I must admit I am not ready yet for scorpions. LOL! I salute you for trying that.

    It's so nice to see you as lovely couple. Happy Travels!

    • Haha scorpions are really good, you should give it a try someday ;). Thank you so much for these kind words. Happy travels! 🙂


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