How to avoid Paris taxi scams?

How to avoid Paris taxi scams
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How to avoid Paris taxi scams?

Few days ago our friend told us that he has been cheated by the taxi driver in Paris.

We felt really sorry for him because 2 years ago we had the same problem. We went to Paris in November to celebrate our engagement anniversary. It was our first time in Paris, so we were expecting something amazing. Romantic dinners, walks by the Seine, kisses by the Eiffel Tower

We were flying from Katowice. When we arrived to France, we were wanted to grab a Paris Airport Taxi. Before we get to the exit, a nice looking man accosted us and offered cheap transfer to our hotel.

He seemed to be trustworthy, so we agreed. His car looked a little suspicious, but we got into it, hoping everything will be OK. Well… it wasn’t.

View from the Eiffel Tower in Paris

He drove us around for almost 2 hours! He chose the longest of the possible ways. We had to pay him a lot of money for all kilometres he had done.

We were very upset but we had no choice- we needed to pay him. We decided that on the way back to the airport we won’t make the same mistake.

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And that’s how we found

Karolina&Patryk with the Eiffel tower

We found them on the Internet when we were searching for Paris Airport Taxi. We booked a car online. Everything was easy, prices were reasonable and what’s the most important- we could pay by credit card.

We were really afraid we will be cheated again. But this time it didn’t happen! Our driver came on time, pick us up from the hotel and drove us directly to the airport.

Karolina& Patryk inside taxi

We used this company again, when we were in Spain. Our flight was almost 1 hour late, so we were really worried we would have to pay extra for the fact that the driver had to wait for us.

We were wrong again. It’s policy that they will wait for you free of charge, even if your flight is delayed. Awesome, right?

In Italy, the driver was waiting for us with a sign with your name on it. That was really cool because we felt like some kind of VIPs ;). IMG_1476

If you are looking for best airport transfer, use the form below:

Have you ever had similar experiences with taxi scams? Share your thoughts in comments!

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