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How to be together for 24 hours a day and don’t go crazy?

How to be together for 24 hours a day and don’t go crazy?

How to be together? Our relationship is quite strange-we spend with each other 24 hours a day. We work, travel, rest together and apart from going to the toilet, we do everything together :)

The last time we were seperated, was 3 years ago, when Patryk had to spend one night in the hospital.

It may seem that it is terrible, because we do not have ‘time for ourselves’, ‘time to breathe’ and our ‘own life’ (these are sentences that we heard from different people who were judging us only because we are not an ‘ordinary’ couple).

How to be together?

Actually, if someone would say that we will be in such a relationship few years ago (before we met), we would both think he’s crazy.

Patryk is a typical loner, who feel great on his own. He doesn’t need a companion of other people. He likes to spend time alone and feel good about it.

I (Karolina) am very social, I love to change the environment and people around me. I can’t live without other people because they give me positive energy.

We are completely different. Many people ask us how to be together 24 hours a day and still love each other.

Don’t pretend to be someone else when you are with your partner.

The answer is simple: when we are together, we feel like we were alone.

Because we are not pretending to be someone else, we are natural, we do what we want. None of us force another to behave according to his will. We respect our time, ideas, needs and we support each other in what we do.

If we don’t feel like talking, each of us just do something else. We can do what we want, when we are together, not afraid that we will be criticized.

When you live in such an intensive relationship, it’s very important to keep ‘the hot temperature’ between each other. Both of us are trying to make our love better everyday.

Go for a date at least once a week.

That’s why we established that we will be going for a date at least once a week. We take a shower, dress elegant clothes and go somewhere. Sometimes our family laughed at us because they don’t see any point of that. They think that we could spend an evening, watching TV or something.

How to be together?

We have no idea why so many people think that dates are only for people who just met! ‘When you are in relationship, there’s no need to go out with each other.’ What a bullshit! The key to success is to keep what you developed at the beginning. It really is the answer to the question: ‘how to be together happily‘.

The next stupid thing is thinking that you should dress nice when you are going to a party. You are doing this for other people to look good between them.

Always look good for your partner.

NO! We should ALWAYS look amazing for each other, take care of our bodies, clothes, hygiene.

There are no acceptions from that. Every day we need to care about our partner as if it was our first date.

Compliment your partner.

Another, very important issue are compliments. Each of us should at least once a day say good word to their partner. Be proud of him, no matter why. A man can tell a woman that she looks beautiful. A woman can scream with delight when a guy turns on her jar. It’s so simple, but incredibly effective :).

Be honest with each other.

It is very important to be honest with each other. Being in a good relationship requires absolute honesty. Every lie is a worm in an apple, which eats it from the inside. Non-true always comes out, so you better tell everything at the beginning and save yourself the hassle.

Forgive and be forgiven.

Now it comes the time for the issue very difficult for all of us-the ability to apologize, admitting to the mistakes and forgiveness. It’s very important matter. When we know that we did something wrong, we should just say we are sorry.

Meditating as a couple

On the other hand, it is very important to be able to forgive, do not hold anger in yourself. Throw all bad feelings away. If you accept an apology, accept it from the bottom of your heart. It’s the only way to find an answer on how to be happy together.

Share your feelings with your partner.

Something that definately maintains the temperature in our relationship is talking. We just love to talk with each other! We have a ritual that every day before going to bed, we tell ourselves how was our day, what we liked, what does not, what conclusions we have, etc. It’s very uplifting.

We recommend you this evening talks, they are really awesome!

do not let anyone into your relationship!

Another issue is to preserve the distinctiveness of the relationship. By this we mean that no one and nothing can go into what is between partners. So do not let someone speak badly about your patner. Always listen constructive criticism, but that is all. We’re not talking bad about each other to other people. All problems should be solved within the relationship.

understand your partner.

One last thing on how to be together happily- communication.

I, as a woman, try to give Patryk the simplest information. I did not force him guess what I want. In my opinion, this is huge a mistake most women does. Requiring the guy to be in their head. Men are really ‘easy to use’ and the simplest message will solve all problems. Let us save men all the suffering and simply tell them what we want :)

Patryk-as a man is trying to endure my whims. Sometimes my hormones are stronger than me and I really do not know what I want. The best and proven way is then tightly hug me. All problems disappear :)

Show your love to your partner.

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