How to get money for traveling?

How to get money for traveling?
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How to get money for traveling?

This a key question that bothers many of us. We can say that this is the main reason iy so many people do not fulfill their dreams of seeing the world. They keep asking themselves: how to get money for traveling?

During our journeys, we met many wonderful and inspiring people. Each of them made money in his own way. We have gathered all the information and created a list of the best sources of earnings for travelers.

1. How to get money for traveling?

Organise your own business.

We chose the most entrepreneurial approach. In fact, any company can be arranged to work on its own. You just need to think and work with the attitude that you do not have to be in this business. That all has to work without you, every employee has to have specific responsibilities and conscientiously fulfilling them. We highly recommend the book ‘4-hour work week’, where you will find tips on how to organize your company, so it can work for you.

How to get money for traveling

2. How to get money for traveling?

Working as a freelancer.

Many travelers are freelancers. They are journalists, programmers, graphic designers, translators, etc. They are either permanently employed in companies or work on commission. The only thing you need to work is a computer and high speed internet.

In our opinion, the work like this is really great, the second, after running a business, best way to earn and fulfill dreams.

We can travel and work at the same time, money never ends, every month we have a new payment or a fee for our job.

3. How to get money for traveling?

Finding sponsors.

It is certainly not easy, but some travelers managed to get sponsors who pay for their trips. This require a huge effort, hard work and determination.

It is not easy to convince someone to pay for your pleasure :). But it’s possible!

Recently new websites were created and where you can describe your dream. If someone like your idea, he pays you a certain amount of money, so that you can fulfill it. For example, if someone gives you $5, you send him a postcard, for $ 20 buy a small gift, for $100 he will get individual thanks, etc. It depends on you what to give for a certain amount.

4. How to get money for traveling?

Having a dream job.

Ahh … there are works that you could kill for. These include All Inclusive trip testers, exclusive hotels and yachts tester.

We tried to ‘stick up’ for this kind of work, but unfortunately we did not succeed. But it is worth a try, maybe you’ll have better luck 🙂

Another good option is to take care of luxury homes in the absence of the owners. Not only that you are abroad, you have free time and free accommodation and you still get paid! A dream job 🙂

5. How to get money for traveling?


In our opinion, it’s the hardest of the possible options. We cannot understand why so many people use it. A lot of travelers sacriface almost everything, just to save money for trips. In our opinion, it’s crazy because life should be fascinating every day. It makes no sense to work from morning to night for a year, only to afford a month of pleasure.

Well, but this is only our subjective opinion :).

6. How to get money for traveling?

Teaching English.

Asia is a continent where here is a high demand for English teachers. Many travelers settle in the country and start working as a teacher there. In most cases, you do not need any certificates, white face and a good knowledge of the language is enough.

It is an amazing way to experience the culture of the country, getting to know the natives and ‘soaked’ in their daily lives.

Our friend, Jessica, write more about teaching English abroad on her blog.

7. How to get money for traveling?

Selling knowledge and materials.

There is still considerable demand for high-quality materials on the Internet.

Interesting photos and videos can be sold on stocks like

You can also think about all kinds of guides and books. If you create interesting and meaningful text, you can make money on it all for your life.

On the web there are a lot of sites that sell knowledge. One of the most famous is

8. How to get money for traveling?

Working in a hotel or on the ship.

Great job for those who want to have a holiday all year round 🙂

Working conditions are great, because you are still surrounded by smiling people who are on vacation. It is not hard, because f.e. the only thing that an animator in the hotel should do is to entertain guests.

You are surrounded by incredible scenery, you have a lot of free time, which you can spend on swimming in the sea, sunbathing and relaxing :).

9. How to get money for traveling?

Affiliate programs and dropshipping. 

You can find plenty of affiliate programs and dropshipping offers on the internet. What is this? Nothing but using what someone else has created. Someone, for example, gives us the goods, arranges the shipment and takes care of current orders. The only thing you have to do is to get the customer. You get commision for every item that you sell.

This is a great and fast way to start in entrepreneurship. You do not assume any cost and you have nothing to lose. For this kind of work you can only gain :).

10.  How to get money for traveling?

Having a remote job.

This is the last of our ideas. Working in a mobile profession e.g. as a model, stewardess, pilot etc. will certainly not give you independence. You cannot decide what place and at what time you will go somewhere.

But still you travel around the world and you earn quite good money 🙂

Disclosure: Yay for transparency! Some of the links in the article are affiliate, which means that if you book something by clicking on them, we will get a small commission with no extra cost to you. Your support helps this blog going.


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