How to increase conversion rate?
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How to increase conversion rate?

Conversion is the holy word of e-commerce.  The higher conversion rate is, the more you earn. This post will answer to the question: how to increase conversion rate.

What is conversion rate? It is the ratio of customers who visited your website to those who actually bought something.

You may have 50,000 unique visitors on your website, but it doesn’t mean anything. What matters is how many people buy your product.

It’s better to have 100 valuable visitors on your website than 10,000 people who just watch what you offer.

All e-commerce gurus say that the absolute minimum is 1% conversion rate. It means that out of the 100 people who saw your offer, 1 person bought it.

Not much, huh?

If you want sell more you need to work hard on every step of contacting with your client.

Where do you contact your customer:

  • On your website.
  • At the advertisements – banners, marketing creations, ppc campanies, SEO and others.
  • On your landing pages.
  • On the ordering and payment pages.

All these pages needs to be clear and readable.


1. Minimize steps in the shopping basket.

Customers don’t like going through many steps when buying. The less steps you have, the better. The perfect option is:

Step 1: Giving delivery address–> Step 2: Choosing payment and shipping method–> Step 3: Order confirmation.

2. Use A/B tests.

A/B tests are brilliant for checking what’s working on your website.

Thanks to them you can show unique website content to each customer. Then you can check which website content have highest conversion rate.

A/B tests are great if you want to add something new on your website. You can first see how your customers react on this.

3. Increase trust.

Most people won’t buy from you because they are afraid of loosing money. Convince them your company is trustworthy by:

  • showing other people’s opinion
  • showing certificates, public proof that your company works well
  • giving company informations.

4. Improve your offer.

Make sure your offer is easy to read and understand. Specify your product and write about advantages of buying it.


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