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How to make money online? – It is a question many people search in Google. If you are interested in this topic, our 10 tips about how to make money online will definately help you.

  • Money earned from selling- if you don’t sell, you don’t have money

Believe or not, but if you want to earn online even one penny, you must sell something. Service, time or knowledge. No matter what you offer, you must sell it and somebody must buy it from you. Without selling, you don’t have money.

If you are shy or have negative thoughts about selling, you probably won’t earn money on the Internet…

  • Selling is possible if customers trust you – make money online.

The easiest way to show in the Internet that you are trustworthy, is showing your face. People trust other people.

You must show your humanity and convince your buyers that they are not buying from some kind of system or soulless company, but from other person.

The simplest way is showing yours and your coworkers faces. Making a short movie of you telling about your product will also work well.

  • Customer trust you if you have good offer – make money online.

Internet promotes best deals and offers that meet your customer requirements. If you do not have good offer, market will verify it for sure and you won’t sell anything.

To make a good offer, you need to know who is your client and what are his needs. Next step is to simply create solutions to his problems  in your offer.

  • Good offer is also good price – make money online.

If your customer find out that your competitors have better price – they’ll buy this product from him. On the Internet your customers can verify quality/price indicator very fast and choose the best offer for them.

Give them more than they expect.

  • To have good offer you need good copywriting – make money online.

Good copywriting is the clue to success. Text motivates your customer to buy your product. Most of your competitors sell exactly the same what you do. If you want to be the best, you must have the best offer. The better your offer is, the more money you earn.
To create good text, you must know triggers in your customers minds. If you turn some of them on – you’ll sell. We will post more about copywriting in future 🙂

  • To have good offer you need good photos – make money online.

One picture means more than thousand words. People buy with their eyes. The quality of graphics on your website can convince to buying. If you have poor quality of photos (f.e. made by mobile phone), you probably won’t excite your clients and won’t show that you are a professional businessman.

  • To have good offer you need good references and customer reviews – make money online.

On the Internet, everybody can find information about your company in seconds. The most safe and secure way to give your customer reviews is to add it to your offer. He probably won’t be searching for anything else.

  • To have good references you need good customer service – make money online.

There will always be some unhappy customers in your business. If your customer service is bad, you will get many negative feedbacks. Make good procedures. Be sure that all of your customers are satisfied and they won’t write anything offensive about your company.

  • To have good customer service you need to take care of your company – make money online.

Customer service is the best way to know your company. If you work for a while in a customer service, you will get to know your customer problems and resolve them quickly. This will help you develop faster.



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