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How to NOT lose yourself while traveling.

Few months ago we’ve published an article: Is travel running away from life? We were trying to prove that exploring foreign countries, getting to know new cultures and languages are nothing more than living a life to the fullest. This post is the follow-up of that text. How to not lose yourself while traveling?

When you are changing hotels every day or two, visiting new places all the time it’s very easy to forget who you really are. You want to see as much as possible and don’t waste your time on anything else. It’s OK when you travel once or twice a year for a week or so. It is a problem though, when you are traveling more often. You can easily forget who you really are by focusing on exploring too much. Traveling is a very powerful drug, so be sure it won’t destroy you.

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Take care of your inner self

If you are a believer, spend some time to pray or meditate every day. If you are atheist or agnostic, focus on self-development. Ask yourself questions about what you feel, what you would like to change in your life, what are your needs, goals and how can you achieve them.

You can also just sit in a silence for 15 minutes everyday and listen to your thoughts. Focus on your breathe. That’s enough to just connect with your soul and keep the balance in your inside and outside life.

In the modern world, we are surrounded by sounds, lights and informations and most of us just forget to find the time only to ourselves. It’s very important to listen what your body and mind want to tell you. Their voices are really quiet, so give them the right environment to talk. If you spend this short time everyday on taking care of your inner self, the magic can happen. You will learn the things about yourself that you didn’t even know about.

Be persistent! It may be very difficult to you at the beginning to do nothing for this short time. The longer you didn’t listen to yourself, the more difficult it will be for your to start. Don’t worry though- practice makes perfect!

buddha-meditation How to not lose yourself while traveling

Stick your daily routine

If you are working out everyday when you are at home, you should do the same when you travel. If you are learning new language, don’t forget to study when you are abroad. If you are going to the cinema every weekend, find the nearest one and go there even in the foreign country.

The point is to keep your daily habits (if they are good for you) to stay yourself no matter where you are.

How to not lose yourself while traveling

Think about the time

Don’t run away from your troubles- they will catch you sooner or later. If you have left your worries behind, you should face them as soon as possible. Traveling doesn’t solve any problems. Do something with your past and accept it.

The future is equally significant. Make plans for the next weeks, months and years.

The most important moment is NOW, without any doubts. Focus on what’s going on around you, explore, get to know the place you are currently in. Indulge yourself into the unknown, make new friends and simply be happy!


What do you think about it? What do you do to not lose yourself while traveling? Share your thoughts in comments!


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