How Traveling Changes Your Life? Confessions Of Traveloholics

Nearly 8 years ago we decided to travel as much as possible and start a travel blog. We were driven by curiosity to see the world. We were young, in love, we had no commitments, and we thought everything is possible.
A lot has changed since that time. We have felt the bitter taste of failure, we’ve been in danger abroad, our flights got delayed, and finally- we got a baby (and now the second is on the way).
During our recent trip to Iceland, we realized that we are completely different people than we were 8 years ago. What changed?

Respecting Local Culture

A few years ago, we couldn’t understand why we should follow some dumb rules when we are abroad.
Example? During our trip to Rome, we didn’t care that taking photos of the Sistine Chapel is forbidden. We thought it would be cool to take it and share with our followers.
Now, we have completely different opinions on things like that. When we saw that there is a no-photo zone in the swimming pool in Reykjavik, we simply accepted it.
Of course, we won’t be able to share it with you guys but we could experience it and we know it’s worth recommending. That is all that matters.
In the age of social media and omnipresent selfies, it was kind of relieving to be in the place where it’s all forbidden. At the end of the day, a thermal spa it’s where you should relax not use the internet.


Broken luggage? Delayed or canceled flight? Landing on a different airport than you should? Problems with your tour or hotel? Getting robbed?
We’ve been there. When you travel so much, you experience wonderful things but also these that can make you anxious.
In the past, we would get pissed off when we needed to wait a little bit longer. We would fight with the hotel staff when it turned out that the room we booked is no longer available by their mistakes.
Right now, we stay calm. We accept changing circumstances and try to be flexible. We don’t freak out about the things we have no control over.
We try to ask ourselves a simple question every time something unexpected happens: “is there anything you can do to change it?”
If the answer is “no”, there is no need for fighting. You simply need to accept that you cannot control everything.

Traveling Slowly

When we started traveling, our goal was to see as much as possible and tick all the counties from our bucket list. To see them all.
Right now, we are enjoying the process of traveling more. We stay in one place longer to explore the area.
We often come back to destinations we’ve been before only because we felt good there.
We focus more on doing what we love rather than compete with other travelers. It doesn’t matter how many countries you’ve been to. It important why you decided to travel there.

Valuing The Comfort

Before we became parents, we would travel for many hours only to get to the airport with the cheapest flight fares in the area.
We would sleep on the airport bench overnight to not pay for a hotel.
It’s not the case anymore. We started to value our comfort and realized how important it is to feel good every day.
We rather spent more money to make one trip awesome than save to travel to 2 destinations.
Why did it change? Mainly because we now have a baby. We know that keeping a child entertained while traveling is key to a successful trip. The frustrated baby usually means frustrated parents and we really don’t want that.
The second reason is quite obvious- we have more money so we actually can afford to spend more with no regrets.

It’s Not About Us It’s About You

I remember the first posts that we published on this blog. They were all about us.

What we have been doing, how we felt, what we liked, and what we didn’t. While some personal insights might be valuable, we realized that this blog is not for us but FOR YOU.

We want our readers to get the most of our experiences to see why some places are worth visiting, to assure them that it’s safe to travel the world with kids.

What we understood after traveling for so many years that everyone sees the world differently. While we appreciate trying local food, others can enjoy visiting museums more.

On top of that, your personal experiences make you like a destination or hate it. Let me give you an example- when we’ve been spending our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, we had bed bugs in our all-inclusive, 5-star resort. We got so sick while staying there that we literally couldn’t leave the bed for a week.

These negative experiences are stopping us to come back to DR. Does it mean this country is not worth visiting? NO! You may have totally different views on the Dominican Republic that’s why we removed all the blog posts from this trip. We don’t think it’s fair to discourage travelers from visiting the entire country only because something bad happened to us there.

You Are Getting To Know Yourself Better

Polish Nobelist, Wislawa Szymborska said: We know ourselves only as far as we’ve been tested.
This sentence is becoming even more true when you are traveling the world. You have no idea how are you going to react when you got robed. Or you got sick in a foreign country.
We have never traveled solo, so for us, it was also a great relationship test. We could see our reactions to stressful and unexpected situations. 
Before we got married, we’ve been traveling a lot, and luckily, it has only made our bond stronger. For others, spending 24 hours a day together may be devastating though…
Being on the road is a good time to know yourself and your partner better. Sometimes, you will notice that your relationship is not working the way it should. You have enough time to talk about it while abroad. The couples that are not married yet, may consider premarital counseling that they can start online on sites like ReGain
Those who travel live twice– we believe that the problems you are facing during travel are inevitable anyway. Traveling just makes you encounter them faster than in everyday life.

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Do you agree that traveling is changing one’s mindset? How did travel change you? Share your thoughts in comments!

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