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Ultimate Guide To Hungarospa Hajduszoboszlo Aquapark and Thermal Baths

Did you know that Hungary has over 1,000 thermal springs? It’s one of the best spa destinations in the world. While most tourists decide to visit the famous Széchenyi or Gellert Baths in Budapest, it’s so much better to travel off the beaten path to experience something even better. This post will be all about Hajduszoboszlo Aquapark and Thermal Baths. Keep on reading why it’s a place worth visiting especially if you are traveling to Hungary with kids!

Current time in Hajduszoboszlo:

Why Hajduszoboszlo Thermal Water Is Healing?

The high content of ingredients such as sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, bromine, iodine, lithium, iron, and magnesium make the thermal water in Hajduszoboszlo therapeutical. It is proven that the water helps with healing many health problems including eczema, Heine-Medin illness, and even infertility.

How To Get To Hungarospa Aquapark Hajdúszoboszló?

Hajduszoboszlo has one of the best Hungary Thermal Pool Complex.

Hajduszoboszlo is a small town so there is no airport there. The closest one is in Debrecen, located about half an hour driving to the aquapark. You can also fly to Budapest, as Hajduszoboszlo is only 2,5 hours driving from the capital of Hungary.

If you are already in Budapest, the best option would be renting a car. You can also take a bus or train to Hajduszoboszlo.

Trains to Hajduszoboszlo–> check out this website (it’s in Hungarian only).

Buses to Hajduszoboszlo–> check out this website.

All About Hajduszoboszlo Water Park

The first thing you need to know is that this water park is HUGE! It has indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, thermal baths, wellness area, 50+ bars and places to eat, and more.

You can buy separate tickets for each section which is pretty good. If you don’t want to use water slides because your kid is too small (just like ours), you don’t need to pay for it. The Bath Complex in Hajduszoboszlo is open all year round.

Aqua Palace

Hajduszoboszlo Aqua Palace has pretty awesome kid zone!

Let’s start with a Hajduszoboszlo Aqua Palace, as it’s our favorite place in the entire complex. Why? Because it’s GREAT for the small kids.

Mia was 1,5 years old during our visit to Hajduszoboszlo. I’d say Aqua Palace is a perfect place for children from 0 to 7 years. Older kids may enjoy Aqua Park more.

Aqua Palace Hajduszoboszlo is not only for the small ones though. Here is what you can find there:


It’s probably the best Hajduszoboszló Wellness area. You can get here different kinds of treatment including authentic Thai massage and more.

Restaurant at Aqua Palace Hajduszoboszlo.


We’ve been dining there twice and we absolutely loved the food. It’s fresh, basic, and delicious. The prices are quite low- we paid 4,000 HUF for dinner for two (including soup, main course, dessert, and drink). It’s about $10 altogether.

Aqua Palace’s Restaurant is kid-friendly, they have high chairs available.

Sauna World

7 saunas and a pool, perfect if you are visiting Hajdúszoboszló Aqua Palace in the wintertime.


We are definitely not the type of people who work out during the holidays. If you are different and you want to stay fit during your visit to Hajdúszoboszló Aqua Palace, you can go to their Fitness center. They have many activities available including yoga, spinning, and even surfing classes. More info here.

Children’s World

Last but not least: the area of Aqua Palace Hajduszoboszlo that we like the most- the Kids Zone.

Aqua Palace is a great place for kids.

It’s honestly the best place for a toddler we have been to so far.

Here is why:

There is a pretty awesome indoor playground in the Aqua Palace.
  • it has a quiet room (for nursing or sleeping)
  • the pools are shallow enough for baby to walk
  • there are water slides, animal figures, and other attractions in the pools
  • it has a baby changing room
  • there is a regular playground for kids who don’t want to spend time in the water
  • it has a room for infants and toddlers to have fun (with foam floor)
  • there are many sunbeds available to rest
  • the drinking water is available for free
  • animators organize fun things to do for kids like dancing and playing

Prices for Hajdúszoboszló Aqua Palace:

10 euro on average, depending on the season. See the full price list here. Aqua palace Hajduszoboszlo is open all year round.

Open-Air Pools

Mia had lots of fun in Hungarospa Hajduszoboszlo!

The entire outdoor bath complex is open from the beginning of May till the end of September. Outdoor thermal baths are open all year round though. In summary, they are closing only the pools with fresh water, like an artificial wave, kids’ pools, etc.).

Before we visited Hungarospa we were worried that Mia won’t be able to take a nap in there. It’s usually difficult to find a peaceful place in the resort like this. It turned out that Hajduszoboszlo baths are designed for the kids.

The complex is huge so there are green areas between the pools. 

Pop up tent is a useful thing.

Most people brought on their own pop-up beach tents and simply put them on the grass. Trust me, even when it’s boiling hot outside, you can cool off in the shadow of the trees.

We didn’t have a tent, and we were just fine with sunbeds and a stroller (we recently bought GB Qbit Plus, it’s AWESOME to travel with). Mia was sleeping surprisingly well regardless of the noise, maybe it’s because of the relaxing atmosphere.

Anyway, here are some things that you can find in the Hungarospa Hajduszoboszlo Outdoor Area:

Don’t feel like spending time in the water? You can still take your kids to the playground.
  • thermal baths with warm water
  • artificial wave 
  • swimming pool
  • paddle boats
  • many pools for kids and toddlers
  • tennis court
  • beach volleyball and soccer fields
  • many restaurants and bars
  • playgrounds
  • fun places where you can get a henna tattoo, or get your hair done

Prices for Hajdúszoboszló Open Air Pools:

27 euro on average, depending on many factors. See the full price list here

More photos of the Open Air Pools:

Hajduszoboszlo Aquapark

Hungarospa Hajduszoboszlo is home to the oldest Hungary Aqua Park.

For some Aquapark is the only reason to travel to Hajduszoboszlo. It’s a part of Open Air Bath Complex so you can’t visit this section without buying the ticket to the other pools.

We are not big fans of the water slides but we know many people who keep visiting Hajduszoboszlo every year only to have fun in the aquapark (on a side note: while Hajduszoboszlo is not popular all over the world, it’s very popular among Poles).

Prices for Aquapark Hajdúszoboszló:

Generally speaking, if you want to have access to the aquapark, you will have to pay about 50% more than a standard ticket to the Open Air Complex. The fares are different, depending on which option you choose. See the full price list here.

Where To Stay In Hajduszoboszlo?

There are many places to stay in Hajduszoboszlo.


There are many guesthouses available around the Bath Complex. Be sure to book the one that is located within the walking distance to one of the entrances. You don’t want to waste your time driving to Water Park every day.

Check out the latest prices for guesthouses in Hajduszoboszlo–> click here.

Thermal Camping

If you are traveling on a budget, Thermal Camping may be the best option for you. If you decide to sleep in a tent, you will pay just 30 euro for a family of 2 for a night.

The fee for the campervan is slightly higher, about 35 euro a night. You can also go for a mobile house for 4 people (it’s actually just like a normal house in a miniature version). The prices start from 80 euro a night.

Check out the full price list for Thermal Camping here.

Hungarospa Thermal Hotel

Hungarospa Hotel has private thermal pools.

We’ve been staying at the official Hungarospa hotel and we loved it. Why?

  • Thermal Hotel Hungarospa is connected to the Pool Complex
  • it has its own thermal pools, only for the hotel guests
  • they have half board dining option, so you don’t have to worry about the food (on a side note, the food at Hotel Hungarospa is really delicious)
  • the room rate includes the free entrance to the Pool Complex
  • all rooms are air-conditioned, which is a must when it’s hot outside

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Thermal Hotel Hungarospa and we will definitely come back there one day. Even though the rooms are not modern, it’s still a cozy place to stay.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hungarospa. All opinions are honest and our own.

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