Hungary thermal baths for everybody. Best tips.

hungary thermal baths
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Hungary thermal baths for everybody

Hungary is a little country bordering with Slovakia. We live in the eastern Poland, so we are going to hot Hungary thermal baths by car (it takes about 5 hours). The weather in Hungary is perfect for bathing all year- it’s quite cold in the winter but water in the pool in hot enough to sit in the pool outside. We usually go there on May- it’s spring in Poland but in Hungary it’s the beginning of summer. We can sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the sun after tiring winter 🙂

The second most famous thing in Hungary is excellent homemade wine. It’s cheap and delicious! The most popular hungarian dish is spicy stew, but we prefer eating langosz– round cake served with f.e. sour cream and grated cheese.

Our favourite hungarian tidbit is kurtosz. It’s sweet snack served cold or hot. It’s difficult to describe how it’s look like so we are uploading picture below. It’s really delicious!

We live quite close to the boarder, so we visited almost every place on Hungary. Below we present places which we liked the most:

1. Eger

We go there often. We stay in Flora hotel, which is right next to themal baths. It’s a really good option- renting a hotel room automatically allow you to use pools for free anytime you want. If you are bored of sitting in hot water, you can go to the hotel, take a nap and come back after you rest.

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The biggest drawback of this hotel is lack of air conditioning.

Holiday Complex is Eger is quite big- in the first Hungary thermal bath’s water is very hot. You can sit there on the special bench. Most of the people just fall asleep in the water 🙂 Some places of the pool are in the shadow and some in the sun. Everybody can find something for himself!

The second pool is full of attractions- masagge, water fountains etc. Water in this pool is colder and it’s designed to have fun, f.e. to play ball. Water attractions turn on every few minutes.

The third Hungary Thermal Baths is big, deep and it’s designed for swimmers.

In addition to the three above-mentioned, complex has several other pools. However, we did use only these three.

It is worth mentioning that Eger is ideal for families with young children-the owners of the complex have prepared a lot of water attractions for children.

The complex is open during the day and at certain hours of the night. So you can enjoy the healing water whenever you want 🙂

Every wine lover should look into the Eger Valley of the Beautiful Lady-it is a few kilometers from the pools, so the best is to go there by car. This place will surprise us with many small vineyards-we can choose there from dozens of wine and pick the ones that we like the most. And when we get hungry, we can go to the restaurant which are in the neighbourhood of vineyards

2. Bogacs

Another town with a Hungary thermal baths. It is very similar to Eger, described previously. So this is definitely a place worth seeing 🙂

3. Miskolc

Very overrated place. It’s expensive and pools do not differ from those in Eger and Bogacs. Miskolc is advertised as a wonderful place where you can bath in the water-rock caves. Nothing could be further from the truth-hot water and caves  cause a dizziness and it’s very easy to just pass out there. It is stuffy, crowded and overwhelming.

4. Hajduszoboszlo

Definitely there are a lot of attractions, such as artificial wave. We are not, however, shed ‘to its knees’. Hajduszoboszlo is always full of people, as it is probably the most famous thermal pool complex in Hungary. In our opinion, it is worth to go to other, less well-known places in Hungary.

5. Puspokladany

The smallest of all the towns. The complex is relatively small, but quite charming. We lived in a small, one-room house located near the t. If you want you can even pitch a tent there. Bathrooms and toilets are shared, so the conditions are quite severe. But we loved it and we will always recall this place with a smile 🙂

6. Budapest

And finally … capital! There are many cheap flights to Budapest from Europe, even at less than $30 both ways. You should take advantage of these promotions! When you are already there you can use Budapest taxi or public transport to get around. Budapest has beautiful tenement houses, buildings and lots of lovely sights. Everyone will find there something he like  :).

Our friend Marian wrote the whole article about it. Check it out: What everyone is saying about Budapest Thermal Baths.

Have you ever been in Hungary thermal baths? Did you like it?

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