Interesting Krakow facts

Intersting Cracow facts
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1. Interesting Krakow facts – Pigeons.

It’s forbidden to feed pigeons in Krakow. They are great pests that torment life of locals. We think that hating and destroying pigeons are the most interesting facts about Krakow  Poland.

We lived in Krakow for more than 2 years and we know how awful these birds are.

One summer day, a pigeon flew into our apartment and hide under the bed. We spent a lot of time to kick him out!

Why locals hate pigeons? Mainly because…. they shit on our balconies. It’s very difficult to clean and you can’t even walk bare foot on your own terrace. This applies especially those who live near Rynek (Market Square).

Pigeons in Krakow - Interesting Krakow facts

2.Interesting facts about Krakow – Big head sculpture.

It’s behind the Sukiennice at Rynek.

Big head sculpture is really weird and it’s something every tourist remember.

For locals it’s often meeting point. What exactly this sculpture presents? It’s Eros Bendato, head of  love god. Why has he band on his eyes? Maybe because the love is blind…? 😉

Big head at Krakow Rynek Square

3. Interesting facts about Krakow – Penis in Adam Mickiewicz statue.

Adam Mickiewicz sculpture is the most popular statue in Krakow. It’s in the centre of Market Square.

At the bottom of the sculpture, there are statues of the Four Gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel and courage.

Every tourist that come to Krakow see it. But only few people see hidden penis in courage sculpture.

You can see it only at a right angle.

It’s a prank sculptor made for discerning tourists ;).

Hidden penis in Krakow's Adam Mickiewicz statue

4. Interesting facts about Krakow – The knife.

This knife has a very bloody history … According to the legend, one man killed his brother with this knife and then he committed suicide.

Other people say that the knife was a warning to residents. He reminded that in Krakow a crime was punishable by death.

Interesting facts about Krakow

5. Interesting facts about Krakow – Student’s city.

Krakow is a city with the largest number of students in Poland. There are more than 200,000 students and only 700,000 inhabitants.

That’s why one of the best parties in Poland are in Krakow!

Not only the Poles study in Krakow. Students from all over the world also come here, mainly because of Erasmus student exchange.

Krakow Rynek Square

5. Interesting facts about Krakow- Wawel chakra.

It is believed that under St. Gereon’s chaple there is a chakra that emanate intensive power. This power can heal illness and gives strong boost of energy.

Did you know this facts about Krakow Poland? Do you know something else about this beautiful city?

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  1. Even if we went to Krakow a couple of years ago, we didn't know or noticed some of the above facts. We should really go back at some point and spend more time there 🙂

    • Thanks, that's really nice to read that our post was interesting and helpful for you! Krakow is definately a place worth coming back to 🙂

  2. I just knew about the head and the pigeons. The dragon myth is quite interesting as well!

    Funny thing about pigeons – we hate them as well in Lisbon and since people got fined for feeding them, they have been slowly disappearing from the city.

  3. I really liked Kraków, but in sommer it is too noisy and overcrowded. However I fell in love with Warsaw during winter months.I visited the city last winter and it was magical! I really liked how Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście was looking with all of those Christmas lights and decorations, all covered in snow. I also spend wonderful night in New Orleans, nice place to eat something or relax by amusing pole dancing shows.

    • Thanks for your comment, Arthur. You are right, Krakow may get crowded sometimes, that’s one of the reasons why we don’t live there anymore. I am glad that you liked Warsaw and New Orleans! Happy travels :).


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