Facts About Iran That Will Blow Your Mind!

Surprising Iran Facts That You Didn’t Know About

Are you traveling to Iran soon? Or maybe you simply want to learn more about this amazing country? Here are some fun facts about Iran that you probably haven’t heard of.

“A traveller without knowledge is a bird without wings.”
– Saadi Shirazi (Sa’di)

This famous 12th-century quote by the “Master of Speech” Saadi Shirazi popularly known as Sa’di, holds true even today. As a world traveler, it is important to know some facts about Iran, the land of the ancient Persian Empire.

Contrary to popular media, travel in Iran is quite safe and the Iranian hospitality and warm friendly locals will soon make Iran a new top travel destination. Iran has a lot to offer; from beautiful beaches and amazing architecture to lush dishes and much more.

Can you count how many Iran facts you know? Not too many? Don’t worry we’re here to help you with some interesting facts about Iran to prepare for your visit to this historic land.

spices in iran
Iran really is an interesting country.

Fun Iran facts #1

Iranians Speak Farsi, Not Arabic

Iranians are not Arabs and vice versa. They speak their own language, which is Farsi aka Persian. Although the numerals used in Farsi and Arabic are similar, the languages are not the same. If you try to speak to an Iranian in Arabic, they won’t understand you.

Iran Facts
Beautiful mosaic on a mosque ceiling

fun facts about Iran #2

Autumn And Spring Are The Best Time To Visit Iran

Although you can visit Iran any time of the year, one of the facts about Iran is that Spring and Autumn have the best weather conditions. The temperature from March to May and from September to November varies from 7 to 20 degrees Celsius. A bonus for visiting in May is the blooming landscape. Beautiful flowers grow everywhere. And the national flower, the tulip can even be seen growing wild along the roadside. One of the most interesting fact about Iran is that it is beautiful in May.

There are also a lot of activities to do in summer and winter thanks to geographical features such as islands ( Kish and Qeshm) and snow-covered mountains (Damavand).

Best time to visit Iran is Autumn or Spring
Best time to visit Iran is Autumn or Spring

Fun Iran facts #3

The Majority Of Iranians Are Muslims

Over 99% of Iranians are Muslims,  87% of them claim to pray every day! How interesting is that?

Interesting Iran facts #4

Iran May Be One Of The Friendliest Countries On The Planet

One of the fun facts about Iran is that the people of Iran are open, friendly, warm and welcoming.

Almost anywhere you go in Iran, you’ll find someone coming up to chat with you or to help you along your way. Be it in stores, in markets or just in the streets, Iranians love visitors. They will do everything they can to make you feel welcome and at home in their country.

Iran shisha
Iran is friendly and hospitable

Iran interesting facts #5

You Can Taste Real Iranian Food In People’s Homes

Every city of Iran has a unique cuisine and the variety of foods is amazing.

From Ghormeh Sabzi to Dizi, Persian food has a lot to offer. Of course, you know about Haleem because it’s famous the world over. But what about the Persian baked rice cakes called Tahchin, or the Kabab Koobideh made of ground lambs and onions. Or the lush tasting Sabzi Polo ba Mahi which is herb rice and fish.

If you’re a foodie, it’s pretty easy to book a culinary tour to Iran to learn how to cook Moshti Kebab, Ab Ghoost or Kalam Polo with local families in Esfahan, Tehran, Shiraz or other cities. The local families open their homes to you, welcome you warmly into their midst and teach you the secrets to their cuisine.

Another facts about Iran is that Persian food includes a lot of meat. So if you’re a vegetarian, you might find the number of dishes limited. You will find lentils and or eggplant dishes along the tourist routes though.

There are also various foods for vegetarians including local and international ones.

Iranian food delicious
Persia has a variety of dishes you must taste

Fun Iran facts #6

Alcohol Is Banned In Iran

This is one of the most interesting facts about Iran. You won’t find booze in this country. Not a drop. You may find the beer on the menu of restaurants, but it’s non-alcoholic. It tastes quite like the real thing though and there are many flavors to try.

And really, who needs booze when you have a variety of sharbats to try? Some famous Persian sharbats are the Tokhm-e-Reyhan, Khak-e-Shir, Bahar Narenj and the Sekanjabin.

You can try a variety of sherbets in Iran
You can try a variety of sherbets in Iran

interesting things about Iran #7

Iran Has 23 UNESCO Sites And Many Natural Wonders

Iran is much more than a desert. One of the fun facts about Iran is that the terrain and landscapes vary in different parts of the country. From mountains parks, at one end the turquoise beaches at the other, facts on Iran are that this country has everything including rich culture and ancient history.

Other interesting facts Iran is the presence of 23 UNESCO World heritage sites here. The Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System and the amazing city of Persepolis built by Darius the Great in the 5th century BC. The Ancient Persian Qanat water systems, the city of Yazd, the Sassanid Archaeological Landscape from circa 224 CE to 658 CE, and many more historic sites and landmarks.

Architectural beauties of different eras and religions and enthrall and mesmerize. Mosques with beautiful vibrant mosaics, churches and cathedrals that take you back in time, fire temples and even synagogues. Iranian facts is that Iran has citizens of all ethnicities and they live together in a culture of harmony, and all of the religious places are open to locals and tourists.

iranian salt
Iran really is a beautiful country

Interesting Iran facts #8

Iran Is One Of The Most Powerful Middle-East Countries

Even though powerful countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey are located in the Middle East, Iran has one of the largest economies in this region.

It’s one of the biggest producers of petroleum in the world.

Fun facts about Iran #9

Getting A Visa For Iran Is A Really Simple Processes

One might think that being located in the Middle East, obtaining a visa for countries like Iran is a difficult task. But it really isn’t.

Citizens from most countries can get tourist visas on arrival or in advance. This allows them to have their visas on a separate piece of paper and not in their passports to avoid the limitations the US government has set.

Tourists from the US, UK, and Canada must join private or group tours to be issued a visa. To avoid the risk of rejection, it’s better to apply in advance. The easiest way to get the tourist is through a travel agency. The agency applies for your visa authorization codes, and you then go to your local embassy or consulate the get the visa.

Iran group tour
Visa’s for Iran are easy to obtain

interesting facts about Iran #10

Exchanging Currency In Iran Makes You Feel Rich

The currency in Iran is Rials, but day to day money exchange happens in Toman.

Currency in Iran really makes you feel a lot richer. Trips to Iran aren’t too heavy on the pocket either.

While traveling to Iran, keep in mind that foreign debit or credit cards won’t work here. So you either need to carry only cash or use one of the new prepaid travel debit cards called MahCards.

One thing to watch out for is the difference in currency while buying souvenirs or other keepsakes. Be careful not to pay 5 Toman for something that actually costs 5 Rials. It’s happened to quite a few travelers.

Exchanging currency in Iran, makes you feel rich

Other interesting Iranian facts

  • Iran facts is that Chai or Black Tea is popular in Iran and is consumed many times a day.
  • YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are blocked here. So you either need to install a VPN before getting to Iran, or take a break from your social life. But an Iran interesting facts is that Instagram and Gmail are not blocked. So you can share as many selfies as you want.
  • You’ll save money by using an Iranian SIM card while there.
  • Like in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries, Iran culture facts is that the toilets in Iran are squat toilets. And water is used instead of toilet paper. So stock up on rolls before going.
  • One vital Iran facts is that Iranian women are only required to cover 80% of their hair. This leaves a lot of room for fashion and style.
  • A great facts on Iran is that women have the right to vote, drive, attend university and own property.
  • Iranian women can also divorce! Isn’t that one of the amazing Iranian facts?
  • Baklava or Baghlava, is a layered pastry filled with nuts and covered with honey.
  • The famous traditional Persian saffron ice-cream is called the Bastani Sonnati. It’s delicious!
  • And the last one. If you look, you’ll see amazing street art on the walls across the cities. There are thriving art museums as well.

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  1. Iran is a wonderful country for all nations to visit. Whether you’re interested in going to cultural and historical places, try local food, shopping, or visiting new people, the country is one of the best places for all of these. Honestly speaking, the country offers all of these in every corner of it to make for one incredible experience

  2. After reading this blog, I fully realized how wonderful Iran is as a tourist destination especially when I read about how hospitable and friendly the people are, just like us, the Filipinos. The history and culture is truly marvelous. I think I will be able to survive in Iran since I do not smoke or drink.

    Is there a Postal Museum in Teheran? Since I am a new stamp collector I would really love to have some Iranian stamps also.

    بسیار از شما متشکرم

  3. You have to travel in iran to understand how Iranian people are different from what you think about. And we have a lot of feminist ladies who are changing the stupid rules. And you should know that Iranian people are so different from what the governments show…

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