Interesting Israel facts – fun facts you didn’t know about!

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Interesting Israel facts – fun facts you didn’t know about!

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle Eastern country of Israel is considered the Biblical Holy Land by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. There are so many Israel interesting facts to share with you! The country’s most sacred sites are located in Jerusalem, whose Old City plays host to the Temple Mount. The well-revered site is home to such iconic structures as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of Rock Shrine, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the historic Western Wall.

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Some Basic Details

Part of Israel interesting facts and information, these basic details will introduce you to one of the most revered and interesting places on the earth. Established on May 14, 1948, Israel is the Middle East’s only liberal democracy and is also the one sole Jewish state in the world. It is also the world’s youngest state. The current Prime Minister is Benjamin Netanyahu while Reuven Rivlin serves as President. Official languages are Hebrew and Arabic.

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The General Geography

The land area of Israel is about the size of the size of the U.S. state of New Jersey. With a diverse climate, the country features a hot and arid desert in its southern section while showcasing snow-capped mountains in the north. In fact, the Negev Desert in southern Israel only receives 32 mm or one inch of rain annually. However, Galilee, to the north, is home to the most fertile farmland in the country. Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority border Israel on the east while Egypt lies to the south and Lebanon serves as the northern boundary of the country.

The Lowest Point in the World

The Dead Sea, which lies placidly between Jordan and Israel, is considered the lowest point in the world. The water, which is rich in salt and mineral deposits, is 416 meters or 1,365 feet below sea level. Because of the sea’s high mineral and salt content, animals and plants cannot thrive or grow in the sea or the adjacent area.

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Population Information

Most local residents (about two-thirds of the population) were born in the country. All of the other Israelis come from as many as 100 different countries. Israeli Jews live lifestyles similar to North Americans and Europeans. While 75% of the population is Jewish, the remainder is Arab. Israeli-occupied Palestine territories are inhabited by about 3.5 million people, made up of an 11% Jewish population and 89% Palestinian people. Over half of Israelis live on a narrow coastal plain close to the Mediterranean Sea on the west.

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A Diverse and Interesting Country

Needless to say, Israel is a diverse and interesting country from both a cultural and historical standpoint. It is also a country that is notable in terms of tourism, technology, and agriculture. The following fun facts about Israel will enlighten you further about the ingenuity and activities of the country’s citizenry as well as the country’s many and varied highlights.

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The Life Expectancy in Israel Is Above Average

For example, if you live in Israel, one of the Israel interesting facts indicates statistically that you certainly will grow old. The average life expectancy in the country for women is 82 years of age while it is 78.5 years old for men.

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Israelis Love Wine

Israel is also a country that is home to a large number of wineries; in fact, there are 200+ wineries that are featured in the country. Fields in the country are used to grow grapes that produce vintage, red, white, and sparkling wines.

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Women Serve in Combat Roles

Also, beginning in 1995, women started being recruited to combat positions in the Israeli Defense Forces or IDF. In 2016, 2,100 women were serving in combat positions.

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The Agricultural Output Is Astounding

Over the past 25 years, the amount of food harvested has increased sevenfold with barely a negligible increase in the amount of total water used, and that fact is backed up by palm tree production in the country.

While the average date palm harvests about 17 kilograms of dates each year, Israeli palm trees are prolific producers by comparison. The palms produce 182 kilograms or over 10 times the amount of the average date palm. Not only that, Israel is the only country anywhere that recorded a net gain in trees in the 21st century. Another agricultural feat concerns a green pepper that was grown in Moshav Ein Yahav. The large vegetable weighed in at half a kilogram, or one pound.

However, plants are not the only agricultural sources that produce significant quantities of food. Israeli cows also produce more milk than almost any other country with the exception of South Korea.

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Israel Is an Innovator in the Field of Technology

Credit Israel for the invention of the firewall in computer technology. The Israeli country Check Point, which is known the world over for its IT security products, is the inventor of the firewall product. Indeed, Israel has been a trailblazer when it comes to recent technological advances as it is also home to 3,000+ high-tech businesses.

For example, voicemail technology was developed in Israel and Pentium MMX chip technology was established at Intel, also in the country. Also, most of the Windows NT OS was developed and produced in Israel at its Microsoft facilities. As noted, Israel also has the highest concentration of high-tech enterprises in the world, aside from the Silicon Valley. The country also has the highest percentage of home computers per capita of any country in the world.

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People in Israel Are Enterprising

If you want to hire the best employment talent, you may want to confine your search to Israel. Approximately 24% of the country’s workforce hold university degrees while 12% are holders of advanced degrees. As a result, Israel ranks third in the industrialized world among holders of degrees, ranking behind the U.S. and Holland. In addition, the country is rated third-highest in entrepreneurship with the highest number of women and people over 55 pursuing entrepreneurial activities in the world.

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Israeli Money Features Braille for Visually Impaired People

Israel circulates banknotes that have braille on them for people who are blind or who are visually impaired, an action that helps people become more self-sufficient.

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Birds Like Flying Over the Country

According to statistics, Israel also has one of the highest amounts of bird traffic worldwide. Over 500 million birds migrate over the country’s airspace annually.

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 Some Names Are Highly Popular

In addition, latest statistics show that Yitzhak and Chaim are popular names, especially for aspiring Presidents. Since the establishment of the state, two Presidents each have been named Yitzhak and Chaim. The name Noam is currently a popular name for both boy and girl babies.

Israel interesting facts #10

You Can Transmit the Word “Israel” in Morse Code

If you ever need to send a secret missive from Israel, the name of the country in Morse code is designated as follows within the parentheses: (.. … .-. .- . .-..)

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