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Our interview with Jeremy Jones from travel blog:

Why did you start travelling? 

My first international trip was a 5 week adventure in Europe in 2008.  I always say this one started my travel bug as it gave me inspiration and confidence to travel the world on longer journeys.  Angie’s first international trip was a two-week journey in Singapore and Thailand at the end of 2010 to come visit me at the end of my five-month solo trip around Asia (don’t worry to all those who are upset that I went without her, she was in school at the time and I proposed to her on the beach before we went home).  Our most recent trip began in June 2013 and is going strong after visiting about 35 countries on 5 continents!

What is the most important experience that Jeremy Jones had during travels? 

After traveling for 14 months, we’ve been asked this question a lot.  We used to jump around from idea to idea depending on who asked, but I think we’ve finally settled on the fact that trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal has been our highlight from this trip.  It was quite the rewarding experience to make it after the 8-day hike because 1) we’re not in the greatest of shapes and 2) Angie wasn’t even going to come in the first place.  After alleviating her fears and being together in some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the world, we really can’t think of anything else that tops it.

What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

There are too many to count.  Obviously the mountain regions in Nepal for the same reasons we mentioned above, but there are so many more.  Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, is one of my favorite mountain villages of all time.  Koh Lipe, Thailand, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.  The islands of the Galapagos are gorgeous because of the wildlife.  Easter Island is enchanting because of the moai that no one seems to really understand.  I could go on with this one all day because there are some truly stunning places to see!

What do you avoid when you travel? 

Dorm rooms!  In over 700 days of travel in the last 6 years I have stayed in far too many dorm rooms with horrible roommates that snored, came in late, or were very loud.  At this point I am valuing my sleep more and more so I try to avoid a shared room whenever possible.
What is your biggest travel dream?  We tried to go to Antarctica on this trip, but the last minute sale prices were not low enough for us to justify it.  So while we were in Ushuaia and ready to go, we had to wave goodbye to the ship that I had hoped to be on.  Right now I’d say getting back down there and hopping on an expedition ship is my #1 goal.

What are Jeremy Jones favourites travelers?  Which blogs do you read? 

Too many to name.  I’m a huge fan of my fellow Ohio travel blogger Amanda from A Dangerous Business.  A few good friends of mine I keep up with are Stephanie from Twenty-Something Travel and Michael from Art of Adventuring.  I could go on all day with this as there are dozens of great people to get to know!

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