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Jessi&Tara from

Our interview with Jessi and  Tara from

Why did you start travelling?

Both of us have a strong passion for education, and we believe that the best way to learn is through experience, and the best experiences are earned through travel. This fuels our journeys around the world, as we seek to investigate new places and new cultures.

What is the most important during your travels?

New experiences, immersion, and finding good stories to tell. We like to find the funky, quirky, and the meaningful.

What is the most important experience that you had during your travels?

It’s hard to pick any one, because all of the experiences we’ve had are unique, and they all contribute to a greater understanding of this world we live in and our place in it. If we had to choose, probably the opportunities to travel slow, pause, and take in a location in depth.

What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

Italy. No, Slovenia. No, Croatia. Seriously, that’s like asking us to pick a favorite food. It just can’t happen! We will say that Slovenia was the most surprisingly beautiful, though. We didn’t know much about it going in, and it was an awesome experience.

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What do you avoid when you travel?

Big bus tours. We don’t mind tour groups, but we try to keep it small. Neither of us enjoy the feeling of being lost in a crowd. We much prefer small tours, like Roundabout in Slovenia, that keeps the group to 8-12 people who we are able to chat with along the way.

What is your biggest travel dream?

To reach a point where we are able to travel slowly, and travel full time.

What are you favourites travelers?  Which blogs do you read?

We read a ton! Some of our favorites are the ones that feature Croatia, like Chasing the Donkey. We’re also fans of LandLopers, Travels of Adam, A Brit and a Southerner, and so many more!

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