Jobs That Can Allow You To Travel The World

Jobs That Can Allow You To Travel The World
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Jobs That Can Allow You To Travel The World

Traveling the world is something that we all think about at some point in our lives. We imagine ourselves enjoying the sunsets on a beach in Spain, trying out the local street food in Thailand, and reveling in the beauty of the Taj Mahal. However, no matter how much you envision your future travels, the fact is that you need money if you’re going to make these things happen. One way to make sure that you can always afford to travel is to get a job whilst you’re on the go, but how can you actually do this? Here are a few travel-friendly careers.

Bartender or waiter

One of the all-time favorites for many travelers is bar work and waitressing, and the great thing about doing this is that you’ll always find a job, wherever you’re heading to. Sure, some places will require waiters that can speak the language, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue in major towns and cities, where many of the employees and residents in these places are bilingual, or speak English. Let’s be honest here, you always need a waiter no matter where in the world you are.

Public servant

If you get some experience, and career background, in public services, then this is also something that you can utilize wherever you travel to. By this, we simply mean security, social work, policing, or anything that is necessary for public safety. Again, this is always an area where there are many job openings wherever you are in the world, and if you want to get into it whilst traveling, then you can do an online Criminal Justice Associates degree. Look into your options here!

Public servant

Freelance writer

If you’re a freelance writer, then the world is most definitely your oyster. All you need to get your work on the go every day is an internet connection (preferably a pretty good one) and somewhere that’s not too loud and busy so that you can get some work done. Whether you take on unrelated commission projects, or you write for somebody on a consistent basis, this will be a great option to keep your income flowing in. In the best case scenario, you can be a travel blogger!

digital nomad at work


Having experience – and the relevant qualifications – as a lifeguard or another similar profession, could help you to land a job wherever you’re heading to. Whether you opt for sitting beside the pool keeping an eye on everybody, or you have some skills as a skiing tutor that you think could help you out, there are plenty of professions like this that could enable you to travel the world. Whether you’re good with boats, surfing, or snowboarding, use your talents to get out there and experience what’s on offer.


So, if you want to travel the world but you need some cash to keep you going, then these job ideas could be a great way to support your wanderlust, whilst allowing you to meet some amazing people along the way, too!

How Do Bloggers Afford To Travel The World?

Aileen’s Way of Earning Money For Travels

Bio: Aileen is a wild spirit from the Philippines who quit her corporate job at 21 to travel the world. Today, she is a digital nomad and entrepreneur living a life of travel. She is also the mastermind behind ‘I am Aileen‘, a travel blog where she documents her adventures, thoughts, and experiences as she aims to inspire others to wander out more. Come and follow her updates around the globe on Facebook!

Currently, I am able to fund my travels through an online business that I have; however, it’s important to note that I didn’t start out this way.

At the very beginning, I had a low-paying corporate job and as I looked for an escape, I decided to be a digital nomad which is basically offering my services online (SEO, graphic design, web design, and online marketing). There are lots of websites like,, and but the main website that I got more projects from was; simply set up your profile there and start looking for jobs. Eventually, employers will be the ones who will approach you once you get a good standing in the community; though, if you don’t know the services that I’ve previously mentioned, let me tell you that they are very easy to learn online! I had no idea about SEO when I first started but you cannot believe the number of resources that you can find on the internet! Otherwise, there are always simple jobs like being someone’s Virtual Assistant or Data Entry person.

While you are doing these things, you should aim to find an online employer that can take you in as a full-time or part-time employee. This whole process took 2 months for me and I quit my job once I found someone (it was a Swedish company) that wanted me. After working for them for a year, I was inspired by their business so I resigned and started my own.

Aileen’s Tip For Earning Money To Travel

If you set up a travel blog at the same time, saving money for travel becomes easier because tourism boards, hotels, and resorts would often be interested in partnering up with you for online exposure in exchange for an all-expense-paid trip! Ultimately, what you should always do is to think long-term. Look for jobs that can make you live a sustainable travel lifestyle, and there are different ways to do that! Being a digital nomad like me is one example, but there are other jobs out there too like being an English teacher abroad, etc

TJ’s Way of Earning Money For Travels

Bio: My name is TJ, I blog at I got bored with my mundane life of working in restaurants and decided it was time for a big change. I have always dreamed of seeing the world but just never saw it as being feasible. I have been “Happily Homeless” since April 2014, enjoying life, wandering without a plan, and I haven’t looked back. An adventurer with passions for: Photography, Writing, Rock Climbing, Camping, Fishing, and Meeting interesting people. I started off by traveling the states, living a rich life on a poor budget, and depart for India in early March for my first trip abroad. Leaving with no plans other than where I sleep the first night.

Funding long-term travel is a daunting task, it seems impossible. For me, I started by cutting out all my discretionary spending: quit drinking, smoking, eating out, any activities that cost money, as well as cutting down my fuel consumption. I essentially became a hermit while saving. The only money I would spend was on groceries and bills. Over the course of three or four months, I was able to save $5000, on a server’s wage. I then left my home in Atlanta, Georgia and started making my way to the Pacific-Northwest with the intention of being an Alaskan Fisherman.

Fifty days later I am setting sail from Bellingham, WA to Bristol Bay, AK, for our first season. I landed a job on a salmon tender, where we took fish from fishing boats and delivered them to town. I braved 30foot seas while we crossed the Gulf of Alaska, we also had a 32ft boat on top of our 110ft boat. I spent three months on the boat, wherein an excess of our job duties we cut loose with our Hot tub, 10,000watt sound system, movies, and video games. After a month we headed to Ketchikan, AK for our second season, there we could also sport fish halibut, explore the secluded beaches, and go to the bars in town. All the necessities were paid for by the boat and most of the alcohol, allowing me to save more money. It was really the best job I ever had. To top it off at the end of the summer the captain had a 10-day sport fishing trip, all the same stuff but no work.

Then the last bit of money for my travel fund came from selling my car when I decided it was time to leave the country.

Alli’s Way of Earning Money For Travels

Bio: Alli is a young travel blogger and photographer from Toronto, Canada with an incredible zest for life and adventurous spirit. Seeing the world while writing about it is her greatest passion and fuels her with more life and inspiration than anything else she knows.


A 9-5 Doesn’t Always Cut It: How Growing Your Passions Can Help Show You the World

I’ve been working since I was 13 years old. My first job ever was at an outside flower stand, arranging themed bouquets for customers. In many ways that is the best job, I’ve ever had. I got to be outdoors all day, use my creativity while creating floral arrangements, socialize with friendly people, and get free lunches from my boss. As enjoyable as that job was, it, unfortunately, wasn’t a gig to build a career from. So, I was on my way to high school, university, and other things.

One of those other things was travel. For the latter half of my university years I spent my summers traveling. On a student budget it was tough to scrounge up all the funds necessary to do so, but as I’m a very stubborn girl I always found a way. I worked my butt off by working various jobs, at a drugstore (mad discounts), a gym (free membership), and also in a Men’s Wear department (I love searching for the perfect tie). The hard work paid off and I was able to visit and explore so many countries by the time I graduated. Of course when I did graduate, I was off again traveling.

Once I entered the workforce and began a decent 9-5 cubicle dwelling job, bills started piling about that were never present when I was in school. I purchased a new car and moved to a new city much more expensive then my hometown. Soon, I ventured into a photography store “just to look.” Sure enough, I came out toting my first DSLR and I’ve been addicted to the thing ever since.

Astonishingly for me, I had a very positive response to the photos I snapped, both during my travels and also while at home. I decided to do more and more of it until it was possible for me to form Alli Blair Photography, where I am a photographer for couples, maternity, newborn, family, and weddings.

I now work remotely and love writing and taking photos as much as possible. I’m very happy I was able to figure how to make two of my biggest passions (writing and photography) become a sustainable income to supplement the travel fund and the good ol’ 9-5.

Alouise’s Way of Earning Money For Travels

BioAlouise Dittrick is a writer and travel enthusiast from Edmonton, Canada. She writes about travel and performing arts on her blog Take Me to the World.



Saving money for travel takes some foresight and effort, but it is possible. I work as writer, and I work as a barista at a Starbucks. I set aside a specific amount of money each week, which I automatically transfer to a travel savings account. My bank (Tangerine) doesn’t charge bankings fees, and I earn a bit of interest on my savings (about 1.5% currently). Every little bit helps.

I also work at various, “odd jobs” to help me save for travels. These aren’t jobs to replace my current employment, but little things I do every now and then to add to my travel funds. Some of the past “odd jobs” I’ve done include marketing research and surveys, reviewing websites, mystery shopping, working polling stations at political elections, dog sitting, and operating audio visual equipment at a local church for funerals. My advice is to keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities, and ask friends, family, colleagues and associates if they know of any “odd jobs” you might be able to do. Keep working, and saving on a regular basis and before you know you’ll be traveling.

We hope you like this post and our stories about earning money for travels inspired you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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