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Our interview with Jonny Blair from Travel Blog:

  • Why did you start travelling?
I get bored of being in the same place and we only live once so life is a big adventure – get out there and see the planet. That and the fact that I grew up in Northern Ireland which is a small country. Apart from all that, I love football and was fascinated as a child how people can come from countries like Cameroon, South Korea, Uruguay and Iraq. So I wanted to get out there and check them all out!
  • What is the most important during your travels?
Health is always number one. Health is the sole most important thing. If you’re not healthy and not feeling well, you can’t travel. Simple as that. Apart from that money, time and enthusiasm come next. You need to constantly be ready for new adventures. The world doesn’t stop.
  • What is the most important experience that you had during your travels?
Working my ass off for 4-5 months on farms in Tasmania so that I could afford 3 of my travel dreams – touring Antarctica, doing the Inca Trail and backpacking through Bolivia.
  • What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?
The single most beautiful place was Neko Harbour on the Antarctic mainland. It simply a pure white paradise and I loved it. We dived in the snow and marvelled at the intense magic within.
There are also a load of other beautiful places I have been. China’s Yunnan Province takes some beating, as does the Kaluts desert in Iran, the Salar in Bolivia, the mountains of Guatemala and Tasmania. It’s a tough choice!
  • What do you avoid when you travel?
Hmm good question. Normally it’s rich upper class travellers with no respect for the locals. I tend to prefer the backpacking lifestyle as it’s more intimate and not as disconnected. I despise poncy 4* hotels who look down on backpackers. Thankfully though the tide is turning and I’ve been welcomed into some great 4 stars and gained some respect for my travel writing through it.
  • What is your biggest travel dream?
To backpack properly and successfully through 100 countries and I’m almost there. Before that it was to visit all 7 continents (ticked that off by the age of 30) and to attend a World Cup final (was at Germany v. Argentina this year in Brazil)
  • What are you favourite travelers?  Which blogs do you read?

I always admired Michael Palin and of course I look up to the great travellers like Edmund Hilary and Graham Hughes. Blog wise, you need to check out One Step 4 Ward, Johnny Ward’s travel blog. Johnny has personally been to over 120 countries and continues to travel, keep his blog up to date and become an online entrepreneur at the same time. There are a string of other cool blogs and I’ll read Wandering Earl, eTramping, Live Less Ordinary and Katie Aune’s stuff is also cool.

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