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Just Because – Surprise Ideas For Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Or Wife

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Just Because – Surprise Ideas For Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Or Wife

One Friday I was working late on a project and my husband took care of the kids. Leaving office really late, I expected to reach home to a messy house and dirty dishes. But I was surprised when I walked in the door, to find the house spotless clean, the dishes done, the kids in bed, and a home cooked candlelight dinner waiting for me. Suffice to say, the evening went very well.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that top the list of how to make your wife feel loved, or how to make your partner happy.

Give your partner gifts “just because.” These do not have to be expensive at all. It’s the just because gifts for him or the romantic surprises for her that will make memories that last a long time.

This is my list of some sweet things to do for your boyfriend or husband and some just because gifts for her that will show her you love her. Nice things to do for your partner for absolutely no reason that will make them feel more loved. 

Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Breakfast in bed. While they’re still sleeping make them their favorite breakfast and bring it to bed. Orange juice, eggs on toast, peanut banana smoothies, whatever your other half likes, if you’re looking for how to impress your wife or for nice things to do for boyfriend, breakfast in bed is the easiest thing to do.

Some mornings are crazier than others though, and they may not even have the time to make a single cup of coffee. So if you see that happening, step in and make them a coffee to go. Your partner will appreciate you with every sip of the warm coffee you made for him or her.

Buy Flowers With No Occasion

It’s one of the simplest just because gifts. Show your loved one they’re loved. Be it a bouquet of flowers or a single red rose, it’s a nice way to show your appreciation to husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or lover when you come home with flowers.

Send Him Or Her Flowers At Work

If your partner went to work and you want to send some just because gifts for husband or wife to impress them, why not send flowers to their workplace? Flowers express your love and remind them how much you miss them. It will also help them feel appreciated when their colleagues see the flowers.

Place A Card Saying ‘I Love You’ In Your Partner’s Wallet

If you’re looking for romantic things to say to your boyfriend, nothing says ‘I love you’ as much as the actual words. So why not write a simple note saying ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m thinking of you’ and put in in their wallet to find later.

Write On A Bench Or Tree That You Love Them

This may seem old school and childish, but you could write on a bench or tree that you love her or him, or draw a little heart with both your names in it. Then take your partner to this place and show them the symbols of your love. This may be considered vandalism in some places, so please make sure you don’t cause any damage with these cute things to do for your boyfriend just because.

Hire A Billboard

Take your partner to a show or to a game, and arrange for the screen or billboard to display a secret or encrypted love message. It’s one of the most romantic things to do for her or him.

Tell Your Partner In Public That You Want to Have Sex with Him/Her

Affection in public

When you’re in the middle of a crowded street, find a secret way of how to show your wife you love her. Or tell your partner in public that you want to have sex with them. Simple things like pulling their ear, or standing on his or her foot, or scratching the inside of their forearm will tell them you’re in a naughty mood. Or you could just explain your signals to them while whispering in public. Flirt with your partner openly to let them know the flame still burns bright.

Invite Your Partner For Breakfast Or Brunch

One of the sweet things to do for your wife or husband is to invite him or her for breakfast at a restaurant instead of just eating at home. The experience of eating breakfast or brunch at your favorite cafe is really nice things to do for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Say ‘Thank You’ Just Like That

Some days, simply thank your partner for who he/she is and for what he/she is doing for your relationship. I don’t always need to write a long appreciation letter to my wife. Just a simple ‘Thank you for loving me’ will work wonders.

Make A List Of Things That You Love About Your Partner

Here’s one of the special things to do for your wife or husband. Make a list of all the things that you love about them. It doesn’t have to be long. It could be just 5 simple things. Write them down and read them out loud your partner. Definitely wins points for cute things to do for your girlfriend just because.

When You Take A Shower, Call Your Partner To Have A Look

Simply tell your partner that you’re going for a shower with an inviting smile that says ‘ come look at me’.

Ask Your Partner To Take Off The T-shirt

You’re doing the chores, or going for a jog in a private section of the woods. Tell your partner to take his/her t-shirt off. Tell them that you just want to see how sexy he/she is. Don’t go further. Just look at them lovingly for some time and then continue with what you were doing.

Push Your Partner To The Wall And Kiss Him/her Passionately

How to show my wife I love her? This one is as simple as it gets. Just push her to the wall and kiss her passionately before you leave for work or when you take a break from the gardening. Ladies, you can do this too!

Send Love SMS

Cellphone SMS woman

Spending a moment of your time to surprise your partner with text messages is a good way of building a relationship. You can be creative or just send a simple “I love you”,  “I’m thinking about you”, “You are special to me”, “I loved your blouse this morning”, “I miss looking into your eyes”, “You light up my days”, “Love arrives when you do”, etc.

Write Your Partner A Love Letter

One of the most classic and romantic things to do for your partner is taking the time to hand write her or him a letter. Writing a letter with pen and paper doesn’t cost anything, but it is intimate and personal. It shows your partner that you care enough to communicate with them in a really personal way.

Stock The Fridge With Your Partner’s Favorite Food

We try to eat healthy as often as possible. But just once in a while, I go and stock one section of the fridge with my other half’s favorite dip, no matter how spicy or fattening it is. And another section with his favorite beer. Yes, I prefer wine because it’s healthier, but stocking up on beer is just one of the special things to do for boyfriend.

If you’re a guy, just stock up on her favorite Belgian chocolate and her favorite cream.

Call And Say “I love you and I miss you”

Wondering how to surprise your wife when you’ve been together for so long and she always knows what you’re up to? Or trying to think of special things to do for your husband that he won’t get wind of? Just randomly call him or her up and say “I love you and I miss you”. Without a doubt, your partner will be pretty happy and surprised.  They’ll also know that you’re thinking enough of them to reach out. The most essential part of this in a relationship is it keeps the flame burning.

Massage Your Partner

Massage your partner

Need some romantic birthday ideas for husband at home? Light a few candles, bring out the essential oils and give him a sensual massage. Show him that you care for his body and use your touch to speak the volumes that you want to say. And after some time, reverse roles and let him show his love by massaging you.

Make a ‘Memory Box’

Fill an old box with plane tickets, movie stubs, restaurant bills, notes, receipts, anything that will remind you and your partner about the good times. These are sweet things for boyfriend and you to look at once in a while. They are also very helpful reminders of your love in times of crisis.

Cook Or Buy Your Partner’s Favorite Meal

How can i show my wife I love her? What are some nice things to do for your boyfriend? Cooking a meal he or she loves is a great way to show your partner you care for them. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a fun dinner, or just some homemade cookies, getting in the kitchen for your partner will prove how much you like taking care of him or her.

Clean The House Or Do Some Of Your Partner’s Chores

Some days, your partner might not have the time for doing the dishes, a load of laundry, or sweeping up. One of the sweetest and most thoughtful things you can do for your partner is to take care of stuff around the house. It’s a great opportunity to show him or her that you care enough to take over some of their chores and to do the menial stuff that makes his or her life easier. Be helpful, just like that.

Go Back To The First Time: Take Her On A Date

Why not surprise your wife by taking her on a first date again? Remember the movie, 50 First Dates, where Henry (Adam Sandler) falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore) and because of her memory problems they dated like the first time, every time? That’s what love should be like.

This one may seem obvious, but if you’re looking to do something sweet for your partner, why not take a cue from Henry arrange a fun date? It is probably a great place to start whether it’s just dinner or a long day trip to a nearby destination, showing him or her a good time is an easy way to be happy.

A great surprise for husband would be recreating that intimate setting from when you first met.

Surprise Him Or Her With A Funny Gift

Be creative and buy something funny for your partner! It may be weird underwear, just because cards, ugly sunglasses or a bottle of banana wine. It’s all about the surprise, so don’t be afraid to be a little bit weird.

Comment When You Notice That Your Partner Changes Something

Commenting on the new haircut or blouse sends an appreciation message to my wife. You can compliment how your partner looks when you notice he or she changed their appearance. By letting him or her known that the new haircut, blouse, suit or jacket looks good on them, you will show that you pay enough attention.

Give Your Partner a Foot Massage

Your partner gets back from a long day at work and seems tired but doesn’t talk much because of stress. You wonder how you could ease his or her pain. Why not try giving a foot massage? It can work wonders to relieve your partner’s stress and help them open up.

Brag About Your Partner

Apart from the sweet things to say to your girlfriend and complimenting her, you can go a step further by bragging about her to others. Your girlfriend might be humble about her talents or accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! So if she’s done something that impressed you, don’t keep it a secret, let everyone know how highly you think of her and talk her up!

Write Poetry

Write poetry

How do I show my wife I love her? Writing some love poetry is a great method of expressing my feelings and sending a

. It gives me the opportunity to tell her how I feel in a really sweet way. She knows the effort it takes to think of and hand write some poetry from the heart, and she will keep as a reminder of how much I love her.

Flirt With Your Partner In Public

Flirting happens a lot at the beginning of a relationship, but as time goes on, many guys feel that they’ve used all their moves or that now that they’ve got the girl, it isn’t necessary. They do it less frequently or not at all. But a little flirting is still something a woman loves from her boyfriend or girlfriend. So if it seems like you haven’t flirted with her as much as you once did, and you’re thinking of how to woo your wife or girlfriend, try it out and she’ll feel as special as the day she first caught your eye.

Do What Your Partner Likes But You Don’t

There are things that you don’t like doing but your partner does. Whether it’s swing dancing, jogging in the park, dressing up for a costume party or going to a play, you could make her/him really happy by doing what he/she likes or even just suggesting to do something they like.

Surprise Him Or Her With Something

Remember what he or she likes and surprise him or her by buying it. Small gifts for boyfriend just because will level you up in his eyes, just like buying her that scarf she’s been talking about so much can be a hugely romantic gesture to her. Or find some online ideas for creative romantic gifts him and her and make them yourself. It will be the sweetest thing to do for her or him.

Add Some Variety to Your Routine

You don’t want your partner to be bored in the relationship, so if things feel like they’ve gotten a little too routine, change them up by adding some variety to your typical schedule. Take a day off to play sport together, have a longer-than-usual lunch, or doing something instead of your standard routine. This is a fun thing to do and will add some flavor to your typical week with your partner.

Modify And Improve Your Home

Fix that leaky sink! Paint the ugly wall! Build that planter box she has always wanted! If you live separately, find out what she wants to change or fix in her environment, or ask her for help fixing something in yours. When you’re done, order take-out and enjoy the improvements!

Visit The Bookstore With Your Partner

Book basket

If he/she’s an avid reader, spending time together in a good bookstore can help grow your relationship. What’s his/her favorite genre? Science fiction? Romance? The classics? All this activity takes is a good bookstore and some good coffee. You can share what you like (or don’t like) about the book you choose with him/her.

Decorate Home With Balloons – A Lot of Balloons

Can you imagine the look on your partner’s face when he/she gets back from work and sees the house full of balloons? It may seem childish, but doesn’t everyone love feeling like a child again? It’s the perfect birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend or girlfriend.

Leave A Tiny Treat Under Your Partner’s Pillow

Why haven’t you thought about this before?

Box gifts

You buy an expensive watch and decide to surprise him/her with the gift by hiding it under his/her pillow before leaving for work. A few minutes later, he/she received a text message to look under the pillow. What a surprise! One of the best surprise ideas ever! He/she loves it and can’t wait to thank you when you get home.

Hold or Hug Your Partner By Surprise

Don’t let him/her think you have no time for them, hold him/her, hug him/her whenever you have a little time. The simplest romantic things to do for your wife or husband is to let him/her know you can’t stand a moment without holding him/her. He/she will thank you every minute for these simple cute things to do for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Kiss Your Partner By Surprise

Kiss him/her by surprise if you haven’t flirted with him/her as much as you once did. Try it out and let him/her know that he/she is still as special as the day they first caught your eye. He/she will know you still love him/her so much!

Tell Your Partner A Silly Joke

If you’re looking for romantic things to say to him, find an interesting story or joke that your partner will like. It will help instill a sense of frivolity between the two of you. If they like the plot, they will be interested to hear more and ask you “How did it end?” And then there’s always a chance to tell more jokes.

Play Video Games Together

Playing video games with your partner when both of you are free is a pretty snazzy move. Men don’t always expect their women to be able to do “male things” and when you show him that you can play video games too, it’s a big deal to him; and it gives you a great fun thing to do together.

Tease Your Partner

We all know the ‘push and pull game’. Teasing your partner may be a good way to spice up your relationship. Tell him a little about your handsome coworker. Or tell her that your new neighbor has a nice hairstyle. These small things may make your partner jealous enough so that they’ll attempt to put the spark back in your relationship.

Wear Sexy Outfits

Champagne, lingerie and roses

It’s the way men are wired. Lingerie and sexy underwear will put him in the right mood. The point is for both of you to have a good time together.

Take Care Of the Kids (if you have them)

If you and your partner have kids, you can try taking care of them one day and giving your partner the time for some much neeeded rest and relax.

Sing For Your Partner

Why not try singing for her/him? No matter how your voice sounds, your partner will either find it lovable or funny and enjoy the moment. If you have a crazy voice, singing can serve as a method of cheering up your partner especially when she/he is sad.

Sponge Your Partner In Bath

He/she gets home from a tough day at work and goes straight to the shower immediately. One of the sweet and simple things to do for boyfriend or girlfriend is to help him/her sponge himself or herself. You can sponge him/her in a manner he/she likes while holding him/her romantically. Your partner seeing you helping him/her will definitely make him/her smile.

These are just some of the romantic ideas for your wife or husband that will make them love you more. If you’re looking for just because gifts for him or her, these are some good surprise ideas for girlfriend or boyfriend, and romantic ideas for wife or husband. Which ones do you use? Which ones do you need to try soon? Comment and let us know!

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