Keeping Up With Occasions While You’re Travelling

Keeping Up With Occasions While You're Travelling
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Keeping Up With Occasions While You’re Travelling

If you are close to your family, know many children who you usually buy presents for or simply enjoy making a fuss of people for their birthdays, christenings, weddings, or anniversaries – then you’re in for a challenge when you’re on your travels. Of course, you can buy people presents while you are traveling and either post your gifts from abroad or wait until you get home. However, this involves posting, shipping costs, carrying souvenirs around with you (when you’re probably trying to travel light) and most importantly remembering the dates when half the time you probably don’t even know what day it is. So, why not start to buy the gifts before you go? Whether it’s gifts for men, gifts from women or children, as long as you have a half decent memory an excellent place to store everything and can be a little bit organized, then it will be easy. Plus there are some great benefits in doing it this way:


Buying gifts all in one go, for the next six months or a year, means that you can get this expense out of the way in one go and then you know what money you have left or how much you need to raise for your travels. If you make a list of events and gift requirements you’re going to need for the time you are away, then you can work out how much you’re going to spend.

Save money

While you will still be buying the same amount of presents for the same amount of people, planning in advance helps you to hit the sales and take advantage of bargains. A well-thought-out gift strategy can save you a lot of money. Not only this but you will save on extra charges for delivery when shopping online. While many retailers will offer you free delivery when you spend over a certain amount, some shops can’t deal with the demand during busy seasons and cannot ensure that you’ll get your order in time, so being able to do this in advance before the holidays is really beneficial.

Be Ready

Having a bank of gifts at the ready can be so useful whether you are at home or away. There are always going to be unexpected events which arise, a friend announces that she’s pregnant or getting married and you want to send a gift. If you have a stock at home which you can get a family member or friend to send or deliver for you then you’re sorted. You’ll also look really thoughtful. Even if you have allocated a special gift to a certain person, having the luxury of time and money to replace it allows you to respond quickly.

Start by going through your diary or a calendar for the time while you’re away and make a note of all the important events you’re going to miss. Even a family party, it’s so nice if you can send a bottle of champagne or a bunch of flowers to show you’re thinking of them and miss them. Also, don’t forget to get on Skype so you can be there in more than just spirit.

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