Many of us spend time in countries outside of the one we were primarily raised in. We may do this for work, for love, for family, for a new experience, to follow a sport, to enjoy the food we adore, and a million more reasons that are just as important and valid. Spending time in a country, for a long time, can be a truly wonderful experience. But how do you know that this love affair is built to last? And moreover, what do you do when you come to that realization?

It’s worth asking these questions, because despite the difficulty of 2020 and the societal lockdowns that have sporadically come from it, we still do have to make plans for the future, and after a hard year like this, many of us can begin to think of how to move forward – or at least, how to generate more enthusiasm for their plans.

But what does this mean in the long run? In this post, we hope to explore how you know if a country is truly for you – and what to do from there.

You Feel At Home

If you feel at home in a country, it might be for you. This might involve learning the customs and the language, learning your local area and its landmarks, settling into history, or even spending your time exploring the main cultural implements available to you.

To give an example for this last point, if you find yourself incorporating different elements of its cuisine in your regular cooking, you may have started to become naturalized.

You’re Looking Into Full-Time Living

Looking into full-time living can be a wonderful idea, but did you know that it could be more than just a fun pastime and actually a real possibility?

When you start looking at house prices, or the legality of long-form living, or decide to contact the best immigration lawyer to see what your options are – odds are that you’re intrigued and interested in making this more of a long-term stay.

It shows that you have a certain real affinity for the place you are living, and, moreover, that you may belong there. This can be true outside of a job keeping you around.

You’re Beginning To Set Roots

If you’re beginning to set roots with those around you, it might be a great idea to stick around. You may have friends, colleagues that you trust, or perhaps you even have a potential relationship you wish to develop (or at least encourage).

When you begin to set roots, you begin to understand that just anything is possible and that there’s more than one place to hang your hat. It’s also a good indication that subconsciously at least, you are primed and ready for life in this area. That can be a wonderful place to begin, going forward.

With this advice, we hope you can know if a country is truly for you, and if you should dedicate more of your time to living there.

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