Koh Phangan
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Koh Phangan – pure happiness

Koh Phangan is located approximately an hour by ferry from Koh Tao and the same amount of time from Koh Samui.

It is famous all over the world from the Full Moon party. But there are many other things to do on Koh Phangan!

It is the most beautiful island we have visited so far, maybe because of the hotel Sabaii Bay Resort . We stayed in a bungalow practically on the beach. Between our room and the beach was a pool with water cooler than in the sea – perfect during the hot day.

The hotel was not expensive – we could choose from wooden and brick bungalows, while wooden were a little cheaper. After one night we switched bungalow to a brick house . The main reason for this was that our bungalow was located far away from the ” main building ” where was an Internet router. Too far away to make it reach, wifi was very weak.

In the hotel, there were about 8 people with us. All spaces were empty. We had a swimming pool and sun loungers on the beach practically to ourselves.

The hotel next to our, had the hammocks on the beach . There were few guests as well , so we could easily use them. The view was truerly amazing. You can check it by yourself by watching images above .

Blond woman looking at the sea

Shoal at the shore was very long. We could not swim there but it looked beautifully and clearly . It was also the place where the beach entered into the water – you could go 100-130 ft ‘into the sea’ and feel like a true paradise on the beach.

We didn’t like that everywhere in the hotel were cards with texts that you can consume in public only food and drinks purchased at the hotel … where the rates were two times higher than in nearby shops and restaurants .
Beach on Koh Phangan island in Thailand

Near the hotel is the ” Big C -market ” – Network supermarket in Asia. We recommend there canteen – prices per meal are about 50-60 bahts ($2,5-3 ) so worthwhile when the other side of the street the same meals cost a few tens of bahts more. Restaurant in the “Big C supermarket ” often operate on the principle of ” food corner “. You buy vouchers for food and pay by them after getting a meal. If you have something left on the card, at the exit the cashier will give you the change. Prices in the supermarket are also very low, so this was our eating- shopping center .
Kitesurfing on Koh Phangan island in Thailand

We’ve met on Koh Phangan positively crazy people from toke.pl – a couple,similar age to us , who lives in Thailand for about 8 months. Previously, they lived on Koh Samuj but they like Koh Phangan more . So we do 🙂

After meeting them, we agreed again that everybody can live how and where they want, it’s not difficult. You must simply decide what you want to do and start doing it. That’s it.

With Gosia and Michal we were to the food market near the sea . The food was delicious as usual .

You can read about this couple on their blog.


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