Law in Thailand
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Law in Thailand – truths and myths about Thailand

Before we came to Thailand we read all these scary stories about this country. We were worried law in Thailand may be very unpredictable. We’ve heard that one guy was killed because he was yelling on the taxi driver. And that Thai people are nice and friendly but only if you are nice to them. If you start being arrogant, they may be aggressive.

Well… We are here for more than 3 months now. And we see that most of things we’ve heard about this country wasn’t true. Law in Thailand isn’t very restrictive.

What are the most popular myths about this country and why you shouldn’t believe in them? Read below:

1. Money.

Before we came to Thailand we’ve heard that we must be very respectful for Thai money, because of the King’s effigy on them.

So at the beginning we were very careful, doing our best to not rumple or drop Thai money. But after few weeks we saw that Thai people do everything with their money: keep them wrinkled in the pocket, submitted into cubes or trample small coins laying on the street.

To sum up: Thai Bahts are treated like any other currency all over the world.

2.Getting angry.

We’ve read that Thai people are always nice and friendly but they can be dangerous if you really piss them off.

Well.. Isn’t it the same all over the world? If you are churlish and arrogant to the wrong person, you may get hurt, no matter if you are in Thailand, U.S. or Spain.

We saw many tourists being rude to Thai people. And nothing had happened to them.

Nevertheless, we all should always be cultural, no matter where we are.

3. Third world country.

Thailand isn’t the third world country. It’s different than Europe or America, but it’s not poor.

Roads in Thailand are better than in Poland. Bangkok is a hundred thousand times more developed than Warsaw, the capital of our country.

So if you expect seeing poverty and misery, go to the neighboring Cambodia. You won’t see these things in Thailand.

4. Ponting feet towards Buddha statue.

It’s rude to point feet towards Buddha, but you don’t break the law in Thailand if you do it (like it’s written in the guidebooks).

5. Showing your feelings in public.

You can’t kiss in public in Thailand, because it’s against Thai culture. Yeah, right…

Thai people hug and show their feelings all the time. They are not outraged when you do the same.

Even if kissing in public isn’t breaking a law in Thailand, you should always do everything within reasonable limits.  Putting your tongue down your partner’s throat in public is unpalatable in every country on the world.

6. WiFi.

You can find free WiFi in most places in Thailand. It’s available almost everywhere.

It’s not true that this country is cut off from the rest of the world.

7. Paying by Debit/ Credit Card.

That’s actually sad truth about Thailand. Sometimes it’s really difficult to pay in there by card.

Most shops (like 7 Eleven) have card terminal but they say that they only accept cash.

So if you come to Thailand, bring money and don’t count on your credit card.

8. Taking pictures.

You can take pictures almost everywhere in Thailand but be careful at the border crossing.

We saw one women taking selfie right before entering the Kingdom of Thailand. She was stopped by the guard and asked to delete this photo.

Remember that there are some places where taking a photo is breaking a law in Thailand.

9. Talking in English.

Sometimes it may be difficult to communicate in Thailand in English language.

But when you smile and use body language, you can always explain what you need :).

10. Dogs.

Some people say that Thailand may be dangerous because of ubiquitous dogs.

That’s true that you’ll see dogs everywhere in Thailand. But they behave like… cats.

They are nice and friendly, sleeping and fawning all day.

11. Street food.

If anybody warned you against eating street food in Thailand, he’s just… stupid.

Thai people are extremely clean and they are crazy about freshness. Most restaurant don’t even have fridge and freezer.

The owner buy food in the morning and his dive is open, until he sells everything.

It’s a myth that you’ll have food poison if you eat like local.

Street food in Thailand is always fresh, safe and… delicious!


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