What seemed like the problem of China at the beginning, has now become a challenge we are all facing. Many countries decided to close its schools, borders, and shops. Thousands of people are getting sick every day, many of them are dying. Let’s face it- we are all scared of coronavirus. 

It’s an enemy we can’t see, it can be everywhere, it can attack you or the ones you love.

Is there anything good about coronavirus? Have you considered for a while- when everyone is fighting for the toilet paper and worrying about the future- that it is all happening for a reason?

Maybe there is a lesson that we need to learn as humans. Maybe Covid-19 is just a wake-up call to show us that we are all going in the wrong direction?

Here are the most important life lessons that coronavirus is teaching us:

We Are Not Safe

If you were born in a developed country that has running water, skyscrapers, shopping malls, subways, and all the other facilities that make life better, you might have had the impression that you are safe.

Yes, you’ve heard about the wars and refugees but it all seemed so far away. You were sure that nothing bad will happen to you, that the world is a safe place to live in.

And now you know you were wrong. Even though coronavirus is a pandemic it is not as deadly as the Black Plague or the Spanish Flu. Still, many people are and will be dying.

If you are young and healthy you are probably not scared about yourself but about your parents or grandparents.

Looking from this perspective, we are all realizing how fragile life is and how quickly and unexpectedly it may end.

Conclusion? Start appreciating what you have before it’s too late and live your life to the fullest.

Planet Earth Has Been Suffering For A Long Time

I’ve read about it somewhere and I can’t stop thinking about it. When people have breathing problems because of the coronavirus, the Earth started breathing again.

Long before has the air been so clean in China. The air pollution is dropping because many factories are no longer operating.

People stay at home, air traffic has dropped rapidly because of closed borders.

The Mother Earth can finally relax because we don’t exploit it that much anymore. Of course, there is a risk that the massive production of face masks will end up with polluting the ocean.

However, why Covid-19 is devastating for people it’s actually beneficial for our planet.

Maybe coronavirus is there to show us that we are going in the wrong direction and we should all focus more on taking care of Earth?

Internet Is The Greatest Invention Of The Modern World

Because of the Internet, many people can keep on working even though they stay at home.

Students can see their teachers online. Citizens of different countries in the world can connect to talk about coronavirus and learn from each others’ mistakes.

Thanks to the Internet, the economy is still going on, which will be impossible without it. We can still order things online (Amazon), have our food delivered (UberEats), stay in touch with our relatives and friends who are currently under quarantine (Facebook), and even have an online relationship therapy (ReGain).

People Should Care More About The Hygiene And Health

I saw a funny meme some time ago. Before coronavirus, when someone sneezes you would say “Bless You!”. Right now most people would say: “F**k off!”.

Being sick didn’t mean staying at home. It was socially acceptable to have a little cold and still going to work, to the cinema, to the restaurant, etc.

It was ok to accept that someone doesn’t wash hands when entering your home.

Because of Covid-19, people became more cautious about the risk that lack of hygiene is brining.

When the pandemic is over, the world won’t be as tolerant as it was before. Face masks would become more popular all over the world, not only in Asia.

Every Country Will Realize How Strong Or Weak It Is

With borders closed, every country will see whether they are strong enough to survive by themselves.

We now have a chance to test our governments and see how they react when we are in danger.

We Can Get More Things Done Online

Depending on where you are from, you may have a different experience in getting things done online.

We are based in Poland and a few days ago I had my first doctor’s appointment online. It was AMAZING!

I had a small rash on my finger, so my dermatologist asked for a high-quality photo before the video chat. Then she explained to me what it is and text me a prescription code. All I had to do is buy a drug in the pharmacy to solve my problem.

It was honestly the fastest and the most comfortable doctor’s appointment that I have ever had.

I wish things will stay this way after the pandemic is over- it will make traveling the world so much easier! I’d love to talk with Polish doctors when I am abroad instead of searching for the local ones that I don’t really know.

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