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Our interview with Lisa Lubin from Travel Blog.

Lisa Lubin is an established travel/food writer, three-time Emmy® -award winning TV producer, and travel industry expert. After more than a decade in broadcast television she took a sabbatical of sorts which turned into nearly three years traveling and working her way around the world.  She documents her (mis)adventures on her blog,, with photographs, videos, and articles from the road/train/rickshaw/camel.  Her writing and photography has been published by American Way Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, West Jet’s UP, Smithsonian, the Malibu Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Orbitz,, and Huffington Post. Lisa also owns LLmedia, a media & video consulting business. She has spoken about video and journalism at several conferences including the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX), the World Travel Market in London, the New York Travel Fest, the Women in Travel Summit, and “Visit Russia” in Yaroslavl.

Our interview with Lisa Lubin from Travel Blog:

Why did you start traveling?

I didn’t get my passport until I was about 25. I left the US and traveled around Europe for the first time and fell in love. Since then, I made it my goal to travel as much as possible and as far as possible.  I love the differences. I love new food, culture, and people.

What is the most important during Lisa Lubin travels?

To me, the most important thing is getting local — hanging out for a while, getting an apartment, eating local food, AND meeting local people.
The more I travel, the less I need to ‘see’ and the more I just want to meet people and get to know them.

What is the most important experience that you had during your travels? changed my travels and me forever. This is how I made so many friends and met so many open, generous people from all over the world. It made me feel like I had friends all over the world. And now I know, I can go anywhere and build my own little community.

What is the most beautiful place that Lisa Lubin have been to?

That is such a tough question! Some of the most beautiful spots that I loved: the Galapagos Islands, Patagonia, Norwegian countryside. But I love cities! And fell in love with Berlin, Buenos Aires,  Istanbul, Melbourne, and of course my hometown of Chicago.

What do you avoid when you travel?

I am not much of a partier, so I avoid the nightclub scene and seem to drink less and less as the years go by. I was never visiting a place to party, but rather to learn something, meet new people, and have interesting conversations.

What is Lisa Lubin biggest travel dream?

I’ve been around the world, but still have so much more to see.
Right now, I’d love to see Slovenia, Antarctica, Alaska, and more of Scandinavia. I’d also love to get back to Japan.

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