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Living in Chiang Mai – the true story

We were living in Chiang Mai for almost 2 months. Before we moved to Thailand, we’ve read many stories about this city.

We’ve heard that Chiang Mai is cheap and it’s a perfect place for digital nomads. We’ve been in Thailand before so we knew we can find in this country evertything we need for living.

But still, there were many things we were afraid of before we moved to Chiang Mai. Read our honest thoughts below. We are breaking down the myths and confirming the truth.

 1. Chiang Mai is very cheap.


Prices in Chiang Mai are one of the lowest we have seen in Thailand. For traditional Thai dinner at restaurant you will pay 30-40 THB ($1).

One-month rental won’t cost more than 10,000 THB ($300).

Delicious fruit shakes, coffees, coconuts cost only 20-30 THB ($0,7).

Living in Chiang Mai is very cheap.

2. Chiang Mai is good place to live.


There are many wonderful places in Chiang Mai. It’s very easy to find a restaurant with A.C. and fast WiFi, people are friendly and the city is really nice.

The old town is square-shaped, so it’s almost impossible to get lost in Chiang Mai.

On the other hand, the air in CM is poluted. It’s very hot, so it’s often difficult to breathe.

For us, one of the biggest drawback of Chiang Mai was that it is far away from the sea and beaches. There are many things to do in Chiang Mai though.

To sum up- for some people living in Chiang Mai is awesome. But if you like beaches and sea, you won’t feel good in Chiang Mai.

3. Chiang Mai attracts digital nomads from all over the world.


We’ve met many wonderful people who are working online and traveling just like we do.

Living in Chiang Mai as a digital nomad is very popular. It is also very easy to find fast wifi in Chiang Mai.

4. Driving on scooter in Chiang Mai is difficult.


It’s very easy to use the motorbike in Chiang Mai. You can even use it to go to Doi Suthep or Pai.


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