How To Go From Long-Distance Romance To Marriage?

A long-distance romance can be a beautiful thing. These days, most long-distance romances form in a similar way. You’re online, you meet someone, and you get chatting. Before you know it, you’ve met a few times and a glorious romance has blossomed. You’ve been together for a few years and things are getting serious. How do you take that next step and go from long-distance romance to married couples? 

Understand The Formalities

We’ll start with the dull and obvious thing to think about: the legal formalities.

Basically, we’re talking about the documents and things you need to allow your long-distance romance to come together. In some cases, one of you will need a spousal visa to move and live in a different country.

Get that sorted and it can set you up for indefinite leave to remain spouse documents in the future. Now, you can legally live in the same country without worrying about deportation. Not the nicest concern to have, but it’s always something to think about. 

Spend Some Extended Time Together

Ideally, you’ve already met a few times during your relationship. You may have gone on holiday together, spent a week or two at the other person’s house, etc.

This is all fantastic as it builds your relationship and gets you used to be around one another. Still, it helps if you spend some extended time together. For instance, you go and live with your partner for a few months.

You’re not moving in, but you’re spending time in a similar environment to if you did live together. It gives you more confidence that you’re compatible and capable of living together once you’re married. 

Recognize Any Cultural Differences

Some cultures view marriage very differently from others. Even in the UK, you have some sections of the population with a stricter view on marriage than others. If your partner is from a very religious background, they will take marriage seriously. Their family will probably expect you to do certain things before getting married. You can’t just propose and whisk them off to your home. 

Typically, you’ll have to do things like ask the parents for permission or understand any other religious/cultural nuances. Honestly, it depends on where your partner is from. Some of you may not have to do anything like this before proposing, so it’s fine. Just do your research beforehand to avoid any major faux pas!

Go At Your Own Pace

Don’t feel like you need to rush into a marriage just because the relationship is going well. Take things slow and go at your own pace. Some couples almost force marriage because it means they can live together and be in the same country. Don’t do this; take the time to get to know your partner and the urge to get married will come naturally. 

I’m a firm believer that long-distance romances can translate into successful marriages. Why? Because you’ve already built so much trust by being away from each other for so long. Also, the fact you live in different countries but don’t let the distance keep you apart speaks volumes about the strength of your relationship. If you are thinking about taking the next step, consider all the points above.

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