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Long Lasting Clothing Items to Buy for Your North American Road Trip

Going on a road trip is so much fun and a great way to travel around. Since you will be traveling across land, you will feel as though you actually see everything, as opposed to being miles high in the air. North America is an infamous place to go on a road trip, as the long roads connecting the states are perfect for big drives. There are also various camping spots and motels en route, so you can easily stop off to rest after a long travel day. 

Going on a road trip around North America requires preparation. Like any sort of traveling, you should pack sensibly and not pack too many unnecessary items. Chances are, you won’t end up wearing a million tops you put in your luggage. Having a few good-quality staple pieces is definitely preferable; here are some great long-lasting items that will see you through your road trip perfectly. 

A Sturdy Pair of Shoes

A sturdy pair of shoes is a great starting point. You ideally want to bring something that is fit for all occasions (somewhere between smart and casual), so that you don’t have to bring loads of different pairs of shoes to feel as though you fit in. A worldwide favorite brand is Converse, which is the perfect shoe to bring on your road trip. Converse are pretty lightweight, comfortable, and attractive and can be paired with pretty much any outfit. There is a reason why they have been in style for so long, and that is because they are an absolute staple of your wardrobe!

If you want to do more outdoor activities like hiking then you could also bring a pair of hiking boots, but make sure not to bring too many pairs of shoes, only the basics. Sandals or flip-flops can also be very useful if you need to just run around the corner to buy something from the local shop. Ensure that you wear in all your shoes sufficiently before embarking on your travels – nothing is worse than blisters!

A Warm Fleece 

Fleeces are the most effective and lightweight item to keep you super toasty. They are much more convenient than bringing large, knitted jumpers or bulky coats – even though these might be warm, they aren’t travel friendly.

For those really cold days, you can even layer up multiple fleeces – they take up hardly any space in your bag and weigh almost nothing, so it is good to have a few spares. If you are camping out during your road trip then you might even need to sleep in a fleece or two, so you could assign some fleeces as day ones and others can be for nighttime. 

Some Thick Pairs of Socks

Socks are so important to have enough of when road-tripping around North America. You need socks that are thick and comfortable. Even if your shoes are worn in, wearing the same shoes over and over again can still give you minor blisters, but a pair of thick socks can prevent this from happening. 

When your feet are warm, the rest of your body will also feel much warmer. Remember that some of the states in North America are much colder than others, so you will want to keep your feet warm when in these cooler areas. Likewise, keeping your feet toasty at night is the secret to having a good sleep – it will stop you from shivering and will ensure the rest of your body feels warmer.

Lightweight Trousers 

When walking around, you may get wet or muddy, so a pair of lightweight trousers are much better than jeans. They will be comfortable to wear – whether you are doing a casual stroll around a city or are going on a hike. They will also be quick and easy to dry off once you have washed them. Sometimes on the road, there is not much time to dry your clothes fully during your various stopovers, so drying in the car often has to be the option taken. 

A good suggestion for lightweight trousers is a pair of linen trousers – although do not opt for white if you want to stay clean! Likewise, cargo trousers are useful because of their pockets, which can be ideal when walking around a city and you need to have secretive spots for your valuables. You could even get a few pairs of walking trousers which can be cut off into shorts using a zip function, meaning you will have to buy fewer clothing items to bring with you to cover you for the different temperatures. 

Once you have your clothing for your road trip, this is one of the major preparations out the way. Trust us, practicality is much more important in these situations than style, so don’t stress about not bringing your favorite dress or heels – you will absolutely not be needing them! 

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