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The Best Petra Tours From Israel Reviews (With Prices)

The Best Tours To Petra From Israel Reviews

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan has been listed as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World (along with other awesome sights like Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Colosseum and more). It’s almost unbelievable but this Lost City exists for more than 2,500 years! Many tourists don’t have enough time to explore Jordan, so they choose to only visit this most famous part of the country. In this post, I am reviewing the best Petra tours from Israel.

I know how difficult it is to choose the right trips from Israel to Petra, as I’ve been facing the same problem when I was traveling around the Middle East. After careful research, I’ve managed to find the perfect Petra excursion. Of course, everyone has different needs and expectation, that’s why I am trying to be as neutral as possible when writing this post. You will see all the pros and cons to help you choose the best Israel Jordan trip for you!

About Petra Jordan

Make sure to choose the right Israel Jordan tour.

First things first, it’s worth knowing the history of Petra. This archaeological and historical city was built by Nabataeans in the 5th century BC. It was one of the most important places in the world during that time.

The strategic location of the city made it a must-stop for all the caravans going from the South to the North and vice versa. After the tumultuous events caused by the invaders and nature itself, Petra was abandoned by the last citizens in 7th century AD.

It became famous again in the 19th when it was rediscovered by Swiss traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt.

Useful Info About Petra Jordan

Petra is huge!

You can easily spend the entire day exploring the ancient city. The shortest route is 4,5 kilometers (~2,8 miles) long. 3 hours is a minimum time that you will spend in Petra. If you want to see everything, you need to get there in the early morning and leave in the evening.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants in Petra

Even though Petra is a Unesco World Heritage Site, you can find many restaurants and shops there. Some of them even have WiFi! There are also many toilets along the main trail. The local currency is Jordanian Dinar but it is very likely that you can pay by US Dollars, Euro and Israeli Shekels as well.

Jordanian Dinar is really expensive! The exchange rate to the American Dollar is fixed at 1$= 0.70 dinar.

General Info About Tours From Israel To Petra

Visiting Petra from Israel is quite popular. No wonder why- organizing the entire trip to Jordan may be difficult, so many tourists choose to take a three, two, or one day trip to Petra from Israel.

Here is the most important information you should know before going to Petra from Israel:

  • you can choose from 1, 2 or 3-day trip;
  • visa and border fees are usually not included in the tour price (approximately $120) 
  • you can either take a bus tour or fly+take a bus; one way or another, you need to walk through the border;
  • apart from Petra, Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) is the biggest attraction of Jordan; This desert is the famous filming location and it’s definitely worth seeing;
  • when choosing 2 or 3 days trips to Petra from Israel, you will be sleeping in the Bedouin camp; it’s an amazing experience to spend a night in the desert! Don’t miss it.
  • Jordan is located south of Israel; that’s why Eilat is the closest Israeli city to Petra, Tel Aviv is the most distant;
  • You will probably have some free time in Petra; the guide will walk you to the Treasury and then let you explore the rest by yourself (it all depends on the type of tour though)
Wadi Rum is where Star Wars movie was filmed.

Tours From Tel Aviv To Petra

How Far Is Petra From Tel Aviv?

The distance between Tel Aviv and Petra is about 480 kilometers/ 299 miles. A day trip to Petra from Tel Aviv is doable however it may be quite tiring.

If you decide to travel by bus, you will spend about 20 hours on the road. You may shorten this time by choosing a day trip from Tel Aviv to Petra that includes flying to Eilat. The tour will take approximately 12 hours.

Even though you may drive through Wadi Rum, you won’t have time to truly explore it. That’s why the Petra day tour from Tel Aviv is only advised for those whose time in the Middle East is limited.

Spending a night in the Bedouin camp (that is a part of 2 or 3 days Tel Aviv to Petra tour) is an experience of a lifetime. Visiting Amman and Wadi Rum is worthwhile too.

If you prefer traveling by yourself, book one-way transfer from Tel Aviv to Petra.

Best Tours From Tel Aviv To Petra Jordan Comparison Chart

Number Of DaysItineraryType of transportAdditional CostsPriceBooking
1 day (21 hours)PetraBus$125 (border and visa fees)$299Book now
1 day (12 hours)PetraFlights+Bus$160 (border and visa fees, transfer, lunch)$382Book now
2 daysPetra+ Jerash+AmmanBus$101 (border and visa fees)$430Book now
2 daysPetra+Wadi RumFlights+Bus+Jeep$140 (border and visa fees, transfer)$530Book now
3 daysPetra+ Jerash+Amman+ Wadi RumBus+Jeep$45 (border and visa fees)$560Book now

Tours From Jerusalem To Petra

How Far Is Petra From Jerusalem?

The distance from Jerusalem to Petra about 450 kilometers/ 280 miles. It’s quite similar to Tel Aviv, as both cities are located really close to each other.

As with Tel Aviv, a day trip to Petra from Jerusalem may be challenging but it’s doable.

You will miss the wonderful attractions such as Amman, Wadi Rum, and spending a night in the Bedouin camp, that is why I strongly advise you to choose 3 or 2 day Petra tour from Jerusalem!

It is a great way to see the highlights of this country. Of course, you are not able to visit all the important places but Petra, Wadi Rum and Amman are enough for the beginning.

Abraham tours Petra are among the best you can take.

We took this trip (Petra Jordan 3 day tour from Jerusalem). These three days were jam-packed with sightseeing. We started with Amman (the capital of Jordan) and Jerash (ancient city). The second day was completely dedicated to Petra. We had some time with the guide and free time for ourselves. On the last day, we were visiting the beautiful Wadi Rum.

I believe Abraham tours Petra are the best you can take. Abraham is one of the biggest travel companies in the country. It is reliable and all the trips are well-organized.

We’ve been traveling with them for 2 weeks during our stay in Israel and everything was perfect! More about it here.

Best Tours From Jerusalem To Petra Jordan Comparison Chart

Number Of DaysItineraryType of transportAdditional CostsPriceBooking
1 day (21 hours)PetraBus$125 (border and visa fees)$299Book now
1 day (12 hours)PetraFlights+Bus$150 (border and visa fees, transfer)$497Book now
2 daysPetra+ Jerash+AmmanBus$101 (border and visa fees)$430Book now
2 daysPetra+Wadi RumBus$125 (border and visa fees)$283Book now
3 daysPetra+ Jerash+Amman+ Wadi RumBus+Jeep$45 (border and visa fees)$560Book now

Petra Tours From Eilat

How Far Is Petra From Eilat?

The distance from Eilat to Petra about 135 kilometers/ 84 miles. It’s the closest Israeli city to Jordan. Because of the proximity, a day trip from Eilat to Petra is the most popular.

If you are looking for Petra private tours, you can easily take one from Eilat as well. You will travel by car not bus and the trip will be customized to your needs.

Best Petra Tours From Eilat Israel Comparison Chart

Number Of DaysItineraryType of transportAdditional CostsPriceBooking
1 day with snacksPetraBus$125 (border and visa fees)$199Book now
1 day with lunchPetraBus$130 (border and visa fees)$245Book now
1 day privatePetraCar$130 (border and visa fees)$308Book now
2 daysPetra+Wadi RumBus+Jeep$125 (border and visa fees)$312Book now

What To Expect During Petra Israel Tours?

You will probably meet amazing people during a trip from Israel to Jordan!
You will probably meet amazing people during a trip from Israel to Jordan!

The buses are air-conditioned, and the overall experience is great. All the tours are well-organized and the groups are rather small.

The only thing that may be challenging is crossing the Israel-Jordan border. You may be unlucky to wait in a long queue together with locals. There is a separate line for the foreigners, however, it’s not open 24/7. You may, just like us, be too late on the border and spend hours in the crowds.

Still, it’s worth to travel to Petra Jordan! Not only will you see one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world but also you will have a chance to meet some great people from all over the world! Out of 13 people in our group, we had 5 nationalities including Brazilians, German, Guatemalan, and Australian.

Tips for Visiting Petra From Israel

The tours of Petra are suitable for everyone. We were there as a couple but I would go there again with our daughter who is currently 2 years old. No matter how fit you are and what is your age, you should definitely travel to Petra Jordan from Israel!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you want to make the most of your short visit to Petra Jordan, you should be prepared for long walking. Wear comfortable shoes, drink enough water and try to read about this place before you get there.

Jordan is a Muslim country, so be sure to dress modestly.

Be sure to pack the right clothes! It may be very cold in the desert at night.

Stay In The Bedouin Camp

Be sure to pack the right clothes! It may be VERY cold in the desert at night. Here’s the photo of me sleeping in the tent in the Bedouin camp. I needed to wear a winter hat and wear all the clothes I had to keep me warm. I was there at the end of February. It’s worth knowing as well that the shared bathroom is outside the tent. 

It’s definitely worth staying in a Bedouin camp though. Being in the middle of a desert at night was an amazing experience. Sleeping on the bed in a tent, listening to the local music and eating delicious food prepared by Bedouins is an unforgettable experience.

Take A Camel, Horse Or Donkey Ride

Even though Petra is huge, there are many options to choose for those who can’t walk for a long time. Don’t be afraid to take a camel, horse or donkey ride. Desert is a home for these animals and most of them are treated well by their owners.*

Here are your options:

  • Camels– they are only available from the Treasury till the end of the basic route. You will pay about $10-$20 for a ride.
  • Horses– they are included in the ticket price but you are expected to tip the horse’s owner anyway ($5). Horses will take you down from the ticket office to the entrance of Petra (siq).
  • Horse-drawn carriage– it’s probably the most convenient option. The carriage can take you almost everywhere in Petra. It has the capacity of 1-3 adults. The price is negotiable but it shouldn’t be more than $30.
  • Donkeys– they can take you to the monastery. The way up is long (900 steps) so it’s a great option, especially when your time is limited.

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*You should always check what are the conditions of living of each animal. Don’t support their exploitation.

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