Old white house at The Markowa Village Museum
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As we promised- we are writing about Markowa Village Museum 🙂

(it’s better known as Skansen w Markowej). Markowa village museum is a hidden gem of Poland. Situated close to Ukrainian and Slovakian border, it shows how Poles lived in the past.

Marrow village museum Info

Markowa is very close to Lancut (about 5 miles). It is a small village, so there’s nothing to do there besides going to The Museum.

The most famous people from Markowa are Ulma Family. They all were killed for hiding Jews during World War II.

This Village Museum is closed during winter. It is open from April to November.

Tickets are really cheap- 5 PLN per person ($1,6).

Old clothes at The Markowa Village Museum

How to Markowa village museum?

The easiest way to get there is to take a bus from Lancut. Tickets are really cheap, about 3 PLN ($1) one way.

You can also rent a car and drive to Markowa but it will be more difficult and expensive.

Old house inside at The Markowa Village Museum

What can you expect?

Well…. You will see how Polish people lived more than 100 years ago. You’ll see old houses with threshing floor, mattresses stuffed with hay and lots of strange tools.

Back in 19th century, people did everything themselves. In Markowa Village Museum you will see how they made flour, how they work and what they were doing in their spare time.

It’s really interesting and unbelievable how the world changed during last 150 years! Now we have everything ready to beautifully packed. All we have to do it to go to shop and pick whatever we want. It is so simple but it was different 100 years ago.

White wall on old house at The Markowa Village Museum

Where to sleep and eat?

As far as we are concerned, there are no hotels or restaurants in Markowa. The best is to stay in Lancut.

More about Lancut you can read here.

You can also stay in the neighbouring capital city of Subcarpathia Province- Rzeszow.

Windmill at The Markowa Village Museum


  1. Ale super! Z chęcią bym się tam wybrała :)) Z mężem byliśmy w podobnym muzeum/skansenie we Lwowie i w Tallinnie.
    Pozdrowienia od Polacos de Polonia!


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