Micaela Rodriguez from senyorita.net

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Micaela Rodriguez from senyorita.net

Our interview with Micaela Rodriguez from senyorita.net:

Why did you start travelling?

I have fond roadtrip memories with the family as a child. I’ve always wanted to go out and explore what the world has to offer. When I finally graduated from college and earned my own money, I started joining my friends in some of their trips and eventually embarked on solo trips.

What is the most important during your travels?

The food and living the moment. Some only take pictures and they don’t really enjoy the moment. Just take a few photos and put that camera down, please!

What is the most important experience that you had during your travels?

The most memorable for me is bringing my grandparents and my high school buddy in Boracay Island way back in 2009. I won six roundtrip tickets from a Philippine-based airline and it was a fascinating trip. It’s my first time to ride a place again in 14 years and my grandparents didn’t expect they’d be able to visit Boracay. My grandfather was already 74 and my grandmother is 76. It was fun watching them stroll on the white beach while waiting for the pictureque sunset!

What is the most beautiful place that you have been to?

This question is hard to answer! The Philippines is a very beautiful country. I can say Batanes and Palawan are my top choices.

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What do you avoid when you travel?

Trouble! It is the reason why I’m always alert and I never reached the point wherein I’m drunk especially when I’m in a foreign place.

What is your biggest travel dream?

I want to explore Europe with my mom and brother. I just want to explore more places as much as possible.

What are you favourites travelers?  Which blogs do you read?

At the moment, my favorites include Tom of Waegok Tom, Audrey of That Backpacker and Kate of Adventurous Kate. I love reading blogs that are useful, honest and written in a personal manner.

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