10 Mistakes to Avoid When Becoming a Digital Nomad

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Becoming a Digital Nomad

Working as a digital nomad has become more popular as technology increases. Many businesses require work that can be done online or remotely. Those that work as digital nomads usually find those businesses and complete the work online for them while they are traveling the world. This is a great position for those who aspire to obtain a career that allows you to travel and gives you freedom.

Every digital nomad needs a website, regardless of the type of work they will be doing. Digital nomads are entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers, and more. You want to take control of your online presence and your image. Branding yourself will not only bring you more clientele but instill respect or reputation for your work. It can seem like a complicated process to build a website for those who are beginners, but there are web-building services online that can assist you from registering your website domain name to design and marketing strategies.

There is much that goes into becoming a digital nomad, from having the proper tools, technology, and equipment to maintaining your health and giving yourself the credit you deserve. While becoming a digital nomad may seem like an easy career that gives you the space to travel, there are many factors that go into being successful and actually bringing in revenue. Here are some things you should avoid when becoming a digital nomad.

Not Doing Your Research

Working online

Whenever you are about to jump into something new, you must do your research. Your research should be done thoroughly so you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into. When it comes to becoming a digital nomad, you will have to determine your trade and how to profit off of it while you are traveling. This means figuring out what you have to offer and if it is actually valuable to the digital workforce. Use other digital nomads as influence and an insight into what being a real nomad is like.

You also want to research your destinations. There are countless opportunities when you are working independently and you must understand if you’ll actually be able to work in your desired destination. Consider WiFi access and speeds because that is how you will get your work done. It is a must to understand where you’re going and what circumstances you will be in when you are there.

Many digital nomads advise beginners to work in coworking spaces that offer quality and reliable internet connection. These spaces usually offer coffee and printing capabilities to its workers. They can be found in any location using online services that show you where the best coworking spaces are.

Thinking It Is An Easy Job

It may seem like becoming a digital nomad is easy to work, but it takes a lot of effort and time management to be successful. Some may think being a digital nomad is similar to managing social media due to the fact that many digital nomads present beautiful photos on their social accounts. This can give the wrong idea about being a digital nomad. There are challenges that come with this type of position. With loneliness and finding a balance between life and work, there are many factors about nomadic careers that can affect a person’s emotional life.

Traveling Too Much

Though digital nomads have the freedom to go wherever they want to whenever you should try not to travel too much while you are working. Though it may be exciting to travel to new places often, you can tire yourself and that can affect your work. You aren’t required to stay in the same location for long periods of time, but you must recognize the time and effort you have to put into switching your home base.

Try to stay put for at least two weeks at a time to ensure you have enough time to get your work done and begin planning for your next adventure. Of course, the longer you stay in a location the more you will learn and become accustomed to their culture. You will be getting much more out of your time and experience in that location.

Not Planning Ahead

You must plan, plan, plan. When you are working as a digital nomad there will be many factors you must consider before going off to your new destination. Planning ahead and giving yourself enough time to plan is essential to maintaining your sanity and well-being, but also your financial state and clientele. Plan out your time to designate when you will work and when you will enjoy your travels. It can be easily distracting to travel and be in a new destination.

Know what projects you will be working on ahead of time and set aside specific amounts of time to work on those projects. Consider time zones to maximize your time. Planning ahead lets you set clear and achievable goals and deadlines. Plan well ahead if you are wanting to switch locations as well.

Not Having A Backup

When you are working primarily online and remotely, you always want to have a backup plan set in place in case of emergencies or accidents. This is especially important if you are working as a digital nomad and frequently travel. Having a backup hard drive is a necessity and should be considered for every type of digital nomad.

Having a secure place to keep your data and information is ideal for anyone working with a computer device. It can be easy to let everything save to your computer’s hard drive, but that can lead to loss of valuable information if something were to occur. You can also work off of cloud-based storage that will allow you to always have access to your files without having to carry around a physical external hard drive. 

You also want to have backup internet for the moment’s WiFi may not be strong enough or an incident happens and you aren’t able to access an internet connection. You want to be prepared because your income depends on you having a working internet connection. Purchasing gadgets that give you access to the internet is ideal for those who want to be digital nomads. Some items can simply make life as a digital nomad easier, including:

  • Portable charger
  • Universal adapter
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Headphones 

Undervaluing Your Work

It can be easy to undervalue your work, especially if you don’t understand how well you do your work. When you are working independently and aren’t reliant on others to tell you how good of a job you do, it can be easy to sell yourself short. Try to remember your value and make sure to charge what you are worth. Try not to be too hard on yourself when you are working as well, especially as a beginner. The best way to learn is through experience so if you feel like you aren’t as good as others that don’t mean your work isn’t valuable.

Forgetting To Pack Needed Items

You have to make sure you pack the necessities to be prepared for you to stay in various locations. Some items are difficult to get ahold of in certain destinations and you want to make sure you are prepared. Prices can also vary so you must have the items that aren’t as common before your travels. This means having back up debit and credit cards, specific toiletries and feminine products, medicines, and even driver’s licenses. Be sure to have enough for the duration of your stay in whatever location you choose.

Not Budgeting

Budgeting is essential and if you aren’t monitoring your expenses and income you can put yourself in a hole. You want to create a budget that can fit your circumstances and the income you are bringing in. Budgets are there to make sure you aren’t spending more than what you earn. When you are in a foreign place, you must be secure financially. No one wants to be stuck in a place without money to buy necessities like food and toiletries.

Instill a budget but make sure to leave room for flexibility. Remember you are traveling for a reason. You want to explore and gain experiences to make memories. To do that you have to leave space for spontaneous activities and emergencies as well. If you need an example of a digital nomad budget, go here.

Begin Traveling Without Clientele

You can’t work as a digital nomad if you have no clients to work for. Before you start your travels make sure you have a list of clientele already prepared so you can begin working while you travel. It isn’t smart to go into this career field without being a little prepared.

You can easily find ways to freelance your work while you are traveling as this is a popular way for digital nomads to earn income. Sometimes it may take longer than desired to obtain clientele, so taking time before you set off on your new lifestyle to collect a decent number of clients is the smartest way to begin your career as a digital nomad.

Neglecting Your Health

When you are frequently traveling and on the go, it can be easy to neglect your health. Try to incorporate a healthy diet while you are traveling to balance out the unhealthy food you may be ingesting. You should also practice healthy lifestyle habits like getting plenty of rest, yoga, exercise, and using smoothies and juices as meal replacements when you’re on the go. You need to have a strong immune system if you are going to be traveling across the world as you will be coming in contact with foreign germs and illnesses.

Try to take into account any jet lag and travel fatigue you may get from traveling long distances. Jet lag is real and it can affect your body in many negative ways, including irregular sleep schedules and digestion problems. When it is needed, take time to relax and recover from your travels before you begin your work.

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