How to monetise social media?

How to monetise social media
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How to monetise social media?

We are blogging for 3 years now and from the very beginning we are trying to find a way to monetise social media. We have been reading many blog posts, watching videos from conferences and listened to podcasts. And seriously, we couldn’t find NOTHING about it. ‘Experts’ said that if you want to make money from social media, you need to find advertisers, use affiliate programs etc. It sounds good but it doesn’t work in practice. At least it didn’t work for us. Our Social Media profiles are quite big, especially Twitter (84K followers). According to ‘experts’ we should earn at least $84 for one Twitt. But… we didn’t! We were looking for an answer why for a very long time. And we think we found it.

There are many big social media accounts out there. But now we see it’s not about how big you are, it’s about what you do to make money from your profiles. Being ‘big’ is not enough. It’s very unlikely that any brand will contact you first. It’s you who need to make a first step.

In this post we are giving you the list of best platforms (in our subjective opinion) to make money from social media. We earned by using them and so can you.


Famebit is one of our favourite platform to make money from social media. It’s very active and new offers show us everyday. It’s you who choose who you want to work with.

You can easily browse all the advertisers and pick the one you want to work with. You give your price and write a short message why he should choose you.

Note: You need to have at least 1000 followers to register your social media account on FameBit.

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Famebit How to monetise social media

T R I B E 

Our second favourite platform. Tribe is very easy to use and it’s only available as a mobile app. We love it!

T R I B E is focused on Australian market but not only. We are not Australian and have never visited this country but still we made money there.

The thing we love about T R I B E is that they transfer payments really fast and that the new offers show up everyday.

Note: You need to have at least 3000 followers to register your social media account on TRIBE.

T R I B E make money from social media


It’s the first monetise social media platform that we discovered. We love the Media Kit (with map) that is automatically created for every influencer. We use it every time we are pitching companies we want to work with.


It’s quite new platform, at least for English-speaking countries (they work in Spanish too).

You can’t search for advertisers on SocialPubli. You just need to register there, give them all necessary information and wait. They will contact you when they will find the right advertiser for you.

We were waiting for more than a month for our first deal. And when we were loosing hope, we got an email about working opportunity :).

Note: The minimum withdrawal amount on SocialPubli is $100. They make transfers once a month.

SocialPubli social media monetise


If you are looking for some really big deals (like becoming brand ambassador), that is the platform for you.

ReadyPulse is easy to use and you can search for the brands you want to work with by yourself. You won’t get payment from ReadyPulse but directly from the brand.


Very active platform, where you can easily make money form almost all of your social channels.

The minimum withdrawal limit is $20. Payments are made once a month.


Izea is the same group as WeConnect and SocialSpark.

What we like about it is that you get an email with new deals everyday. As influencers, you have 3 memberships to choose from: free, basic and pro. The most expensive one costs $5 a month only. It’s worth to get an ungraded plan when you have enough successful advertisers from Izea. At the beginning a free plan is just fine.

Izea making money from social media


All you need to do is to register on this platform, give them all informations about your social media channels and wait. They will inform you if they find a brand that is interested in working with you. It will take you just 10 minutes to register and configure everything, so it’s totally worth it!

The thing we don’t like though is that they make payments only once a month. You usually have to wait for a long time to get the money you earned.



Very nice platform with lots of opportunities. You can find there many interesting brands. They are segregated according to categories (Travel, Fashion etc.) which we really like.



They are new and they are not active at all. We’ve never made money on PublicFast and we are not sure if it’s even possible.

There is nothing on their website about the payment methods, datas are not updating, they are not active on their own social media channels. It’s all just a little bit weird.

Public Fast monetising social media

Other platforms for monetise social media:

Tips for monetise social media

  1. Start NOW!

We now regret that we were waiting for so long to start making money from social media. We thought our profiles are not big enough and nobody will be interested in advertising there. Well, we were wrong.

If your profile is small, you will just earn a little bit less. But you will still make money!

2. Choose the right price.

How much should you charge? We were trying to figure it our for a long time. For Twitter, the rule is simple: for every 1K followers, you should charge $1.

We have 84K followers there, so we charge $84 for one Twitt. Simple, huh?

We recently discovered a great tool that will count your brand value for you. It’s called Social Blue Book.

It may be very helpful, especially for the beginners.

3. Create the great content

You really need to be active on your social media channels and provide good content to your followers. Be authentic, it’s all that matters.

Advertisers choose influencers with dedicated fans. Don’t EVER buy funs on ANY social media. It may literally kill your profiles.

It’s better to have smaller SM accounts with authentic people that are following you than a huge account with tiny engagement rate.

4. Register to all the platforms

The more platform you use, the greater is the chance you will earn something. The best way to monetise social media is to spend 10 minutes everyday to browse all platforms. You will always find something interesting there.

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  1. Hey, Guys! At the Publicfast, you can receive payment get paid for creating branded social media content and withdraw your money using Paypal and Bank account.

  2. Wow. This is very helpful Karolina and Patryk.

    I’ve never thought that one could earn from social media until I read this post. It’s quite encouraing when you said that it doesn’t need for you to have really huge following before you can try these sites.

    Thanks for this post. I will check out these sites. 🙂

  3. Very helpful, I never really looked into those but I should as I am aiming to make a bit more money with my social media and blog. Thanks for the inspiration!


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