Mork Fa Waterfall
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Mork Fa Waterfall

We have visited Mork Fa Waterfall on the way back from Pai to Chiang Mai.

We were enchanted by the beauty of this place! Everything was so natural, pristine and uncontaminated. And what is the most important- we were there completely alone!

Not many people visit Mork Fa Waterfall because it’s quite far away from Pai (about 900 km) and Chiang Mai (40 km).

And that is the main reason for visiting this place- it is still not very popular among tourists.

Mork Fa waterfall in Thailand

How to get there?

The best way to get there is to renting a scooter or motorbike, take a bus or hire a taxi.

It will take about 1-1,5 hour to get there from Chiang Mai.

Karolina&Patryk at Mork Fa waterfall in Thailand

What’s the cost?

Motorbike is the cheapest, altogether with gas it will cost about 300 baths ($10). Pretty cheap, huh?

Bus tickets, taxi or private tours are more expensive but it shouldn’t cost more than 2000 baths ($35).

Admission price for foreginers is 100 baths ($3) per person. Parking for motorbike is 20 baths (50 cents).
Entrance to the Mork Fa waterfall

What to see?

The main attraction is of course Mork Fa Waterfall. It is huge, 60-metres high! This is the biggest waterfall we have seen in Thailand.

It’s allowed to swim there, so take your swimming suit and towel. Water is cold and fresh, perfect for cooling during the hot day in Thailand.

Mork Fa waterfall Chiang Mai

There’s also possible to get inside the Bat Cave. Wet, dark and smelly place are not our favorites, so we didn’t go inside.
Bat cave and Mork Fa waterfall

On the way back from the Mork Fa Waterfall, follow the ‘Watch Bird’ signs.

We didn’t see any bird but the way itself was very picturesque and unspoilt. It is called the Natural Trail. We felt like we were walking in a jungle :).

Nature Trail at Mork Fa waterfall

What’s the most beautiful waterfall you have ever seen?



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