Morskie Oko – the most beautiful lake in Europe

Morskie Oko in Poland
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Morskie Oko – the most beautiful lake in Europe

Morskie Oko (also known as Sea Eye) has been recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world by The Wall Street Journal.

It’s situated high in the mountains which is very rare.  Morse Oko is the biggest lake in Tatra Mountains (a mountain range that form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia).

How to get there?

Getting to Morskie Oko Lake can be pretty confusing.

The best way it to drive by car to Palenica Bialczanska and leave your vehicle there. Parking costs 20 PLN for the whole day.

You can also take a bus from Zakopane or Nowy Targ to Palenica Bialczanska.

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TIP: If you can’t find directions to Palenica Bialczanska, just follow the Lysa Polana signs.
2 Dolina Bialki stop

After arriving to Palenica Bialczanska, you have two options:

  • walk to see the Sea Eye lake

It will take you approximately 2,5-3 hours. Way up is monotonous but the surface is great (asphalt road).
Inside the horse carriage

  • use a horse carriage

It will take 1 hour to go up and 30-40 minutes to go down. Ticket price is 50 PLN for going up and 30 PLN for going down.

Horse carriages are well-maintained and can take maximum 13 people on board.

NOTE: Even if you use horse carriage, you will still have to walk up for 15 minutes to see Morskie Oko lake. It is important information for people with disabilities or people traveling with kids.

The Carriage Horse Transport to Morskie Oko

Morskie Oko

This lake really is breathtaking!

You can see it all year long, but it looks the best in the summer, when the sun is shinning.

There are many mountain trails from Palenica Bialczanska. You can get from there not only to Morskie Oko but also to Czarny Staw, Dolina Pieciu Stawow, Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza and Rysy (the highest peak in Poland).

Useful info: There are 7 stops on the way to the lake. The first one is Palenica Bialczanska, the last one is Morskie Oko.

Karolina and Patryk at Morskie Oko lake

Useful tips

1. Bring cash

There are no ATMs close to Morskie Oko. You also can’t pay anywhere by card, shops accept only cash.

2. Don’t worry about toilets and shops.

There are many places where you can buy something on the way to Morskie Oko.

3. Walk only during the day.

Going to Morskie Oko at night is pretty dangerous. There is a big risk you will meet a bear in the forest.

4. Save the number +48 601 100 300.

It’s the emergency number of Tatra Mountain Rescue. Call them if anything goes wrong!

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  1. The lake looks amazing!
    I climbed one of the paths in zakopane on my birthday and I’ve fallen in love with it!
    I’m planning to go there for at least 3 days to explore all the trails and stay in the shelters 😀


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