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Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas For Moms Who Travel

Whatever gift you decide to give this Mother’s Day, it’s not going to be enough. It’s never going to be enough. Choosing the right Mother’s Day gifts can cause a lot of unnecessary headaches and quite a bit of heartache too.

After all, how do you say thank you for all the amazing things that mothers do, day after day, without payment, and without asking for thanks? For all the tears wiped, the meals prepared, the scratches healed, the broken hearts soothed, the advice administered, the nights of lying awake with worry, the hugs to make things better, and the unconditional love that is given without question.

But every year we try, once again, to say thank you in our own little way. We give her flowers, chocolates, perfumes, and a host of other things in our vain attempts to even approach a worthy thank you. She smiles, gives you a hug, and you think you’ve done a great job with your gift. She is smiling and hugging you for being you, not for the gift.

That’s why, in order to help you find the best gifts for moms who travel, we’ve compiled a list of some great Mother’s Day travel gifts to help her get more from her journeys. Gifts that will help her experience more, that will help make her travels easier, more comfortable, more enjoyable, and help her to return with a collection of great stories and memories to last her a lifetime. And hopefully, every time she remembers her travels, she will think of you.

A Tinggly Experience Gift Collection

So, your Mom loves to travel. She loves to visit new destinations, try new experiences, meet new people, and immerse herself in new cultures. That’s why a Tinggly experience gift box is so well matched to the very things that make her happy.

A Tinggly Mother’s Day gift box is full to the brim with hundreds of amazing worldwide experiences (in over 100 countries in fact). From a private Gondola ride in Venice, a secret food tour of Berlin, a Portuguese Douro Valley wine experience, a ghost town excursion in Nevada, to a horse riding adventure in the lava fields of rugged Iceland there’s something for every Mom to choose from.

Simply gift your Mom a Tinggly gift collection and let her pick the one experience that suits her future travel plans. With no expiry date and a full refund guarantee, Tinggly is the simple and perfect Mother’s Day gift choice. And what’s more, all Tinggly experiences are fully sustainable and kind to the environment. That’s Mother Nature taken care of too.

Post-flight Face Mask

Long flights and hard days of travel can be bad for our skin, leaving it feeling dry, puffy, red, bloated, flaky and even bulging with pimples by the time you get where you’re going. Hardly the ideal way to arrive at a destination. The dry air inside of an aircraft – and other forms of transport – are particularly bad environments for maintaining a good complexion.

With the gift of a top-quality face mask, you can help your Mom avoid the environmental pollutants that are sure to clog her pores during travel and help revitalize her skin after a long trip.

There are many different types of face masks to choose from, but in general, there are a couple of tips to remember.

The experts recommend a super hydrating and calming face mask, which they claim will counteract the negative effects associated with travel. Look for a ‘Winter Face Mask’ as many of the bad side-effects we face when we travel are similar to the conditions we face during a harsh winter. Also, try to choose a probiotic-rich face mask which helps to retain moisture and keep the skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

Collapsible And Reusable Coffee Mug

If your Mom needs a regular caffeine fix on her travels then a collapsible coffee mug will be an essential part of her future packing and travel plans.

The real beauty of collapsible coffee cups and mugs is that they are better for the planet and more environmentally sustainable – plus they let you take that last-minute morning coffee with you when running for a train, bus, or ferry.

 Once your Mom has finished her coffee (or cereal) the cup folds neatly into a compact disc form which can be easily slipped into a pocket or rucksack side-pocket.

There are literally thousands of models and variations on the market, so the choice might be a bit confusing. Great brands like Stojo, rCup, Frank Green, and Tefal provide a huge range, and great advice, to help you choose the one that’s just right for your Mom on her travels.

Packing Cubes

Searching for an item, hidden somewhere deep in your luggage, can leave hours of careful packing looking like a troop of monsters have just played a game of hide-and-seek in your suitcase. That’s why travel cubes might be the ideal gift for your Mom this Mother’s Day.

Handy travel cubes can help anyone pack in a neat and organized manner, everything in its place and a place for everything. Not only are travel cubes great for helping organize everything you need to take with you on your travels, but they help you save valuable space too.

 It’s never easy cramming everything you ‘might’ need into one suitcase or backpack. But, once Mom has finally decided on what she needs to take with her on her journey the travel cubes take the pain out of the whole process.

Unfortunately, travel cubes come in a confusing range of sizes, materials, features, and prices making the right decision can be difficult. Some of the very best names to look out for are Eagle Creek, Lean Travel, eBags, and Osprey.

Eye Mask & Neck Pillow Travel Set

When it comes to comfort while we travel most of us put our faith in neck pillows and eye masks.

If your Mom happens to be someone who likes to get forty winks as she zips between London and Los Angeles the eye mask and neck pillow travel set offer comfort with no short measure of styling.

Designed to always look fresh and fashionable this luxury travel set provides comfort while making an elegant statement about the owner.

Travel Books

Despite our love affair with technology there really is nothing quite like reading good books while traveling. One of the best travel gifts for mom has got to be a book.

A book always makes for a great gift – just remember to include a written dedication on the inner sleeve so that Mom always has a ‘touchstone’ to keep you close in her heart, no matter where she is.

Whether your Mom likes novels, detective stories, biographies, history or something else, a great book will always get her through long hours at airports, 15-hour flights, delayed connections or relaxing evenings with a cool glass of wine by the sea.

If you happen to know her next destination why not treat her to a book based on that location.

It might be a Lonely Planet guidebook, the biography of a local hero or heroine, the works of an artist with an association to the region, or a work written by an author born in the locale. Whatever the subject, giving the gift of a local insight is always welcome and being armed with a little extra local knowledge can add greatly to conversations in local cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Flight Coupon

Choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for travel-addicted Moms can often be simplified with the simple choice of a flight coupon.

If your travel-loving Mom wants to travel that usually means taking an aircraft from A to B. For that reason, a flight coupon can not only be the means of taking a trip but it can also be the inspiration for a trip – ‘have a coupon, will travel’. What’s more, buying a flight coupon is pretty easy, in fact, it’s as simple as loading a card with a predetermined amount of money and after that, it’s up to Mom.

Not every airline offers flight coupons but you can be sure that most of the major ones do. And a small word of warning before you do part with your money, be sure to read the small print.

Some coupons include terms and conditions excluding certain time frames, expiry dates, extra baggage charges, etc.

However, most major airlines are pretty straightforward and do what you want them to do, giving your Mom the freedom to go where she wants to go when the time is right.

Kindle – eBook

We’ve already mentioned books as a really super Mother’s Day gift for travelers, especially traveling Moms. But what if Mom’s concern is focused on traveling light? Bulky books don’t really fit into that equation.

As an alternative to physical books, there’s also the option of e-Readers, like Kindle. The beauty of e-Readers as a source of written entertainment is the fact that these electronic devices are almost like miniature libraries to take with you on the road.

Not only can a good e-Reader contain many volumes of books such as novels, but they can also contain maps, travel guides, PDFs of hints and tips, magazines, newspapers, and a host of other easily accessible information. When it comes to choosing an e-Reader there are a whole host of considerations to note. Number one is the weight of the device, followed closely by screen size, backlighting facility (great for reading in dark places), storage size, and of course price.

Whichever e-Reader you choose as a Mother’s Day gift, you can be certain that the gift of books is always welcome to travelers, especially if they come in such a handy and lightweight format as an e-Reader.

Take The Pain Out Of Mother’s Day Gifts

Choosing Mother’s Day gifts for traveling Moms can be a little difficult, but try to keep in mind your Mom’s personal tastes and preferences.

Plus, if you want to match your gift to a specific travel choice – eg. an around the world trip, a gastronomic experience, an adventure or safari, try to put yourself in the mind of the traveler.

Will she need to travel light, will weather or temperature be an influence on the gift, does the gift create security concerns at airports, etc? Try to imagine the negative as well as the positive, but overall try to ensure that your gift will only enhance your beloved Mom’s whole travel experience.

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