Must-Have Apps for your Travels

Must-Have Apps for your Travels

Mobiles have made travel simpler. There is no doubt about it. From a time when we would hunt for a landline phone upon reaching a destination to call home and inform near and dear ones to sending messages from 30,000 feet above the ground, technology has come a long way. We now have the whole world in our hands with innumerable possibilities to make life easier and comfortable. 

Preparing for any travel, be it business, a long-awaited family vacation, or a getaway with friends requires a little bit of advanced planning. The ideal way to go about it is to prepare a packing list and keep ticking off items on it. This will help you remember everything necessary, and especially some of the things that might not seem substantial until you reach your hotel and realize you’ve ignored them.

One of the often-forgotten items before packing is installing your phone with all the necessary apps. We think that with Wi-Fi available everywhere these days, it can be done at any time. That is not true. When an app might come in handy is never known until it is required. So, just like you make a list for your documents and clothes, make one for all the apps you need and download them before you head out.    

Currency and Finances

Both, a calculator and a currency app are essential financial tools to have in your hands. Travel can be rushed and intimidating at times, and mentally calculating or converting money often results in wrong figures. XE Currency Pro is one of the most popular conversion apps that is updated regularly with the latest rates.

Another vital point to keep in mind before travel is to make sure that the apps or websites you access frequently have safe and secure payment options. Another vital point to keep in mind before travel is to make sure that the apps or websites you access frequently have safe and secure payment options. Online casinos are a great example of this as well as paying with a Visa card in a remote casino location. Withdrawing and depositing money through Visa is simple and can be done from anywhere. In contrast, even if you have an app of your bank on the phone, sometimes payments, when done from foreign locations, don’t go through for security reasons. So, stick with options accepted across the world.    

The App that we personally use is a Daily Budget. It helps us control out daily and monthly expenses. It’s easy to spend too much when we are traveling, so this app it super helpful.

Last but not least- Revolut app. We can’t imagine traveling without it! It’s connected with our prepaid card, so we can top it up with our app anytime.


Carrying your entertainment is the best way to stay occupied during long travels. Different members of the family have different needs, and something like a Netflix subscription can prove to be quite helpful in keeping the younger ones busy. We are always looking for ways to save money when we travel, and spending it on something like watching a film in a theatre adds up to the cost. Instead, have educations games on the iPad or books in the form of a Kindle app to stay entertained at all times. 

It might sound unusual, but casino apps are ideal when you are traveling around the world. It’s vital that before you go about playing anything, you select an online casino that meets all your needs. Spend a little time researching all the casinos and especially read what they say about Europalace. It’s one of the leading online casinos that offers a $500 welcome bonus in addition to a variety of games. Most importantly, they have a mobile site which you can easily access when on foreign lands. 

But why a casino app? First of all, it’s fun and entertaining for adults. One of the most popular games available is theme-based slots that, to be honest, are relaxing and simple to play without much thought. Then, there is the money factor. Isn’t it great that we can get back some, or maybe even more than all the money that we spent on our holiday? Wouldn’t that be the perfect cherry on top of your vacation cake? 

Location and Guides

Different types of location apps and guides are available to travelers. Google Maps is one of the most essential nowadays that can help you from getting lost. It is also perfect for road trips, guiding you towards the best route possible. Similarly, pick a few apps like Zomato, Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet that feature tourist spots and restaurants. We all want to get the lowdown on a place from the locals, but for times when there is no one around, the apps can help give recommendations on what to do and where to eat.

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