Our nomination for the Liebster Award

Liebster Award Nomination
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We are proud to tell you that we have been nominated for the Liebster award ! It’s an online award for the new blogs. You have to be nominated by other blogger to get a reward. Than you have to answer on 11 questions he asked you and nominate 11 other bloggers for the award. They have to answer on your questions.

Liebster Award Nomination

Thank you Barbara from Jet-seterra for nominating us!

Here are the answer to your questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?

We wanted to share our travel stories with other people and inspire them to live just like us.

2. How many countries have you visited?

More than 30 countries on the world.

3. What’s your favorite place in the World?

Thailand! We love coming back to this beautiful country :).

4. When travelling, which country surprised you the most in a positive way and why?

Malaysia. All we knew before going to this country is that 2 planes crashed there. We were surprised that Malaysia is so beautiful and tourist- friendly.

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5. What was your worst travel experience?

When we were in the US one guy said he will come back and kill us because we didn’t want to give him money (probably for drugs). It was so scary!

6. Do you prefer adventurous vacations or are you a beach bum?

We like the balance between adventures and relaxing.

7. What countries do you plan to visit this year?

China and Malaysia for sure. We also want to go to Philippines, Iceland and maybe Hawaii?

8. What has been the most rewarding thing about blogging?

Emails and comments from our followers always make us happy.

9. What makes you different from other bloggers?

As far as we are concerned, we are the only bloggers- entrepreneurs. Not freelancers but business people. We have our own company separate from the blog.

10. What are your 3 favorite places in the World?

Thailand, Poland, United Kingdom.

11. What’s your dream destination to visit in the future?

Australia and New Zealand!

The bloggers we’d like to nominate for the Liebster Award are:

  1. Esther & Jacob from Local Adventurer
  2. Jen from Jaunting Jen
  3. Steffi from Mausbar’s Nahkiste
  4. Shelley from Simplicity in Progress
  5. James from Pursuit of Excitement
  6. Eva from Ljubljana Magazine
  7. Paul and Carole from Paul and Carole love to travel
  8. Mans from Eat Travel Fun
  9. Karen from Moto Roaming
  10. Nicholas from Rambling Feet
  11. Ryan from Lost Boy Memoirs

If you would like to accept the Liebster Award, here are the steps to follow:

  • Accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment under my post or replying on the email that we’ve sent to you
  • Follow your nominator (you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our Social Media).
  • Publish a post that will include:
  1. Link to the blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answers to the 11 questions below.
  3. Your 11 new nominees.
  4. Your 11 new questions.
  • Publish the Liebster badge on your website
  • Let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide them with your link to a post so that they can accept it
  • Send your nominator a link to your post so that she can learn more about you as well!

Our questions are:

  1. What do you like the most about traveling?
  2. How do you fund your travels?
  3. What is your favourite destination?
  4. What destination is on the top of your bucket list?
  5. What is your best travel story?
  6. What is the worst place you have ever visited?
  7. What nationality are you?
  8.  What kind of blogger are you? What do you like to write about on your blog?
  9. What cuisine is your favourite?
  10. What is your favourite Social Media and why?
  11. Have you ever lived abroad?

Thanks again Barbara for nominating us!

to download .pdf version of this article 

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    • You totally deserve it Mansi! Your story from Railey Beach is very interesting. We’ve been there few days ago and we can imagine how scared you must have been that the last ferry left before you arrived! You were very lucky to get help from the stranger. We are glad everything ended up well for you :).

      • Yes indeed! That’s what I love about traveling, in an unknown country, a stranger will help you. Totally unexpected! so far, I have always ended up meeting really friendly and helpful people.. Touch wood! Enjoy your stay in Thailand, it is really beautiful!

        Happy Travels! 🙂


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